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Taman Nasional Tanjung Puting

Tanjung Puting national park in Borneo among the winners in the inaugural Citra Pesona Wisata (Cipta Award) tourism awards.

Registration for the Citra Pesona Wisata (Cipta Award) tourism awards was opened in July 2010, with 89 tourist sites from fifteen provinces being submitted; a verification team then narrowed the list down to fifteen finalists, five in each of three categories: government owned; privately owned by a company; privately owned by LSM’s or individuals.

The winners of the Cipta Awards for 2010, as declared by the Destination Development Directorate of the Department of Tourism at the Hotel JW Marriott in Jakarta on 4th November:

Government Owned Properties

  1. Taman Nasional Tanjung Puting, Central Kalimantan
  2. Tanah Lot, Bali
  3. Taman Laut Iboih, Sabang, Aceh

Finalists Ujung Kulon National Park in Banten and West Bali National Park were unplaced.

The winner, Tanjung Puting, is a 400,000 odd hectare national park under the control of the government of Central Kalimantan, the larger part of which initially received protected status in colonial times, in 1936, while in 1984 it was expanded to its current size and officially set aside as a National Park by the Indonesian government.

Tanjung Puting

About 14,000 hectares of the Park are set aside for tourism facilities, like the Rimba Orangutan Eco Lodge, where visitors can get up to close to the Park’s famous inhabitants – orangutans and proboscis monkeys.

Privately Owned (by companies)

  1. Elephant Safari Park, Bali
  2. Amanwana Resort, Moyo Island, near Sumbawa
  3. Kebun Wisata Pasir Mukti, West Java

Bagus Agro Pelaga in Bali and Sari Ater Hot Springs in West Java were unplaced.

The winner, two hectare Elephant Safari Park in Ubud Bali, is a commercially operated elephant theme park and hotel, which is a member of the World Zoo Association.

Elephant Safari Park

Visitors to the Park, which was opened in 2000, can go on an elephant ‘safari ride’ among landscaped botanical gardens, surrounded by national forest.

Privately Owned (by community organisations or individuals)

  1. Rinjani Trek, Lombok
  2. Sangeh Monkey Forest, Bali
  3. Penyu Berau, Derawan Island, East Kalimantan

Gili Trawangan Ecotourism in Lombok and Gitgit in Buleleng, Bali, were unplaced.

Winner Rinjani Trek Management Board (RTMB) oversees mountain climbing and other tourist activities at the 40,000 hectare Gunung Rinjani National Park in northern Lombok, where is located the 3726m high volcano Mt Rinjani, inside of which is the Segara Anak lake and an active volcano called Gunung Baru.


For serious trekkers RTMB offers 3-5 day treks up to Mt. Rinjani’s summit, including the crater rim, Segara Anak Lake, and the hot springs and caves. Less sturdy travelers can take “soft treks” and walks over several days, which take in the fields surrounding the volcano, and in altitude terms only go as far as Pegasingan hill, at 637 m high.

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  1. angelk says:

    Beautiful, amazing Indonesia…

  2. ET says:

    Gili Trawangan Ecotourism in Lombok and Gitgit in Buleleng, Bali, were unplaced.

    Gitgit in Bali, a waterfall about a mile from the main road along a narrow path lined with stalls, junk and touts, should get a special award called ‘Running the Gauntlet’.

  3. Ekowisata Ujungkulon | Mr. Sharz says:

    Fisrt of congrats to all the winners of Green Tourism Award. I hope Ujungkulon National Park will be the winner next year..

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