Who Framed Ariel?

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The internet has the answers. What’s behind the persecution of Ariel Peterpan; a survey of the conspiracy theories out there.

29 year old Nazril Ariel on November 22nd went on trial at a Bandung district court, West Java over the distribution of two homemade sex videos ([link id=’9717′]) on the internet, charges based on the 2008 anti-pornography law.

Hundreds of Ariel fans, mostly young women, demonstrated outside the court pleading for leniency for their heartthrob hero, while a smaller group of FPI militants loudly complained about the fact that the trial was held in a closed-door session, and demanded retributive justice for the immorality of it all.

Ariel has been on remand since late June, and if convicted could face 12 years in jail and fines of up to six billion rupiah. Neither of his co-stars, girlfriend Luna Maya and ex Cut Tari, has been charged.


Meanwhile, many independent thinkers on the internet have postulated that the case has dark, mysterious roots, and that the remorseless resolve of the authorities to punish the singer for his graphic, taped womanising is not a simple matter of law enforcement.

Ariel Nazril Irham

Blogger Astri Dewi says Ariel is probably the victim of an Indonesian intelligence agency (Badan Intelijen Negara, BIN) conspiracy, and that his handphone was stolen by spies, because national intelligence agencies are often employed by their masters to distract the people from real issues, thereby cementing or safeguarding the power of the current rulers.

Astri says there is a clear analogy with the case of Marilyn Monroe, who was probably murdered by US intelligence because she had had affairs with many senior politicians. Also, the case of Lady Diana was similar, Astri says. LM dan Ariel korban konspirasi inteljen?

Another blogger, Lapurwakan, sees the Ariel case as just one small part of a vast conspiracy that props up the government of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY). Of Ariel he notes that the person who first uploaded the videos from Ariel’s phone was an American, and so was probably a Mossad agent; suspiciously, the police ignored this man and instead prosecuted an Indonesian for spreading the videos.

Furthermore, the police gave the impression of deliberately trying to drag the case out as long as possible, to the point where almost everyone in the country, even mothers and children, became interested and then watched the videos. Konspirasi dibalik pemerintahan SBY

Even ‘experts’ entertain conspiracy theories, with Didien Pataka, an information technology specialist called as a witness in the case by Jakarta police, saying

It could have been a business rival, or a media conspiracy.

Of the first theory, Didien suspects a certain ‘A’, who was about to release an album, and sought to bring down Ariel to reduce competition on the charts.

While for the media conspiracy side, Didien says it may have been no accident that the videos were first uploaded on June 3rd-4th, that is, just before the football World Cup started; a jealous media mogul who didn’t own the rights to televise the World Cup games may have sought to distract the people from football, with a celebrity scandal. Motif Video ‘Ariel’, Saingan Bisnis atau Konspirasi?

15 Comments on “Who Framed Ariel?”

  1. Aprianti says:

    “Didien suspects a certain ‘A’ ”

    Does the ‘A’ stand for alien? Alien conspiracy theory. That makes sense.

  2. Oigal says:

    I like Td’s theory best..Ariel was dipping his wick fairly widely and with some well placed trophy wives and girlfriends (Can you blame them, have you seen some of the sleazy horrors they have to put with?).

    Anyway, one of the sexual failure sugar daddies was a bit miffed and does what any well placed sleaziod in Indonesia does..slip a few bucks to the right people and ..presto..problem solved.

    Speaking of conspiracies.. flew into Jakarta from OS about a week ago and by curious turn of fate got into a car instead of the bus. Next thing three badly dressed “pilots” got into the car as well. Stop at the terminal and one of the “pilots” palmed the driver $100USD (“that’s weird – thinks I” nobody tips these guys).

    Well bugger me silly and call me bruce! He had been paid to drop us at the domestic terminal completely bypassing immigration (which explains the $100 bucks I guess). Of course, that left me on the wrong side of immigration with an unstamped passport and my bags on the on the wrong side as well but thats another adventure..

  3. timdog says:

    Oh that’s a good corruption story Oigal, I like that one! Mine are all really boring factoids, like that it costs Rp150 million to become a state-level civil servant, and that a certain East Java department allegedly has a serious black magic problem in the promotion ladder (I kid you not).

    My only other related story is the one about a buxom bule lass of my sometime acquaintance, Ariel and a five star hotel in Surabaya, but I’ve told that one before (several times) and it makes me sound pretty lame if that’s my only celebrity connection in Indonesia (it pretty much is, as far as I can remember, apart from briefly hanging out with Steven from Steven and the Coconut Trees, but that’s low, man, really low…)…

    But yes, the “dalang” theory about poor old Ariel does strike me as convincing (not quite as convincing as Mossad being to blame, but then Mossad being to blame is the most convincing explanation for everything, right?).
    What I want to know is WHO is doing the puppeteering?

  4. Lairedion says:

    While I don’t like Peter Pan’s music I hold Ariel in high regard since becoming famous for his sexual endeavours.

  5. Oigal says:

    Can’t say much for the sugar daddy miffed theory…but the airport story is true 100%, wish I had woken up earlier to what was going on but I was playing the part of the dumb bule without a clue and didn’t even know it until it was too late..

    Would have been nice to sneak some pictures and post to find who these guys were..

  6. madrotter says:

    well, what they’re saying here in Bandung is that he tangles with the wrong lass, the girlfriend from a jakartan big shot godfather mafiadon i forget his name apparently he’s pretty famous…

  7. Oigal says:

    Hey MR..Sounds reasonable, it’s more likely that than the JOOWS…(Hehe)..Although it could be part of a bigger plan to make Indonesia the laughing stock of the world. You put together Ariel, major corruptors ducking out of goal and going to the tennis to meet the largest, scaliest piece of corporate cancer in Indonesia, the twittering fool claiming Mrs Obama forced herself on him and we do have a pattern here…

    Dang..its almost worth a post..

  8. timdog says:

    madrotter – that’s it! that’s the story I keep hearing! You’re the first other bule who’s mentioned it! alhamdulillah! But it sounds like they’re more clued in in Bandung if they have a name for the Dalang, because in the eastern half of the island it’s just a “someone”… Remember the name mister!

    Oigal, as for whether the joosdiddit, I’ve always wondered about Ariel’s name, sharing it with an obese, now brain-dead probable war criminal Israeli, and what-not…

  9. Oigal says:

    madrotter – that’s it! that’s the story I keep hearing!

    Mind you, it has a degree of finess that has been lacking previously..the ol kasih a drink of poison orange juice on an international flight and hope no one will notice was to say the least inept. On the plus side it does feed into the international laughing stock conspiracy theory, locked plane, manifest of suspects and hand phone records yet it is still beyond us to solve the crime..sheesh!

  10. madrotter says:

    i’ll ask around, all i remember is that he’s one of the biggies in jakarta and he’s pissed off

  11. David says:

    Well in my search around for this post I didn’t come across any of the timdog/madrotter theory, which gives me the opportunity to use this picture that I’ve been dying to use for ages:

    or it could be that I should have spent more than ten minutes looking, or I need to learn the Indonesian for ‘cuckolded’.

  12. madrotter says:

    hahaha nice one! i think it’s all revenge from the people in sidoarjo. they’re using a dukun. to punish ariel for bonking mother earth in a weak spot. at that moment.

  13. Aprianti says:

    “or I need to learn the Indonesian for ‘cuckolded’.”

    No need to go that far, David. Just try googling for a businessman with initial TW. Not that I believe in this gossip, tho. 😉 It’s only good to distract people’s attention from some humiliating bribery cases involving Polri. But good luck, anyway.

  14. Oigal says:

    Ah We have initials now…:-)

  15. Aprianti says:

    What can I say, a conspiracy theory is never complete without initials : UFO, NWO, JFK, CIA, even AIDS and HIV… 😉

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