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Girls and women in Jakarta looking for a relationship.

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Cena is honest, spoilt, and childish.

Jelita likes outdoor activities such as camping, rafting and hiking.

Dewi is trying to find the “right one”.

Kathryn is blessed with everything and thanks God for it.

Anisya likes to dance and cook.

Ririn is a simple girl, romantic and sweet.

Rina is charming, smart, sweet, friendly and open minded.

lvianita is a simple, ordinary girl.

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36 Comments on “Jakarta Girls & Dating”

  1. Daniel says:

    Hi Girls,

    I travel to Jakarta regularly and am looking for someone to show me around.

    Hope to hear from you / see you soon!

  2. Suny Wong says:

    Hi, I am Suny 39,living in KL. Very interested to meet Indonisian ladies. Can show you around Kuala Lumpur. Let me know if you are planning to visit.

  3. KK Nair says:

    Hi Girls,

    Need a beautiful broadminded escort from 19th to 22nd in Jakarta. Agencies excuse. Please respond with H/P no.

  4. Sam Lai says:

    Hi, apa khabar? Jakarta girls all very friendly and charming! I like to be your friend. Please e-mail me.

  5. Marcel Imran says:

    Hi, I am Marcel asian 40 years old 179cm 71 kg fair skin very clean i will be in Jakarta on 7 september would like to meet any nice looking lady who can speak english for compenion and activities I will stay at any five star hotel there please email me at victorbkk@yahoo.com with your picture and telephone contact only serious replies please.

    Thanks & regard

  6. Al says:

    I am a frequent visitor to indonesia and would like to meet beautiful escort ladies and become a friend. if anyone interested, please send me an email at safwaniah2@yahoo.com

  7. jons_intown says:

    Hello all,
    I visited Bali on holiday a long time ago and look forward to visiting Jakarta in December for a long overdue vacation.
    Any good tips for my trip would be much appreciated.
    Thank you for reading this,

  8. ecky says:

    Gee… are you guys serious about this?

  9. Prakash says:

    I will be visiting Jakarta regularly from jan 08. Looking for girls with good figure for company in good hotels.

    Please respond with photo.

  10. Stuart says:

    I’m travelling to Jakarta early April and I’m looking for someone that might like to show me around.I could be there for 6-8 months maybe longer.Depends on my work.I’m 45 single Australian.

  11. Luzzianno says:

    Hi Girl. I am Luzzianno. Filipino. I go to Jakarta regularly every month. I am also looking for girl like you. Please contact me by my email. Hopefuly, I can see you soon. Ok. Thank you so much for being a part of your life.

  12. Nia says:

    Hi stuart …
    it’s me Nia. I am single 29 and staying in jakarta.
    Would you mind showing the world to me ? smile just an idea 🙂

    Hope I can see you early april in jakarta.
    so you can contact me at…..

  13. Kang Kabayan says:

    Hi girl..,

    I’m Kang Kabayan from Sumedang, been six months in Jakarta to find Nyi Iteung, She left from our kampung in Sumedang because she was angry with Abah. Abah forbid our relationship and often called me Borokokok. Please contact me if you find Nyi Iteung, thanks.

  14. samal says:

    Like to meet a girl and make friends, I visit Jakarta every month.

  15. Rob says:

    So, I wonder did it work out for Stuart and Nia?

  16. mickey says:

    @ nina
    Hey Nina, when you are done with Stuart, could you give me a call!

    @ Stuart
    Mate, you might get good discount at Blok M for 6 to 8 months!

  17. Vicky says:

    Folks, if any one had a luck let me know as well. 🙂
    Well just looking for some nice descent company, that’s plain and simple.

  18. Sahil Mubeen says:

    Indonesian girl’s they are not honest with other person.

  19. Panache says:

    Hi I would just like to respond to the comment made Sahil. most Indonesian girls are honest, and extremely faithful and will do anything for there partner, the trouble is as I read this forum here, I see that everyone whats to meet a girl in indo to show them around, well unfortunately most people work, so if they go to the trouble to take time of then they should be rewarded for that loss of earnings. also and more to the point, I wonder how many girls in indo have been promised the world by men who ask for someone to show them around just to be left alone. It’s not that there dishonest, there just playing the game as it has been played agaisnt them. Show the girl some respect, and she treat you the same.

  20. uwie says:

    @ Patung …

    you change this blog into dating website … heheheh …
    dasar kamuh!!!!

    @ shalil

    Indonesian girl’s they are not honest with other person.

    dont use this kind of generalization again … if you had bad experience … syukurin!!! its your problem …

    @ mickey

    i thought you still have gf that make you can not go out from your bed room … I think that jamu … and voodoo are not working anymore right now ..

  21. Marco Yaki says:

    I am looking for indonesian girl who like to be friend with me.

  22. Clai says:


    Have you been thinking about going on a life time
    adventure…one that you must wake up each day, ready for
    change, and positive that things are going to be fine.

    I live next to a beautiful beach, in a small town in
    Cambodia. I am student of dance music…and I am trying to
    build a really great rock band here. I try to swim 500
    meters most days, and this place is really healthy, for
    me. I am retired with a pension living comfortably here in

    I like motorcycles, and beautful women, and that is why I
    am writing to you.



  23. Sameer says:

    Well need a good companion to join at STADIUM every friday … private sofa … must be fun loving and wild .. good dancer ..
    In return .. well anything you want ..
    Interested just drop ur contact info i will call u up as soon as i arrive in jakarta on 14th Nov

  24. Farah says:

    hehehehe… this is all interesting comments…

    a dating website ! cool.. hehehehehe…..

  25. cinnamongirl says:


    When I read the message above written ” I want to meet someone for a visit and make friends bla bla bla ”

    Actually some of them need someone also to go to bed for a free f*** …

  26. samjun says:

    Like to read all those sincere confessions on this site. But the fact is, everyone in indonesia is like everyone elsewhere in this world, some good and some not so good. Its up to how we want people to evaluate our own self, from how we treated them. Through my own experiences, I always admire the kind hearted people that I met throughout my visits in Jakarta or Indonesia as a whole. Every visit was worthy and made me happy to come back. Keep on being nice to everybody we meet, that can actually bring peace to all over the world.

  27. Adenyi Ayodele says:

    I like them because they are beatiful and also they now how to play love and take care of the children at home I LOVE THEM.

  28. gigforyou says:

    Go to bed and do something fun not always come from men in first action.
    Women also give signals that make men asking women for it…coz women always have a thought that for that activity men have to be the first person to say it.

  29. dejavu says:

    I was wondering whether some of the guys who post the comments are the trafficking perpetrators?….I read that many Asian women have become victims of trafficking. Most of them have been deceived…

  30. Farah says:

    Well guys, i have no idea about who’s right and who’s wrong in this discussion…
    As indonesian, i hope nobodys gonna be a victim of anything…
    Peace guys 😀

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