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Abu Dujana was almost caught by anti-terror police.

Abu Dujana and couple of other men may have been captured by Densus 88, the anti-terror squad, in Yogyakarta on the night of the 20th. A shootout occurred and some reports state that one person was shot in the chest.

The group of men were travelling on Solo and Semarang registered motorbikes when intercepted by police on a ring road in the north of Yogyakarta. Three shots were fired.

Abu Dujana is wanted for involvement in a string of terrorist bombings including the 2003 J.W. Marriott attack in Jakarta, which killed twelve people. He is thought to be a senior leader of Jemaah Islamiyah (JI). He was born in Cianjur, West Java, in 1968 and is sometimes called Ainul Bahri. He trained at the Mujahidin Military Academy in Afghanistan. tempo

In recent times the capture of Abu Dujana has become the Indonesian police’s top priority. homelandsecurity

Abu Dujana was not among the group of men police attempted to arrest. Badan Intelijen Negara (BIN) chief Syamsir Siregar says Abu Dujana is likely still somewhere in Java.

One man was killed in the operation, Agus Susaryo alias Agus Mahmudi, 39, one was wounded (Suparjo alias Suwardi alias Suparman), and three others were caught. One of the latter was one Mujadid alias Brekele, who is implicated in the Tentena market bombing of May 2005 in Central Sulawesi. mediaindo

From information gathered from the captured men a home in nearby Sukoharjo was raided later by police. The home belongs to one Sikas, 36 years old, a farm labourer and one of the heads of the local Al-Kautsar mosque.

In Sikas’ home was found 2,009 bullets, mainly for an AK-47 rifle, a pistol, a homemade rifle, 200 active detonators, 625kg of potassium 20kg of TNT, 16 grenades, and various other bomb-making paraphernalia. These things were found in a bunker, 1.5 x 1 metre, under a room of the house. kompas

Sikas is said to be a religiously devout man, as is his wife, Surani. Surani will not receive male visitors without a prior arrangement. antara mediaindo

Police may now suspect that Abu Dujana is in hiding somewhere in the Wonogiri area. He is said to have once married a woman there. jawapos There is a reward of 500 million rupiah on Abu Dujana’s head. kompas

Some books about Islam found at Sikas’ home.

So far a total of seven people have been arrested in various raids. Chief of Indonesian Police General Sutanto says that the seven were part of a terrorist clique that had carried out attacks in Bali and Jakarta. He said they were from an “old group”.

The Director of the International Crisis Group Sidney Jones said Abu Dujana’s role in Indonesia’s terrorism gangs was extremely important. tempo

He is really an important figure because he was the Secretary of the Central Command of Jamaah Islamiyah

She said Abu Dujana, was like an administrator or manager of Jamaah Islamiyah.

March 26th 2007. Further fallout from the arrests in Yogyakarta. Detachment-88 (Densus 88) found 12.5 kg of TNT explosives, a detonator and cables, inside the home of Ahmad Sahrul alias Choirul/Khoirul on Jalan Simo Gunung Baru Jaya, BlokD/III No.74, Surabaya, East Java. Some of the explosives were finished materials ready for detonation. antara

March 29th 2007. Police Inspector General Sisno Adiwinoto, chief of the Public Relations Division, denied claims that the police had set up the arrests on March 20th, that they were somehow faked. He said in fact people should thank the police for having prevented a new wave of bombings, whereas in the past police had only managed to make arrests after bombings had occurred.

Adiwinoto hoped that in the future there will be legislation that allows police to arrest a person from the moment he is known to be a member of a suspected terrorist network. bip

Meanwhile police have issued a “red notice” to Interpol for Abu Dujana, but nevertheless still believe he is in the country. bip

June 11th 2007. Five more men connected to Abu Dujana were arrested today, they being Mahfud alias Yusron Mahmudi (shot in the foot by police and caught at Banyumas, Central Java), Sigit, Adi Saputro, Suharyanto (all caught together in Ngaglik, Sleman, Yogyakarta), and Aris Widodo (Karanganyar, Central Java).

Another man, Taqwim Billah, managed to evade capture after his home in Grogol, Sukoharjo, Central Java was raided. detik

Abu Dujana
Abu Dujana.

The main target, Abu Dujana, remains at large however police general Sisno Adiwinoto claims police know where he is hiding. mediaindo

June 12th 2007. A sixth man, Arif Syarifudin, was arrested in the Wonokromo area of Surabaya, East Java, as a result of information obtained from Mahfud alias Yusron Mahmudi. mediaindo

June 13th. Police have now confirmed that Mahfud alias Yusron Mahmudi, caught at Banyumas on 10th June, is Abu Dujana. antara

April 21st, 2008. Abu Dujana was sentenced to 15 years prison. antara

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  1. Aluang anak Bayang says:

    He was born in Cianjur, West Java, in 1968 and is sometimes called Ainul Bahri. He trained at the Mujahidin Military Academy in Afghanistan. [1]

    Indonesia diluted brand of Islam ‘abangan’ was never a problem because it was infused with our tolerant, peaceful tradition. Problem started when these nuts came back with real Islamic teachings from overseas.

  2. Hassan says:

    Yes, Indonesia is also currently suffering from imported bigots, problems started when these nuts came back with bigoted & hatred filled hearts after studying overseas.

    You, Aluang anak Bayang, did not practice the “tolerant, peaceful tradition” you mentioned, so you must have fallen into that category I stated above.

    Remember, religious teachings will never be a problem when it falls into peaceful hearts. Those militants and extremists are evil because their hearts are filled with hate. You’re hearts (as shown by your tone and words) are filled with intolerance, lack of respect, and hatred towards another faith (which you have no real knowledge about).

    Your hatred makes you no different than those extremists, except in the means you used (which is STILL non violence). But you’re spreading seeds of hatred, the same thing that those extremists are spreading.

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