‘Get a Fire’: Kindeman Gire Video

Oct 18th, 2010, in News, by

A video of the torture of two Christian ministers in Indonesian Papua, likely taken in March 2010 in the Puncak Jaya area, the two men being Reverend Kindeman Gire and Reverend Pltinius Kogoya, both of the native Kingmi Church.

The torture, apparently carried out by Kostrad battalion 753 based in Nabire, shows Reverend Kindeman Gire being held down while soldiers deliberately apply a burning hot stick to his penis, among many other highly graphic and disturbing scenes:

The video was originally posted on Youtube with the title “Get a fire”, but has since been removed; in the probable case that the version above is removed from Youtube, it can be downloaded at https://www.fpcn-global.org/films/mov/brutal_Kostrad_torture_in_West_Papua-320x240_H264.mov. More information on the story can be read at http://westpapuamedia.info/.

Another just recently released video of TNI forces on patrol in West Papua, of uncertain date:

14 Comments on “‘Get a Fire’: Kindeman Gire Video”

  1. Lairedion says:

    I watched some of those videos. Very disturbing stuff!

    Shows that nothing has changed really. Papua is still subject to brutality Orde Baru style.

  2. diego says:

    One question: in the second video, why is the voice of those soldiers so fag-like? I mean, I was expecting a deeper masculine voice. What a dissapointment. They should have worked as trannies in Taman Lawang (“Halow owm… Cuci busi owm?” — “Hi handsome…. Want me to wash your sparkplug?” — “Hi, want a blowjob?”). That way at least they can be entertaining.

  3. Hans says:

    Is this what is called that the state is to ensure the safety of their
    inhabitants, a f*cking school children pack is what it is, which should be taken away all
    civil rights and adjudication in the international tribune, and then imprisoned in
    Vietnam. think that the government attacks civilians unarmed mothers and fathers with a
    special military torture commands. HITLER called them SS! Reflection = **wikipedia** (Genocide is defined under the Genocide Convention as acts committed with the intention to destroy, in whole or in part, a group of national, ethnic, racial or religious grounds. Such acts include killing or causing serious bodily or mental harm to members belonging to such groups. This also knowingly cause living conditions intended to bring about physical destruction of a group, in whole or in part, to implement measures intended to prevent births within the group, forced to move children belonging to the group, to another group.)

    After the genocide in Rwanda ther is still about 25 murder investigations in the Tribunal.

  4. madrotter says:

    i think it’s a good thing that this is posted so people can see what is STILL happening over there but i can’t watch this i get so sick and angry and sad, these bloody cowards

  5. madrotter says:

    funny thing, i posted the video on facebook and a few other sites trying to get people to see this stuff. half hour later i can’t get into facebook again but i can on my wife’s laptop. for the rest everything’s still working fine guess its just one of those things…

  6. Oigal says:

    Cowards and bastards all!! I am sure every Indonesian would be feeling so proud about now. I hope some twit comes on here again and tries to explain how the Robber Barons of a certain dominant ethnic group are anything unwanted bunch of occupiers and plunderers of the provinces. This is the Military ( I use the term loosely, as personally I have always identified soliders as having some sort of code of honour which this mob clearly don’t) of a government who is all too ready to condemn others yet remains a sick joke to the rest of the region.

    I look forward to the Indonesian activists sailing on a “peace boat” to Papua to highlight the injustice of an obscene military force. After all its a lot closer than the middle east and concerns their own “countrymen”

    Does anyone still think its not coming?

    I have put in on facebook as well, plus a few other places that should draw attention.

    But hey maybe too harsh, lets be honest the government needs to worry about banning books, throwing people in Gaol for publishing a children’s “Playboy” or if women are wearing jeans in Aceh..you know the really important stuff. Besides who cares as long as I am getting rich!

  7. Hans says:

    It is impossible to maintain civilization with 12-year-olds having babies, with 15-year-olds killing each other, with 17-year-olds dying of AIDS and with 18-year-olds getting diplomas they can’t read

  8. Hans says:

    Something happen to my Facebook to? 2 of 3 Get a Fire is not ther any more and a Comment on Muslim inbreeding in Arab countries, is not ther any more


  9. David says:

    Roy Suryo says the first video looks fake… after a little delay the local press are dealing with this story and there are mutterings of police investigations…. once they determine whether the video is real or not.

  10. Aprianti says:

    Ah yes, how dare they forget to propose Roy Suryo on the list of national heros…..

  11. Ross says:

    There is surely a much more effective way than torture to end separatism in Papua (and Maluku or anywhere else) and that would be for the government in Jakarta to invite the Papuans to take part in a free and fair referendum on their status, impartial overseas observers present, with exactly the same choices as TimTim was given.
    Or perhaps with an extra option, a return to Dutch rule!

    In view of the benign and beneficial rule that Papua has enjoyed for the past forty five or so years, there can be little doubt that they will vote overwhelmingly to continue being governed by Indonesia.
    This result should be accepted by all as convincing proof that Papunas are proud and contented citizens of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

    To pre-empt criticism from nay-sayers, it would be wise to exclude colonists from the vote, leaving the decision to the bare majority of Papuan residents who are actually Papuan.

  12. Arie Brand says:

    Re the comments by Madrotter and Hans about what happened to their Facebook:

    I remember that some ten years ago, after I had signed online a petition on West Papua, my email inbox was flooded with literally hundreds of emails from people totally unknown to me, some of who requested me indignantly not to flood their inbox. Exactly the same thing happened to a brother of mine who had signed the same petition.

    Here is a report on a present cyber attack on people who have made the torture videos appear on facebook. http://www.channel4.com/news/cyber-attack-knocks-human-rights-site-offline A’security expert’ opines that they couldn’t be the handiwork of the Indonesian government because they are so primitive. So what else is new.

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