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Popular magazine, as compared to Playboy.

While the editor of Indonesian Playboy magazine, Erwin Arnada, looks set to be imprisoned for about two years for publishing pornography, the makers of the much older magazine Popular still look safe despite the slightly more raunchy nature of their offering compared to the tame as can be Playboy.



Front cover of the February 2007 edition of Playboy.


Front cover of August 2006 edition of Popular Maj.

A Popular maj spread:

Sasa TJ, looking bewildered but sexy.

And some other common mens’ magazines in Indonesia:




25 Comments on “Popular Maj”

  1. Dimp says:

    Bunch of hypocrites, if Erwin Arnada goes to prison then the government officials who issued the permit for printing the magazine should be there as his cell mate. Followed by the publisher of similar magazines, newspaper.

    This is what happened when the law against succumbed to the demand of some people without common sense.

  2. Mohammed Khafi says:

    When will something be done about the arbitrary application of law in this country, it is clearly time that the judiciary was given a complete overhaul.


  3. Ihaknt says:

    Aren’t FHM and Maxim also and ‘American’ magazines?

  4. Janma says:

    Sometimes I just hate Indonesia man, makes me boil!
    (If you wish to reply with the ‘why don’t you go home then’ line, please enclose air ticket, I just might.)

  5. Ihaknt says:

    Janma, let’s have a girls’ night and rant over a bottle of wine! Better out than in huh.

  6. Janma says:

    Ok, so maybe I overreacted, get mad sometimes, don’t really hate Indonesia, just the hoo haa. Don’t get me started! The only thing that saves me is humor, and wine!

  7. Dimp says:

    Red, red wine,
    Go to my head,
    Make me forget that i,
    Still need her so.

  8. Aluang anak Bayang says:

    Nothing compared to the real things awaiting us good Muslims in heaven. Remember, wide eyed, big bossomed, appetising vaginas, heavenly virgins. All you need to do is to jihad for Allah.

    Darn, everytime the word ‘appetising vaginas’ appears, I blushed.

  9. Robert says:

    Aluang anak Bayang,

    Nothing compared to the real things awaiting us good Muslims in heaven. Remember, wide eyed, big bossomed, appetising vaginas heavenly virgins. All you need to do is to jihad for Allah.

    Would ABB and friends know about this? Then they might consider PB and other magazines a foretaste of what they can expect later.

  10. Cukurungan says:

    Erwin so stupid, if he wanted just only a money why he was selling “American Symbol” and the propaganda that “play boy”existence here was symbol of American culture domination were working very well. Whereas other pop magazines are smart enough, they were just only selling sexual thing and everyone here love it include he he he our DPR and this sexual thing were easily found in our ancient own culture as depicted in the famous Borobudur.

  11. Chris says:

    In Indonesia, it’s all about the name/reputation, not the content. That’s why “Playboy” cops it, the Indonesian movie “Biarum Cium Gue” (Kiss Me Quick) got banned/renamed, and “Sin City” – the American movie was also banned here.

  12. Matahari says:

    I bet they have these mags on their office desk openly but not to bring home, oh well just enjoy it.

  13. Rockstar says:

    I can’t stress this hard enough.
    You can’t stop Pron, but you CAN however prevent yourself from getting one (that’s of course depending of your preferences).

    But one thing I should agree with some people here that a guy like Edwin he may (I said ‘may’) deserve this punishment. The question is, what his motive was by publishing the magazine here in Indonesia? I bet at the end of the day the answer would be ‘money’. How selfish of him if that was true? He should have known better that people would run amok. I mean I certainly could predict that, could you?

    Also again it’s going back to an endless debate, that who would suffer from all this if it was not our kids and young generations in general?

    But as I said, you can always prevent you and your kids from getting one.

  14. Bas says:

    Offer one billion pupiah to any girl to can prove she is one the numerous hidden mistress or prostitute booked but the judges, prosecutors, laskar Jihad executives and politicians and we’ll see if they still prosecute playboy.

    I don’t ask people to do so but frankly I’d feel very happy if someone would put a bullet in the head of the judge who will send Erwin Arnada to jail.

    It’s such a shame justice is manipulated for such political needs.

  15. Rockstar says:


    Well I have to disagree. Edwin should have known better. This kind of thing would make people go mad. I mean I knew this would happen and so did a lot of people here I believe.

    The question is why he kept on doing that? Was it for the money? If so, he deserved to be put in jail. He’s been selfish all the time. The guy doesn’t deserve a pity at all. Because of him a lot of people suffer. He did it for the sake of money without thinking the risk and the cause he casted upon us, or innocent civillians if you will.

  16. Robert says:


    The publishers of the other magazines (Popular, FHM, Maxim, etc.) are no different from Erwin Arnada, I don’t expect them to be philantropists.
    So, he should be put in jail for wanting to make money? Then better put a fence around Indonesia.
    Explain to me how children would suffer from seeing dressed women in PB. There are other magazines who show more flesh, but they have different names, and they may be more more damaging for children.
    If the issue is about selling American symbols, they should close places like McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken too, they have written American Lifestyle all over them.
    Apparently arbitrariness is the rule instead of common sense and rational thinking.

  17. Lut-Ju says:


    You got it wrong.
    Ok here let me explain a little bit more.
    I’ve lived in Indonesia for quite too long to understand the behaviour. I know things that will make them angry, thus creates such a negative impact to us civilians.

    Wanting for more money, isn’t wrong. But how you pursue it and the risk that goes along with it, that what really matter. In Edwin’s case, I don’t mind if he went in that direction, AS LONG AS his action would not cause us -civilians- suffer. I emphasize the word ‘suffer’ for you because again you took it wrong.

    At that time when FPI went to the street, my uncle HAD TO close his business for a week. His store was stoned and received quite a damage. My family took care of him and my other relatives, his kids. Mind you though Robert, he is -still- heavily depending on the store to support his family.

    Now I know it was FPI’s fault. Those friggin coward thugs. BUT as I have said above, this should have not happened if Edwin was not selfish enough that caused other people to suffer.

    Don’t tell me Edwin might not be aware of this situation. Because that is BULL-SH*T. People who have lived long enough in Indonesia should know all about this. And I believe Edwin knew all along.

    I don’t care about the other publishers because they have been around and people seem not to really care about it. But the thing about Playboy and this situation in general is that the fact people know Playboy from the US, and at that very moment the anti-US movement was hot. People have been hearing about rumours regarding the launch of Playboy, thus protesting it. But Edwin ignored these facts because of what? money?

    But you know, I don’t care at all with Playboy or any other pRon magazines Robert. Indonesia may have 1000 pRon magazines available as long as that won’t make us innocent civilians have to suffer.

  18. I compeletely agree. This country is so MUNAFIK. Why Playboy magazine has to be banned while other disgusting magazines are still out there being sold??

    Government should be fair and just to everyone. Including to Playboy Magazine.

  19. pj_bali says:


    I can sympathize somewhat for you situation. However Mr. Ananda had a right to publish that magasine and a willing market to snap up as many copies as he could put out. Ironically enough he is (probably) going to jail while the thugs who broke windows and damaged your shops will go largely unpunished. I can see your reasoning that Mr Ananda should never have published based on the expected reaction of militant groups. But there is a bigger issue at stake here. Should Indonesians be governed by law or vigalantes? Should we not go out at night because that might upset the FPI. Should we not serve wine in our restaurants because the FPI dosen’t want us to?Should we accept their definition of morality -smashing windows and physically assaulting people good; photos of pretty woman bad. Why should people be afraid of them?

    Indonesia has a democracy now. The government issued a permit to publish that mag, they did not have to do it. People have a right to protest by organising demos, writing letters, petitioning their elected representatives etc. When they start smashing windows and breaking shops, intimidating street vendors and so on the government should act to break up those types of demos and disband the responsible groups.

    Another question you may ask yourself. Why start a business here when you can go to prison for doing exactly what your business permit allows you to do? Better to just turn the keys of Jakarta over to Habib Rizieq and his FPI thugs.

    No wonder this country will never develop.


  20. Cukurungan says:


    Of course FPI or other militant groups didn’t attack KFC, McD or other American branded product because there is not enough justification to do so. While “Play Boy” issue, it can be easily mis-leaded “Jew deliberate intention” to undermine our culture even actually who knows.

    But I let you know once the government foolish enough and putting them jail. There will be a big celebration, a free militant school using a jail facilities.


  21. Robert says:


    I fully understand the situation with your uncle and his store. From your uncle’s point of view, your reasoning is understandable.
    However in a democracy and law-state, when you have a government-issued permit to run a business, that should be sufficient. You shouldn’t have to worry about thugs like the FPI, because the government should deal with them in an appropriate manner.
    The whole situation with these groups more resembles Gangland USA or Chicago in the Al Capone era, where mobs rule(d) the streets instead of the lawfully chosen governments.
    The form maybe different, but the system is the same, put the fear-clamp on the people and you rule the streets by exerting terror.
    It is about time that the SBY administration shows its teeth and takes back control, because if they fail Indonesia will be doomed and slide further down the abyss.


    In my opinion KFC, McDonalds, Coca Cola and Playboy are all American symbols. I can’t see why PB should be considered more or less Jewish than KFC or McD. I think it is much easier to attack an individual like Erwin Arnada and defenceless streetvendors, store owners than big companies like KFC and McD. Playboy is just an easy target, we just have to wait and see what will be the next target.

  22. Rockstar says:

    That’s the whole point Robert, this whole democracy thingy is just simply a tag in Indonesia. I mean I and alot of other minors know this exactly that you just can’t make them angry because the law just simply will not protect us. And Edwin, he knew all about this and he’s like oh well for the sake of money I dont care if other peeps have to suffer.

    Now all I can say to him. You reap what you sow.

    But again I agree that it’s time for the gov to do something about this.

  23. Ihaknt says:

    I heard that Erwin had his trial today and got off. Patung, any news yet? Is his house surrounded by the FPI mob?

  24. zekky says:

    I don’t think Aluang anak Bayang should be taken seriously… for example:

    Darn, everytime the word ‘appetising vaginas’ appears, I blushed.


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