Dopod U1000

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The Dopod U1000 launches in Indonesia.

The Dopod U1000 handheld mini notebook computer, with a five inch screen and a global positioning system (GPS) attuned to a number of cities on Java and Bali, was launched in Jakarta on the 28th by distributor PT Sistech Kharisma, at the price of 13 million rupiah.

Dopod U1000
Dopod U1000.

David Yaohari of PT Sistech Kharisma says the GPS system on the Dopod U1000 is likely the main attraction for Indonesian buyers, because GPS systems on competing PDA’s and smartphones do not yet function optimally.

Once you get out of Cibubur the screen [on other models] goes blank, there’s no map for that area yet.

To get around this problem David says a local company, Nusamap, was employed to provide more detailed maps for the Dopod U1000, with free upgrades and updates to the mapping system being available.

Other features of the Dopod U1000 include:

  • 3G, HSDPA, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPRS/GSM, USB, EDGE.
  • Speakerphone.
  • SMS, MMS, email.
  • 3 megapixel digital camera.
  • Video recording and playback, and a separate camera for video calls.
  • Intel 624 mhz processor, 8320 mb of ram, 256mb of rom.
  • 2,200mAh Lithium-ion battery, rechargeable and removable, 5.5 hours life.
  • Keyboard and pen data input.

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4 Comments on “Dopod U1000”

  1. Mardame Pangihutan SiNaga says:

    Hello. Good Day.
    I had be open DOPOD U1000 websites that talking about the tools programm so it is very completely and be changed laptop or computer PC but there is weakness of it that is a GPS. I had been considering the GPS just using Jakarta Map nor more widely, my suggestion that it is must be more and more complete, if could be all countries and states all the world where is made customers more statisfied. Thanks for attention.

  2. James says:

    I want to buy the dopod u1000 but i have checked in all dopod agent shops and i got a shocking news that dopop u1000 product is not in the market again,and the production has been discontinued.does it mean that dopop company is no longer capable to satisfy and meet up with there customer demands?please tell me where i can get my own dopod u1000. I live in jakarta timor.

  3. trix says:

    It’s very big. I think the function as mini PC than as a seluler phone.

  4. Mohd Harris Mohd Nadzir says:

    dear sir ,

    Can you help me in getting the phone workable between my computer and the phone itself , ive lost the original software since ive lost my computer and i did not have any disc for the software .

    please advise in this matter

Comment on “Dopod U1000”.

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