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Dating girls and women in Medan, North Sumatra.

Medan is the third largest city in Indonesia with over two million residents. In their make-up the people of Medan are divided between the Batak people, Malays, and the descendants of Javanese immigrants, with there also being a prominent Chinese minority. In terms of religion many of the Batak and Chinese people are Christian while the others are mainly Muslim.

One of the pre-eminent dating websites here is Meet at IndonesiaMatters and they have quite a number of Medan girls looking to find their match abroad and these are some of the lovely ladies listed:

Jade will tell you everything after you call.

Mimi is looking for her soulmate.

Indah doesn’t like to disappoint others.

Safira has a great smile and personality.

Lia is tired of playing games and wants to cuddle up with that special someone.

Celine is looking for friendship and a good long relationship.

In order to meet one of these women sign up at Meet at IndonesiaMatters and search on their names or on the city Medan.

8 Comments on “Medan Girls”

  1. Rangga says:

    All are beautiful.

  2. Charles says:

    Of all the indonesia ladies the above has its reputation it consist of a mixed variety and they are tremendously lively and beautiful with it grace and feminine look that made heads turns, it’s that spirit, the life and the magneticism that attract and glued without having to look at others one is enough.

  3. ferry kurniawan says:

    i would like to meet jade and celine. Can i get their number ? btw, are there any chinese girl from medan ? if yes, where i could find them their email add?

  4. Jojo says:

    Yes, there are plenty Chinese Girls from Medan, how much can you afford ?
    If you love your money still, please stay single

  5. Bule Bear says:

    Are there any ladies in Medan who want to DATE? You know, a lady that doesn’t expect me to change her life or support her after a few dates? I don’t want to use a lady just for sex and I want a lady that won’t use me just for money… does that exist for a bule in Medan?

    I don’t think it does.

  6. agongkia says:

    Aiya,why only now I found this site?I desperately looking for a wife ideally from Medan.But no lobang.Now maybe too late.,ai……If you all still got chance,consider Medan girl as a wife.But if many people choose Medan wife,then Medan man will have problem getting good one.Just like durian,if everyone likes durian then good durian will become more expensive and hard to find..

  7. bonni says:


    OMG you’re hilllarious dude!

    Anyway, I am bataknese girl… I think bataknese girls have the strongest chin and jaw, it’s our charm! 😀

  8. rul says:

    what would you tell us jade

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