UN Resolution 1747

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Indonesia supports UN Security Council Resolution 1747 against Iran’s nuclear program, and many are upset.

Indonesia, which news agencies and politicians never tire of saying is the “world’s most populous Muslim country”, joined in the unanimous Security Council adoption of Resolution 1747 which expands existing economic sanctions on Iran due to the Iranian regime’s unwillingness to abide by restrictions on its nuclear program.

While the reaction to Indonesia’s support of 1747 has generally been negative it hasn’t all been one way. Yusril Ihza Mahendra, deputy chairman of the House of Representatives’s (DPR) Commission I from the Crescent and Start Party (PBB), said Indonesia had to take a realpolitik approach to diplomacy.

In diplomacy Indonesia must adjust its attitude to the developing situation.

Djoko Susilo, a member of the defence and foreign policy commission at the House, called on all sides to be rational rather than emotional in their reactions to the government’s decision, saying national interests should be the main reason behind the decision.

Indonesia cannot deploy double standards in its foreign policy. Why was the opposition silent when Indonesia abstained over the UN resolution imposing sanctions on the Myanmarese junta, which violates the rights of (Myanmarese) minority groups?

However for most politicians and commentators the issue of world Islamic unity seems to have precedence over the practical and pragmatic approach to world politics.

132 members of the DPR from a range of political parties have signed a document condemning UN Resolution 1747. Effendy Choirie, a legislator of the National Awakening Party (PKB), even went as far as to say President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono could be impeached over the matter.

The Indonesian government’s stance could be considered against the spirit of the Preamble of the Constitution 1945, which is against any form of colonialism.

Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) leader Hasyim Muzadi, who has an abiding interest in middle eastern events, warned darkly that if war with Iran occurs then Indonesia will share in the responsibility for blood being shed. antara

Former chairman of the National Mandate Party (PAN) Amien Rais has joined the protest but has said he does not believe the House is serious in its plans to bring the President to account.

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  1. Dimp says:

    Oh my, get real people, when the president or Iran clearly called that they want to eradicate Israel, and then getting their hands on nuclear technology, you don’t have to be a genius to put 2 and 2 together. If they have a good intention and use nuclear for the greater good I don’t think the international community will condemn the action.

    Good for Indonesian government not to let emotional takes over rational judgment.

  2. Ihaknt says:

    Nuclear or not there will still be bloodshed. It’s middle east for f*ck’s sake, they just fight with each other anyway. It’s a good temporary relief that Indo is taking a stance. Let’s just hope it won’t give in to the pressure from NU.

  3. Dimp says:

    But can you imagine even without nuclear they are already show their instability, what happened when one rogue country get a hold of “weapon-grade” nuclear.

  4. I support the decision of our government. Yeah, it’s true that this government can’t afford to have a double-standard policy. C’mon, let’s think: do we need Iran more than we need USA? This is the year of 2007! This is the era of globalization. Apparently USA is the leader of globalization and if we want to make our lousy economy better (people’s welfare) then there’s no doubt that we need USA.

    Those stupid DPR members are just using this moment to shake SBY’s position and trying to worsen his image in the public for next election. Shame on them!

    Stop saying that we’re the world’s most populous Muslim country. So what if we have the most Muslims on earth? Does that mean we have to support every Muslim nation for every reason? I’m a Muslim myself but I think it’s better for the government to think our people’s needs above all. And I’m sure that Iran can understand our dilemma position.

    So, why not support the resolution as long as it doesn’t lead to a new war?


  5. Yunir says:

    War is inevitable. The U.S requires an enemy once every 6 years or so.
    This is so that the government can rally the people together under the banner of nationalism.

    So, people would look up to the US government and say, “Whoo, our leaders are protecting us! Our leaders are strong and they unite us as one people. All hail our leaders.”

    Iran is the best target.
    After that, Libya, then a small attack on Lebanon, then, Syria (or maybe Syria then lebanon). Then Pakistan, then after a few decades, we move on to North Korea.
    Along the way, if anything happens that can actually speed up the process, then its good news for US leaders.

    Iran will and must fall.
    Not that I want or even support it but it’s just a plan that has been laid out by the modern Pharaohs.

    It’s all politics and control.

  6. Andrew says:

    Politics alone is complicated enough — this is what we get when we add religion into the equation.

  7. Rockstar says:

    It’s not only about the Israel.
    Iran is very sneaky. Ahmad went to Indo the other day to launch his own agenda by dragging Indonesia into the line of fire between his country and the US. This man and his country are very dangerous and therefore an action needs to be done sooner.

  8. Bas says:

    They would have supported Hitler or Staline if they had been Muslims.

  9. Dimp says:

    Politics alone is complicated enough “” this is what we get when we add religion into the equation.

    It shouldn’t be a problem if we have a competent government to begin with…. sigh…

  10. Teng says:

    Ahminejad (did I spell that right?) is a total madman.

    Even the ayatollah is starting to get worried about him.

    There will be no war though. The US cannot afford to attack Iran, they simply haven’t got enough material and troops. They can’t even handle Iraq at the moment.

    The last thing the US needs is another sh*tty war. Iraq is already becoming their second “Vietnam”

  11. Parvita says:

    Good move, SBY. Politically we support the UN, but Ahmadimejad (spelling?) and the other moslem countries knows that Indonesian moslem community disagree.

  12. Grace and Mercy says:

    Those in the parliament who’s against the resolution should read the content first (I highly doubt they have).

    The resolution reaffirms Iran’s to nuclear energy for peaceful purposes without discrimination in conform with the Non Proliferation Treaty.

    In it’s opening it says “Emphasizing the importance of political and diplomatic efforts to find a negotiated solution guaranteeing that Iran’s nuclear program is exclusively for peaceful purposes”

    The bottom line is that this resolution is preventing an aggression (by the US) to Iran.

    Speaking against the resolution for the sake of Islam brotherhood is ludicrous and yet another proof of the level of intelligence the members of our parliament have.

    Please read the article here http://www.un.org/Docs/sc/unsc_resolutions07.htm

  13. Rambutan says:

    Rejecting the resolution would have made Indonesia an international pariah. Even abstaining would have been problematic if other countries like Qatar and South Africa agreed.
    Indonesia proposed four amendments to the text. All of them were accepted and included in the final draft. So there was no reason not to agree to the resolution.
    Grace and Mercy, I guess you are right. Most of the DPR members have not read the text and only have a cursory understanding of the topic at hand. But the issue is oh so easily exploited for (perceived) short-term political gain that our dear wakil rakyat just cannot resist.
    However, in the end the faction leaders will cave in to pressure by the government and the Bamus will suddenly decide that there is no need to make use of the DPR’s hak interpelasi. We have seen the same thing happen several times over the last years so why should it be different this time??

  14. Janma says:

    I feel somehow as though Iran is being pushed into a corner that makes it hard for them to negotiate and keep any scrap of their national pride. It is their right to have nuclear energy. Even if they are Muslims, even if they do hate israel. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to create nuclear weapons from the grade of uranium they are producing. They submitted to all inspections, they stopped enrichment for two years pending approval, but the us will not let them have it, they realized all of the stalling was just to stop them contiuning their program under any circumstances. There is absolutely no proof that they have nuclear weapon capability. IAEA has said that they have found nothing. They too were pressured by america into saying that they could not state categorically that there were no facilities for weapons because no one can be 100% sure. But they are pretty sure, it’s like Iraq, big to do about they have this and that, and they didn’t have anything, paranoid bastards, so sick of the hoo haa. Yunir is right, it’s just a scenario to keep the US top dog.

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