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The winners of the Indonesia Travel Tourism Awards 2010/2011, as announced at the Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place, Jakarta in late October:


Resorts, Suites, and Villas

Tourist Attractions

  • Best independent spa – Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa
  • Best amusement park – Bali Safari and Marine Park
  • Best theme park – Waterbom Jakarta
  • Travel Agents & Tourism Boards


  • Airline of the year- Garuda Indonesia
  • Best budget airline – Mandala Air
  • Best international airline – Emirates
  • Best online travel portal –
  • Best travel writing – Trinity Traveler
  • Best tourism financing bank – Bank Danamon

  • The judging panel comprised the following people:

    • Sapta Nirwandar (Director General of Marketing, Ministry of Culture and Tourism)
    • Meity Robot (Indonesian Tourism Community)
    • Wuryastuti Sunario (Care Tourism Indonesia)
    • Johnnie Sugianto (Miss Tourism Indonesia Foundation)
    • Roy Sembel (Financial Analyst)
    • Indira Abidin (Public Relations Expert)
    • Enda Nasution (blogger, internet entrepreneur)
    • Demson Goeltom (Director of Pelita Harapan School of Tourism)

    21 Comments on “Best Hotel Awards”

    1. Chris says:

      Thanks for the list; useful to know.

      Sorry to ask a dumb question, but how did they choose the winners? Did they have a particular set of rules/criteria, or for the e.g. hotels were there “hotel inspectors” who stayed at all the different hotels?

    2. David says:

      I forgot the link –

      This was the process –

      But it’s not really that clear, ‘qualitative judging’, who knows what that means, or how much the online voting was influential, or how many people took part in the online voting, I suspect not many because you had to register on their site to vote.

      Mandala won the best budget airline, or should they have won the “Airline Most Likely to Cancel Flights at the Shortest Possible Notice” award…

    3. Chris says:

      Thanks for the clarification.

      Online voting sounds a bit dodgy, bit like having popular votes for the new 7 wonders of the world.

      Mandala won the best budget airline, or should they have won the “Airline Most Likely to Cancel Flights at the Shortest Possible Notice” award…

      That may be a feature of budget airlines, but – as I mentioned here – Merpati would most likely be the winner of such an award.

    4. Lairedion says:

      Garuda airline of the year, luckily for them these last days have not weighed on that decision.

    5. David says:

      It’s also pretty funny that this happened just when they signed up to join Skyteam.

    6. Lairedion says:

      Indeed David.

      Perhaps Roy Suryo can put the blame on Skyteam for Garuda’s failing IT systems.

    7. Chris says:

      Re: The Selection process (online voting)

      I saw the advertisement below on the Taman Safari Bali webpage. I have also seen a hotel advertise its nomination in “The Jakarta Post”.

      Some would call it cheating, others profile raising.

    8. Oigal says:

      Did you see the Shang in Surabaya is closed for two months..a fire apparently

    9. timdog says:

      It was the gen-set in the basement, went up in smoke on monday morning last week. None of the public parts of the building were actually burnt, apparently, but smoke got into everything.
      The alleged at first that they’d be open by last friday, then by the 24th, but it’s not clear what’s happening now, as apparently everything is still a bit on the smoky side.

      Apparently they had some big wedding bookings for the weekend; not sure if they honoured them. Carnage at the other big hotels last week as they attempted to house the evicted Shangri La guests, and to honour their forthcoming bookings.

      Five-star hotel rooms are currently in very short supply in Surabaya. Happily for me I have never stayed in a five star hotel in my life, and won’t ever do so until someone else pays for me!

    10. Oigal says:

      Thanks Timdog..Contrary to popular opinion I am the worst leftist, communist, homosexual, transgender in Indonesia and get the corporate perks. My days of home stays and bedsits are well into my youth and happy to leave them there.

      Although, being a fairly wide ranging traveler in Indonesia circumstances often force flash backs to wilder days and sharing dodgy beds with all manner of creatures..

      Glad you liked the music. 🙂

      Oh…the two months bit came from one of the girls from the Shang (Bugger just ruined the Homosexual thing as well now I suppose)

    11. Chris says:

      Hi Oigal,

      No, I wasn’t aware. Perhaps the Shangri-La management called their friends in the media to keep it on the down low.

      O me of little faith went and found out how to vote in the Indonesia Travel and Tourism Awards:

      Steps to be followed for Online Voting through ITTA Website:

      1. Visit page

      2. Click here to Create an account

      3. Register with valid email address

      4. Login with your username and password and start your vote

      5. Once registered can use the same username and password to log in each time to vote.

      6. Once voted for one category cannot revore [sic] for the same category. Continue voting for other categories and make your favourite brand Win! Please follow steps mentioned in the website

      I registered and my first category is:

      Indonesia Leading Airport Hotel

      The nominees are:

      Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta
      The Patra Bali Resort & Villas
      Sheraton Bandara Hotel
      Hotel Novotel Manado Golf Resort & Convention Center

      My first question is: “How would anyone know, unless they had stayed at all 4 hotels this year?” I’ve stayed at one of the nominees this year, which I’m guessing is one more than most voters.

      So in my view it’s just a popularity contest.

    12. David says:

      Are you sure it’s closed two months, I heard two days.

      edit, just saw this

      The alleged at first that they’d be open by last friday, then by the 24th, but it’s not clear what’s happening now, as apparently everything is still a bit on the smoky side.

      timdog must be shattered though, no Desps for a while…no sorry that’s Oigal isn’t it

    13. Oigal says:

      Shattered..I am mortified….

      according to the lass..4 to six weeks…I hope she is wrong…not sure I am that moral, Ross might be right after all and I will start batting for the other side..:-).

      Still there is always Colours and the dodgy but oh so bizarre place down on the wharf in the warehouse district. I have yet to see another expat there yet..scary but fun

    14. timdog says:

      Shattered indeed I am, Mr David; it was almost time for my once-a-year Lido-Desperados pub crawl 😉

      Chris, I haven’t seen a single mention in Jawa Pos, so I imagine that yes, their PR folks must be swinging pretty hard.

      My “source” is in one of the competitors, the one that’s been picking up most of the slack, and where no one seems to know quite what’s hit them. The last they heard about reopening was the 24th, but they are apparently still making space for Shangri La bookings after that date…

    15. David says:

      I can faithfully report that Desps is open, don’t know about the hotel proper, I had a splitting headache on sunday to prove it, seriously I only had two beers, some of that smoke must have gotten into the pipes down there because it was a Colors scale headache, bloody agony.

      I’m old and out of it and I get sort of detached at places like this and just sit there looking at people… there were these two girls who had been milling around this sorry fat slob all night, he barely moved a muscle in hours – I’m sure he had a great personality mind – and by the end of the night it was apparent that one of them had won, which meant the other girl had to pay her own drinks bill and go home alone… she was walking out of the place when another girl accidentally stepped in front of her and she got a reverse headbutt to the front of her face, felt sorry for her, nothing was going right.

      Then there these young, well-built, ruggedly good looking bules, the sort who’d have little trouble pulling girls back home, but at Desps they seemed a bit lost and unsure of themselves. It might be something in the drink.

    16. Oigal says:

      Ah the old pocket full of personality hey David.

      Well that is good news mind, I was a bit lost…work was a calling but not Desps then hard to drag the bones to SBY. It would be like visiting Singapore Brothel, everything you want but no soul.

      Band ok?

    17. David says:

      I didn’t much like the band, the main girl singer is Canadian I think, frankly ugly but white and blond enough that locals might find her attractive, the I think bass player has played there before with another band, really tall laid back looking guy looks semi stoned, half the songs I didn’t even recognise, someone did a request for Sweet Child o mine, they did that okay, but I much prefer Indonesian pop music.

    18. Oigal says:

      Damn, that’s if for me then as well. Really cannot get into the expat bands that scurry around Indonesia, although there was one from the Philippines that really put on a show. They were really good at working the crowd.

      Oh well, I guess Desps is off the agenda for a bit longer then.

    19. timdog says:

      There are some fabulous Filippino bands out there. There was this one lot, the name of which I’ve forgotten, who did a stint at a rather bad wannabe club on Kertajaya called I-club at the start of the year (I was getting in for free and getting the odd free drink, otherwise I doubt very much I would have patronised the place). They were solidly professional and deserved much better. They couldn’t speak a word of Indonesian and seized on me as if I was a long-lost brother…
      Last I heard they’d shipped out to do a stint in Medan.

      That sorry fat slob, David, I reckon I saw him waddling into another top-end hotel on Saturday, about Mahgrib time. Well, someone rather like him anyway. Had a young(ish) lady in tow who looked a lot like a Desperados refugee to me…

    20. timdog says:

      … and I discovered to my enormous disappointment on Friday morning that I’d missed the Changcuters at Colors on thursday night.
      I don’t know if I should be ashamed of how much I like the Changcuters, but as far as I’m concerned they make up for all those dreadful Indonesian soft-rock bands fronted by earnest men with big voices and feelings…

    21. Oigal says:

      It’s probably too late for me to salvage my reputation but as a band groupie by the time the bands have finished it’s way beyond consideration for late night partners.

      Did I tell you the story a few months back having a few sherberts at “D”s and FMD if Slash from Gun and Roses didn’t appear and “slash” out a few tunes. Bizarre, but apparently GnR were doing a tour of Indonesia and he had got separated from the others, apparently happens lot. At least I think that is what he said..very very strange dude.

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