Garuda Crash

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A Garuda plane burst into flames upon landing in Yogyakarta.


A Garuda Indonesia jetliner, flight GA 200, a Boeing 737-400 craft, carrying 140 people, caught fire upon landing at Adisucipto airport in Yogyakarta, Central Java.

One of the passengers was an old friend of this site, Din Syamsuddin, sitting in seat 7D. Din says he feels as if he was saved by the Almighty. antara (Din Syamsuddin’s mother-in-law is reported to have died of a heart attack after hearing that Din had been on board the crashed plane. antara) About 20 other people were not so fortunate and died, including the spokesman for the Australian ambassador in Indonesia, Elizabeth O’Neill. antara

First Air Marshal Benyamin Dandel, the air force commander at Adi Sucipto airport, where the accident took place, says that the plane was travelling too fast and ran off the runway, by 300 metres. antara

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has ordered an investigation to find out whether the plane was sabotaged, while some have complained that this will give the false impression that Indonesia is not safe, in security terms. A parliamentarian in Jakarta, Ngabalin, said that the president’s instruction would cause the image of Indonesia to become poorer, and would encourage foreign interference in the making of security legislation. detik

The plane which crashed, a Boeing 737-400 craft, was built in 1992 and had been in service with Garuda since 2002. It had total flight time of 34,000 hours. After being constructed it was used by Aloha Airlines of Hawaii, and then in 1996 it moved to Star Europe airlines. Later in 1997 it went into service with Jet Airways of India, until 2002. detik

A video of the immediate aftermath of the crash:

A later video of the plane on fire:

Some photos:

Garuda Crash, March 7 2007

Garuda Crash, March 7 2007

Garuda Crash, March 7 2007

April 2nd 2007.

Examination of the plane’s black box has shown that the pilots of the Garuda Airlines passenger jet were arguing moments before it crashed last month at an Indonesian airport, killing 21 people. The airliner’s cockpit audio recordings reveal that the pilot and co-pilot were arguing over their speed and wing flap angles moments before the crash, with the co-pilot advising that the pilot take the plane up and try another approach.

Chief investigator of the crash Tatang Kurniadi said his preliminary findings would point to human error as the cause of the disaster.

I worry that this accident came from the absent-mindedness from the cockpit.

April 5th 2007.

The investigation group from the National Team for Transportation says that the cause of the accident at Adisutjipto airport, Yogyakarta, on March 7th was over speeding when landing, not because of overshooting of the runway. The aircraft’s speed during landing was alleged to be around 150 km’s per hour.

However a police investigator says the problem was overshooting. The aircraft should have landed at a distance of 610 metres but based on the marks on the runway the landing was made at a distance of 704 metres from the total runway length of 2,100 metres. tempo

April 11th 2007.

The Sydney Morning Herald has revealed details of a preliminary report by Indonesia’s Transport Safety Committee on the crash which points to gross human error as the cause. SMH claims the Indonesian authorities are trying to suppress the report. It’s main details are:

  • Yogyakarta’s runway does not meet international safety standards.
  • The pilots reported a fault in the reverse thrust of one of the engines shortly before take-off.
  • Cockpit data recordings revealed no mechanical problems before the landing.
  • The weather was calm, contradicting the pilot’s claims of a massive down draught.
  • There is no evidence of the pilots arguing in the cockpit before the crash.
  • Fire engines and rescue vehicles were unable to reach the crash site quickly and were not properly equipped.

Read on at SMH.

October 23rd 2007. The pilot who flew the plane ignored repeated warnings not to land, a final report by the Indonesian National Transport Safety Committee has found.

The pilot was said to have disregarded fifteen warnings from the Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) and landed even though the jet was going at “an excessive airspeed and steep flight path angle resulting in an unstable approach”.

The pilot also employed an instrument landing system approach to the runway in Yogyakarta but did not inform ground control, which had cleared the aircraft for a visual approach. antara

72 Comments on “Garuda Crash”

  1. Ihaknt says:

    Garuda! Bloody hell! When will the government learn that they can’t play with people’s lives? It’s very sad to hear yet another avoidable accident. Sigh!

  2. Niamh Piperman says:

    Ihaknt Says:
    March 7th, 2007 at 12:14 pm

    Garuda! Bloody hell! When will the Gvt learn that they can’t play with people’s lives? It’s very sad to hear yet another avoidable accident. Sigh!

    Ihaknt, this one was rekayasa by a secret agency, possibly Mossad, possibly FPI or Laksa Jeruk Kafir, because there were Australian Embassy staff and Australian journalists on board as part of the Australian Foreign minister’s visit to Indonesia. Either that, or God is judging Australia for having Alexander Downer as its foreign minister. 😉

  3. Ihaknt says:

    Either ABB or Bush is behind this one. But I heard someone from MUI survived. Maybe he started the fire and then will try to blame it on the si ai e.

  4. Janma says:

    God is a busy one isn’t he!?

  5. Colson says:

    Do I smell some western superiority in some of the comments?

    If so, I think it’s way of target, considering scores of people have died in these two disasters.

  6. Niamh Piperman says:

    colson Says:

    March 7th, 2007 at 2:54 pm

    Do I smell some western superiority in some of the comments?

    If so, I think it’s way of target, considering scores of people have died in these two disasters.

    No, at the risk of being insensitive, it is a critical observation of the barrage of senseless comments made when natural disasters/terror attacks occur – blaming God, xenophobism, looking for conspiracy, and coming up with anything to blame others but misfortune. My heart goes out to those involved, and I cannot stand to think of what comments are going to be made in light of recent political tensions.

  7. Ihaknt says:

    Gees Colson, it’s called sarcasm. Of course we are sad with the disasters. But will the Indo Government actually do something? I doubt it! Many in this forum just condemn condemn and condemn. But then put their hands out when disaster strike. That’s shameless. If the west is so bad then don’t even take the aid if they offer.

    First Adam Air and now Garuda. We dont even hear about Adam Air anymore do we and yet many people are still looking for answers. And for Aceh tsunami? It’s been 2 years and yet still not back to normal. So with this Garuda disaster, probably after 3 months we won’t hear nothing about it. What about the recent flood? Silence! So its not about western superiority, it’s about we are sick of the f***ing sh*t government in Indonesia who always covers incidents and justify their actions and stuff their own pockets while the people are hungry and cold! No wonder they are easily manipulated!

  8. Dimp says:

    Now the Australian is ready to help Garuda’s victim. They are sending doctors, burn specialist (Dr. Fiona Wood, Australian of the year). We’ll see if anyone will complain about how Australia “meddle” with Indonesia’s affair.

    I think SBY need to do some reshuffling of his cabinet.

    What he can do is sack all his ministers, then just start auctioning positions to the highest bidder.

    Any takers?

  9. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Sorry to say this, but Indonesians at every level of society need to start paying more attention to details — and getting less tolerant when other people slack off. Yes, we’re a developing country. But yes, we also need to start being more anal retentive about things like safety and stop talking about ‘nasib.’ In short, we need to ‘un chill out’

    — Get pissed off with slack attitudes from airlines
    — Get pissed off at bad road safety
    — Get pissed off when Bus Drivers nearly kill people on the roads.

  10. Dimp says:

    We should probably not get “pissed off”, but rather try to find solutions, there is no point getting “pissed off” or getting “pissed on” for that matter. 🙂

    In terms of the transport disasters, I think Hatta Rajasa should be brave enough to resign, this Garuda disaster just another sign of his incompetency in the office, if he is incapable of fixing the transport industry in Indonesia then he should step off and let someone who is more capable then him take his place.

    The government officials should be applying their “study banding” results to the country’s best interest, people need to demand answers from these incompetent fools. If they cannot answer to the people then it is best for them to put their tails between their legs and leave their office.

  11. Rani says:

    Another possibility: this is a conspiracy by the Indonesian budget airlines companies that have lost their customers after the series of accidents.

  12. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Will there be any change if everyone’s trying to “sama sama enak,” and “jangan sampai ada yang malu” ?

    There needs to be at least some fear. As Napoleon said: the two forces which move men (in 2007 ‘people’ more appropriate), are greed and fear.

    In Indonesia, there’s just no fear for the pejabat yet.

  13. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Basically, if we want to stop this kind of thing – and that’s still and if – there has to be a different Indonesia.

    The ‘sama, sama enak’ mentality has to change. People have to be shamed. We have to scrap the mentality that it’s ok to chill out on the job.

    It goes far beyond just airline crashes.

  14. Yunir says:

    I really don’t know what the President must be thinking. He’s got lots in his hands. Disaster after disaster.

    In any case, the Indonesian region is ranked 9th with a total of 79 airlplane accidents (incl. this recent incident). 8th is UK with 80 accidents.

    You may want to check it out the rankings by the Aviation Safety Network here.

  15. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Hey everyone, why don’t we all have a big drag of kretek, nongkrong for hours, and pretend it’s all ok?

  16. Andrew says:

    Very sad.

    We don’t know yet what caused the accident, but I’m sure it boils down to 1 thing: people.

    As long as rules are bent, corners cut, and procedures compromised, I’m sure we’ll see a lot more accidents and mishaps coming.

  17. Bas says:

    “false impression that Indonesia is not safe”

    Yeah Indonesia is such a safe country. You risk your life each time you go in a plane, ferry, bus or train.

  18. Orgindo says:

    Change the minister of transportation deparment, if this is UK or Japan, we will already have changed the minister for 5 times at least.

    Usually the minister will resign, but I think we got different culture here. Oh, what a wonderful culture that we have. At least we are not doing it western way.

  19. Dimp says:

    Usually the minister will resign, but I think we got different culture here. Oh, what a wonderful culture that we have. At least we are not doing it western way.

    Unfortunately our minister not only lack of capability, but also dignity.

  20. Andrew says:

    Guys, whatever it is that he lacks, he makes up in sheer quantity: a thick face.


  21. Ihaknt says:

    Can you see in the last foto a dude in the orange suit was taking foto of the wreckage? HALLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOO you are there to help people not to take fotos!! What is wrong with these morons??? They’re looking way toooo relax with all the dramas around them! As Janma said AAAAAAARRRRRRGGHHHH!!!!

  22. Dimp says:

    I think Indonesians need to be more serious in facing these disasters, whenever disasters struck you can still see Indonesians smiling. We need to eradicate “budaya cengengesan” amongst the people, they need to take matters in perspective.

    Yep, and that guy with the mobile phone need to be smack in the head.

  23. Ihaknt says:

    Hey Dimp you sound like Bakrie in his recent comment of the flood! What else can they do? They are desperate. They’re probably running out of tears that’s why they look like they are smiling. The budaya cengengesan is more on the government! They have no worries as they are depositing their overseas bank accounts with the rakyat money!

  24. Dimp says:

    Not only “cengengesan” culture that we need to change, but also the fact that Indonesians seem to accept whatever is happening in the country. Just two days ago I rang up my friend in Padang, asking the condition of the earthquake, and his answer was “udah biasa”. What? They are getting used to the earthquake?

    The same as to the corrupt government, the people know that the government is corrupt, but Indonesians just let them be. Hamid Awaludin and Yusril Izha Mahendra helped Tommy Soeharto to withdraw his money from BNP Paribas in London? Who are they working for? The government? Or for Tommy? They actually used the Government bank account as a mediator to transfer the money from London to Tommy’s personal account, and this happened when Tommy was still in Prison back in 2004. If this sort of thing would have happened in Australia, heads have already rolled, while in Indonesia these two corrupt officials seem to be unconcerned how they are living out of the fat commission from Tommy.

  25. Ihaknt says:

    If this sort of thing would have happened in Australia, heads have already rolled

    What?!?! There’s sharia as well there????

  26. Andrew says:

    Ihaknt, I think Dimp meant earthquake as well there.

  27. Dimp says:

    What I meant is corrupt officials assisting criminals clearing their dirty money and using the government account to facilitate the money transfer.

    Hang on, I think I know how to increase Indonesia’s income, just announce to the world that we can launder their money without any questions.

  28. Naga says:

    The problem is that Indonesia is a third world country that still has third world attitudes and an anti-western chip on their shoulder. You never learn from your mistakes.

    Whether you like it or not, the west has the key to all your problems, the govt needs to bring in western aviation experts to show the locals how an industry runs, with no compromise.

    The main issue is that in a third world country life means nothing, so why shed any tears, none of you people care, life will go on and Indonesia wil still be plagued by more disasters.

    Funny how when there is a manufactured political issue, thousands of passionate protestors can show up at the Australian or US embassy, but when your own countrymen are being murdered by your incomptetent govt, officials and businesses, nobody gives a sh*t, when will you all wake up?

  29. Dimp says:

    They’d prefer fighting for people that they never actually met (Iraqis, Palestinians).

  30. Parvita says:

    If Hatta Rajasa has shame, he would have stepped down or commit harakiri with all the screw up in the transportation system.

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