Malaysia Islamization

Apr 13th, 2007, in World, by

Non-Muslims in Malaysia are becoming increasingly frustrated.

Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, and Christians in Malaysia are said to be becoming increasingly frustrated by the institutionalised discrimination against them and recent court decisions that uphold Islamic law over the national law.

The most recent court case involves R. Subashini, a Hindu woman, who is struggling to prevent her Muslim-convert husband from dissolving their marriage in the Syariah Court of Malaysia and converting their second son to Islam against her wishes. The Star

On Malaysia’s race based laws, which tend by nature to favour Muslims, Muhammad Cohen says:

Malaysia’s institutionalized racism in the form of preferences for Malays and restrictions on Chinese and others in government employment, university places and other benefits teaches that there are real differences between races, and all races are unequal, whether it’s by natural endowment or national legislation.

Although Muslims are only barely a majority in Malaysia Islamization goes on with the government apparently seeing Malaysia as some kind of Islamic state. He says Islamization’s main effect is to highlight differences, rather than unite the country. Asia Times

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  1. Hani Amjad says:

    Islam will prevail everywhere sooner or later, this is the fact that everyone should know

  2. sputjam says:

    Muslims replace the belief of God with being submersive to the religion of islam. Everything they do is for islam, their religion. they reject the messages in the koran.

    “…O people of the Book, let us come to a common understanding between us and between you; that 1) we serve none except God, and 2) that we do not set up anything with Him, and 3) that none of us takes each other as patrons besides God….” (The Message 3:64)

    So serve not religion, but God. strive to be good and just.


  3. Ben says:

    the same thing happened in ireland once it got its independence. total immersion into catholicism with the catholic church having power of health, education and social policies (more power than even in rome!). next thing u know ireland is poor with net emmigration. they eventually decide to drop the focus on religious law in favour of secular, letting commons sense prevail over rules made up thousands of years ago (ones which albeit still make alot of sense in some aspects of modern life) and next thing you know ireland is considered one of the worlds wealthiest per capita countries.

    People should worship Islam, not countries.

  4. Raja says:

    Dear All,

    Yes is should prevail and its only logical that due to its great success in countries like Pakistan, Albania and practically all the IOC. Is there any Islamic nation which are backward?? They are all pioneers in Science technology, exploration and everthing else.

    The rest of people of other religion are just surviving due to islam and muslims.


  5. diego says:

    Wow… bigotfest here. (except sputjam and me 🙂 )

  6. realest says:

    Dear Raja,

    1) Stop bumping old threads
    2) China was there first

  7. India says:

    Dear Raja,

    Seriously, Pakistan AND Albania? What? Nuke rockets and snobbish India-hating nationalists? If it weren’t for us infidels, you wouldn’t be using the computer typing in bigotry here.

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