Violence Against Women

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Rates of violence against women.

Komnas Perempuan, the womens’ wing of the national human rights body, says in 2006 there were 22,512 cases of violence against women, up from 14,020 in 2004 and 20,391 cases in 2005. Of the incidents in 2006 76% were committed in the home. The figures were obtained by the submission of a questionaire to relevant government offices and civil bodies in 32 provinces, says Kamala Chandrakirana of Komnas Perempuan.

Of the 11,709 crimes committed in the home some 557 were done by public servants, policemen, or soldiers and 449 by children under 17.

7020 crimes were recorded in Jakarta, 4,878 in Central Java, 1,886 in East Java, 1,599 in Sumatera, 1,242 in Kalimantan, and 1,142 in West Java.

Of those cases which were classified according to type 20% were said to be “economic” violence, 12% physical, 6% sexual, and 4% psychological.

The report also made special mention of the position of women in refugee camps in conflict and disaster areas, of the situation of Ahmadiyah women, and of the application of Islamic law in Aceh as carried out by the religious police (wilayatul hisbah), referencing the practice of caning and “kawin cina buta”, the latter being a complicated affair of marrying, divorcing, then remarrying the same person, said to be common in Aceh refugee camps. detik komnasperempuan

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  1. Tomaculum says:

    Ooops, no comment to this topic?
    The faith of our mothers, wifes, sisters, daughters etc. is uninteresting, hmmm?
    Kodrat wanita?

  2. Ihaknt says:

    Cape Tom, the same people will justify it. You know what I mean?

  3. Aluang anak Bayang says:

    Actually I am still waiting for Arabanised Miriam’s opinion. I bet she believes Islam came to help us control our women. Historically, Indonesia does not have record of violence against our women. We have an equal gender heritage which closely resembles that of a matriarchal construct, where women’s decision carries as much weight as men. Religious aside, Indonesians just love our WOMEN. We prefer daughters to sons unlike most asians and middle eastern cultures. We are a unique group.

    Come on Indonesians, let’s support our sisters in the fight against spousal abuse, polygamy, and implementation of shariah law which will further erode our women’s status to 2nd class citizen. We don’t want to be another Malaysian or Bruneian Malay. Ask them where their ancestry come from, and they will instantly point to the middle east. Tell them we shared the same ancestral lineage, and they will start cursing us.

  4. Colson says:

    Reading the comment of Aluang anak Bayang i kept repeating “hear, hear!”.

    Although I have only profound knowlegde of three Indonesian women – my wife and two daughters in law – i’m convinced that on average the total of 120 million (?) of them are beautiful as well as strong personalities, who usualy are very able to cope with misbehaving men. But indeed, we grateful men, should protected them from barbaric laws and customs. And provide them with safehouses if necessary.

  5. Tomaculum says:

    Colson, the javanese women I know owe those attribute you wrote above. But in the present time, when I visited my hometown and some other cities in a certain part of Java, I didn’t meet these kind of women again. Why? We should protect them from barbaric laws and customs? No, they should protect themselves like the “ancient” javanese women did.

  6. Agusto says:

    (4:34) “Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other, and because they spend of their property (for the support of women). So good women are the obedient, guarding in secret that which Allah hath guarded. As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them. Then if they obey you, seek not a way against them. Lo! Allah is ever High, Exalted, Great.” Voila! That’s the answer! If you like wild stuff check this out (2:223) “Have sex with your women whenever, however, and as often as you like”
    No wonder Muslim women are so depressed behind that free will hijab they say! Wake up Muslimah!

  7. Julita says:

    Women of Indonesia, a chance to speak out! I suggest, study get a career just in case! You are not a second class citizen. You have a main/important role of bringing up your children to be good citizens of Indonesia. Indonesia should be proud of you and support you. Wiith your motherly love, you know what is right and how to handle your children. If anybody who said he loves you, and just for FEAR (incredible, this would come/happen especially if you are beautiful and young, punish you because of something which is in his own (perhaps sick) mind and he is justiied, my, my. So be careful in what you are supporting there. Remember “Pancasila” which has been the symb

  8. Hassan says:

    After reading the above responses, I sensed a lot of misunderstanding regarding women’s position in Islam. I’m no expert on this matter, and we should open other sources of information to enhance our knowledge on these issues:

    -The status of women in Islam,

    -Women roles according to Islamic laws,

    -General issues of women in Islam,

    Aluang anak Bayang: “and implementation of shariah law which will further erode our women’s status to 2nd class citizen.”

    I’m sure you are an expert on Sharia, and on women’s status in Islam. Otherwise, your words are no more than conjunctures.

    Tomaculum: “We should protect them from barbaric laws and customs?”

    Which “barbaric laws and customs”?

    Augusto: Are you in the business of dishing out false or placed-out-of-context verses of the Quran?

    Your completely change the narration on Quran 2:223, as my Yusuf Ali translation showed the following: “Your wives are as a tilth unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will; but do some good act for your souls beforehand; and fear Allah. And know that ye are to meet Him (in the Hereafter), and give (these) good tidings to those who believe.”

    As for Quran 4:34, Indeed this quotation is somewhat honest (albeit your intentions doesn’t seem that way). For Muslims, when Allah (God) said that men are in charge of women because men are better suited for the task then it must be so, because He knows more of His creations than we ever will.

    And you said Muslimahs are “depressed” in wearing the Jilbab? Who’s research/study did you use to conclude that? Another conjuncture, eh?

  9. Hassan says:

    Pardon me, but there’s a small mistake on my part regarding the quoting of one of the links I provided previously, whereas the correct one is:

    -General issues of women in Islam,


  10. Aluang anak Bayang says:

    Aluang anak Bayang: “and implementation of shariah law which will further erode our women’s status to 2nd class citizen.”

    I’m sure you are an expert on Sharia, and on women’s status in Islam. Otherwise, your words are no more than conjunctures.

    Dear Hassan, one needs only to look at countries implementing such law to see what happened to their women. You judge a person by their action, not by being an expert on anatomy and behavioural science.

    The appalling mistreatment of women in Islamic countries implementing such primitive law speak volume. The shariah law is man-made, chauvinistic, brutal and medieval. It was befitting for the lawless barbarous nomads of the 7th century. We are geographically and culturally opposite, the law could not apply to us. The culinary art and skill of our nenek moyang indicated a wealthy and refined culture. Even to these days, our Javanese women are great cooks! An ignorant Muslimah poster by the name of Miriam has described our pre-Islamic women as immoral. She is preferring tasteless camel kebab to our traditional sate merangi.

    Islam has the propensity to condition the sons of Indonesia into subservient zombies for Arab imperialists. Believe me, sooner or later, we will start destroying artifacts and ancient monumental structures passed down from our forefathers claiming them unislamic. It had already happened in neighbouring Malaysia and Brunei, and I can see it happening in Indonesia. We are the last bastion and proud caretaker of the Malayic tradition and heritage. Only a few years back, Brunei has rejected archaelogical findings of Buddhists ornaments citing them as unimportant because they did not correspond to Islamic heritage. The Arab and Indian subcontinental Muslims are using the excuse of islamicfication for polygamy, contract marriages, sex with children, rape of Indonesia and Fillipino maids to conceal their misdoings, AND our own Muslim brothers are following suit. I can see the trend. I know this first hand as I am a foster parent to 3 abandoned children. One was borne out of a contract marriage, and two were from broken relationship after their fathers took extra spouses. We have a widespread single mother dilemma because contract marriages and polygamy are sanctioned by Allah. Non-Arab Muslims are looked down upon by Arab Muslims, especially Indonesians and Indians. You claimed to see the clear message in the Al-Quran. The Arabs see that too. They can pat your back as Muslim brothers but our women are easy game for them. Rape of our Indonesian maids by Arabs are wide spread but swept under the carpet as our government do not want to offend another Muslim country. If you think they are misinterpreting the Al-Quran, why isn’t the Al-Quran a clear book? Shouldn’t we tell Allah that He had caused our women so much sufferings by having it written in Arabic which none of us can understand?

    Mas Hassan, I’ve read a few of your posts from another threads. If I am not mistaken, you think that shariah law is the only solution for a corrupted Indonesia. I, on the other hand, believe that any religion incorporated into governance will cause havoc and subject to power abuse. Take Acheh for example, the small fishes are flogged in public while those in power embezzling hundreds of millions remain untouchable. Certainly there are better way of tackling and cleaning up our vices, but not one single Islamic countries can be exemplary. Saudi Arabia may be rich in oil but only the royal families and their connections are wealthy. The same can be said with Kuwait, the UAE, Iran and all Islamic countries. Europe was in the ‘dark age’ when churches were interfering with the governments of the time. Islamic countries are the most backward and poorest in the world, and their human right and women abuse are shocking. Are you sure I am missing something?

    Hassan: Read what the Iman has to say about equality between men and women. He is a learned scholar. Acheh Islamic judges are lenient now, but it won’t be too long before they will start applying real Islamic jurisdiction such as stoning women, hanging rape victim, pimping their women to Arab overlords by way of nikah mut’ah, divorcing wife by talaking 3 times, etc.

    I hope common sense will open your eyes.

  11. Ihaknt says:

    Hey Aluang, interesting read and a very sad one indeed. I noticed the sheik only said ‘yes Muslim men are allowed to have 4 wives but there are conditions’ and yet he didn’t describe the conditions. MK what are the conditions again? From this article, it really shows that many are justifying their action in religious pretence.

  12. B vicent says:

    Violence againest women is a silent issue which needs special attention by individuals, governments, religius institutions and other social institutions.

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