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Parliamentarians fear that foreigners are spreading disease in Indonesia.

Nationalist politicians Yuddy Chrisnandi of the Golkar party and Permadi of PDI Perjuangan party worry that epidemics such as bird flu are being spread by foreign organisations. Permadi, who is a prominent PDI figure from East Java and a practitioner of Javanese mysticism, said on a television show recently:

I suspect that all the epidemics in the country, including bird flu, are being deliberately spread by certain groups who are working with foreigners, and we just let it happen and haven’t investigated it at all.

Permadi, mystical.

Permadi was responding to a question as to why certain advanced countries, including those who produce cow and chicken meat, were not experiencing the same problems as Indonesia on the disease front. What was even more suspicious, said Permadi, was the speedy arrival of pharmaceutical companies from those countries once the diseases were rampant in Indonesia, looking to make a profit from the misery of Indonesians.

Yuddy Chrisnandi
Yuddy Chrisnandi, left, not getting too close.

Yuddy Chrisnandi from West Java, who also has strong opinions on the recent Tamsil Linrung case, agreed and urged the national intelligence agency, Badan Intelijen Negara (BIN), to get on the job.

BIN has to carry out an investigation into the activities of foreigners and their agents in the country.

Close attention should be paid to foreign organisations working in the health sciences area, and their Indonesian representatives, said Yuddy. antara

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  1. Dimp says:

    I think BIN should invesitgate the intelligence level of our politicians which seems to be declining every time they open their mouth. This may be the conspiracy by the foreigners to discredit Indonesian government as well.

  2. Andrew says:

    Don’t you all think it’s all too easy to become a politician? When they can’t find the solution internally, find a scapegoat.

  3. Whahaha. I agree with Andrew. It’s true being a politician seems to be so easy. You just wake up one morning, read some headlines from the newspaper, and “Wow, this is wrong!” “The government can’t do this and should do this. Damn the government!”

    And your wife might call you from the kitchen telling you to have a quick breakfast and you say, “No wife, I have to call my friends. We have an issue, the people are in big trouble since they have a **’^%$% Government!” “What people,” ask your wife. “What people? Well, you know that people!” “I know honey, but which people are you talking about this time?”

    “I don’t have time woman! It’s just people are having a big problem. I dont care what people or where. It’s just that people!”

    “Damn government, they think they can mess around with me. Call the medias, the TV guys, all of them. We have a press conference!”

    “Okey good luck honey, don’t be too tired.”

    “Tired? Wife, are kidding me. I said I was gonna talk to medias. You know ‘talking’…..”

    “Oooh, I’m sorry I forgot.”

  4. Janma says:

    Flu Burung had to be invented and imported to Indonesia to increase western pharmecuetical companies profits!!! does that make any sense!???? why don’t they have the problem in their countries? Try because the industries like that are regulated in developed countries, with hygiene and strictly monitored and no home or urban chicken breeding allowed, apa lagi driving live (or half dead) chickens around on open trucks on the open road! Honestly!

  5. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    I said this all along. Now look Pak Permada and Pak Chrisnandi are saying it. Will you ridicule them as you ridiculed me ? Friends, I urge you to listen to The Truth. Don’t ignore it Friend.

    It’s one thing when The White Man denies the Truth because he can’t take hearing it from a Brown Man. It’s another when Brothers, Sisters and friends do it.

    Thank you, Friend. Watch out for the Bird Flu.


  6. Bas says:

    Sure, all physical and mental diseases are imported from the West. We Indonesian are living in a healthy environment and have high moral values. All the bad things are from the West (the far West). People all over the world should live like us. Take example on our education system and city management instead of spreading deseases in our beautiful country.


  7. Ihaknt says:

    Ono, cut it out, we already know you are just pretending. I hope the flu gets and kills you.

  8. Dimp says:

    Hi Janma,

    It just sad how the Indonesian officials keep blaming outsiders for their own incompetencies. When something is wrong it must be a conspiracy, instead of trying to fix the problem they’d rather blame the “westerners”. Earthquakes, bombs, diseases, immorality, Indonesians have themselves to blame. But enough with the blame game, just fix the problems.

  9. pj_bali says:

    I would think that the real conspiracy is that of the elites in govenrnment who run this country. Its a favorite trick here to deflect their own incompetance, greed and shameless self interest by floating up some foreign bogeyman. I’m not sure if these guys are extremely stupid to publicly broadcast their personal conspiracy theories or extremely cynical regarding the willingness of the rakyat to eat up their flatulent offerings. The next question I ask myself when I read about these guys is: what are they hiding? what kind of sh*t did they get into that feel the need to distract us with this crap (pardon my language)?

    Dimp you are spot on: Get the BIN looking into these guys.

  10. Janma says:

    They are trying to take the spotlight off tommy and his ‘clean’ 10 million?

  11. Madesh says:

    They are one hundred percent correct including the Tsunami, Lapindo mud and mount Merapi eruption were instigated by foreigners. So let’s chase away foreign investors from Indonesia.
    And all diseases were brought here from overseas as well by foreigners except mental illnesses are inherent in this PARANOID nation

  12. Ihaknt says:

    If it really was generated by the whities then they should reject any type of foreign aid, and stop borrowing f***ing money from IMF then!!!

  13. Robert says:

    Permadi was responding to a question as to why certain advanced countries, including those who produce cow and chicken meat, were not experiencing the same problems as Indonesia on the disease front.

    First, a lot of western countries took harsh measures like locking up poultry, and even killing them. For example in 2003, there was an outbreak of the bird-flu (H7N7 virus) in the Netherlands. To prevent further spreading 30,7 million birds(poultry) were killed.
    Secondly, a lot of these measures were taken on a short notice.
    Thirdly, in most western countries a lot of (poultry)farms are not in residential areas. So birds and people live more separated.

    BIN has to carry out an investigation into the activities of foreigners and their agents in the country.

    Close attention should be paid to foreign organisations working in the health sciences area, and their Indonesian representatives, said Yuddy.

    This will draw a lot of foreigners to Indonesia. I hope the firms who are making money on the bird-flu can develop a vaccine against paranoia and xenophobia too, because those deseases seem to make a lot of victims in Indonesia.

  14. Ihaknt says:

    It’s great to know we have Permadi solving and answering our problems huh?! He’s trustworthy, we all should listen to him, bugger Allah! Bugger our brain and common sense! He is a dukun after all. Let’s just believe what he says. It’s too hard to think, hurts our heads, don’t you all think? Oh hang on, thinking requires brain.

  15. Dimp says:

    If he can solve anything he should start by curing baldness…..

  16. Nelson says:

    Sorry guys. You people get the politicians you deserve.

  17. Bas says:

    I also kindly suggest to Indonesian youngsters to stop trying their sexual skills with chickens and going back to water melon and fishes as before.

  18. Rockstar says:

    Yay flu burung spread by the foreigner. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Don’t tell me this bisul that I had a while ago was also caused by CIA. ๐Ÿ™‚

    But hey wait a minute, OMG people, listen to this.
    He might tell us the truth. I got flu about a month ago because I sat next to my co-worker who had a very bad cold. He infected me with the virus! OMG Chrisnandi is telling the truth!

    And my co-worker, he’s a foreigner. Coincidence? No!
    Chrisnandi, I fully support your stup-* eh I mean brilliant theory!

  19. Tomaculum says:

    Thanks Patung.
    I planned to go to a comedian show, the ticket costs 25,00 รขโ€šยฌ.
    Now I’ve laughed so much reading your posting above about the two comedians (oops, I mean off course: politician), that I can save the money now.
    Is Indonesia now full of such comedians? Oh, you’re happy people, you Indonesian!!!

  20. Rockstar says:

    This may be off-topic, but is he picking his nose?

  21. Tomaculum says:

    Isn’t paranoia one of the symptoms of bird flu???
    And as far as I know simultaneously the brain will be liquid. So maybe he just try to stop the flow of his liquid brain out of his nose??? ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Rockstar says:

    Are you saying he’s an idiot? ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Tomaculum says:

    I never call people names. And I never insult someone with a handicap by comparing him with something bad! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Andrew says:

    Are you saying he’s an idiot?

    I’m afraid the word “idiot” isn’t comprehensive enough to cover his traits. ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. Ihaknt says:

    I think the picture caption is a propaganda. It just happened that when the foto was taken that the 2 were not close. PROPAGANDA! Maybe he was ngupil and didn’t want the bule to know. OR he was probably flicking the upil across to get to the bule head, now to do that he had to be at the right distance.

  26. Mohammed Khafi says:

    Should the people start a campaign for some form of psycological testing on our representatives, forget about BIN doing it, they are probably just as bad.


  27. El Gran Combo Puertorico says:

    Permadi is right.

    It was the westerners who taught Indonesian how to use their genital aparatus for things other than “to pee” and “to masturbate with” — in other words, it was the westerners who taught Indonesians to f*ck, who introduced us to the word “sexo”. That’s why we have veneral diseases spreading in our country now.

    So, Permadi you’re right. I wish they had never come. I wish we had sticked to our long old tradition of wanking. It’s safer.

  28. Rockstar says:

    El Gran
    Really? Where did you get that from?

  29. Jhohanies says:

    The DPR is full of Badut but Permadi is one of the biggest. He will say anything that will get him into the news, perhaps he is Indonesia’s answer to Paris Hilton.
    As for Yudi Chrisnadi he has not even got the intelligence to think up some such rubbish for himself, all he can do is endorse Permadi’s idiocies.
    Anyone who can seriously listen to the opinion of a self styled dukun, who is nothing but a conman taking advantage of naive and credulous Javans , is in need of education. That such people can be elected to the DPR speaks volumes for the state of the nation’s body politic.

  30. Aluang anak Bayang says:

    LOL who is the bule guy next to Yuddy?

    I have to disagree with you lots. We seriously need men of great potentials like Permadi to keep us amused. Scroll up again and look closely at his picture. He is smirking.

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