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The press release put out by the Department of Foreign Affairs regarding the torture of 23 year old Indonesian domestic worker Sumiati binti Salan Mustapa by her employer’s wife, Khalid Saleh Mohammad Al Hamimi, and children in Saudi Arabia; Sumiati was repeatedly abused, having her lips cut with scissors, among much else, and is currently in hospital; her abuser is said to be undergoing “processing” by the Saudi police: deplu

1. On November 8, 2010, the Indonesian Consulate General in Jeddah has received reports that a citizen, named Sumiati binti Mustapa Salan, age 23 years, from Dompu, West Nusa Tenggara, was taken to King Fahd Hospital in Medina, Saudi Arabia. She was badly abused by her employer and his wife, suffering serious physical injuries and in very poor condition.

2. The Government of Indonesia strongly condemns the inhumane actions against Sumiati and will ensure that responsible parties be subject to applicable law.

3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs has taken steps in order to protect citizens and especially the handling of this case are as follows:

a. Immediately after obtaining information of this case, on November 9, 2010, the Consulate General in Jeddah visited Ms. Sumiati at King Fahd Hospital to provide assistance and ensure that she obtained necessary medical care. In addition, the consulate asked for a doctor to specifically monitor the condition in question.

b. the Secretary of State has spoken directly with victims’ families to provide information on measures undertaken by the GoI relating to the incident and its handling. In particular, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will facilitate the representative of the family, accompanied by Foreign Ministry officials, to Medina to provide support to Ms. Sumiati.

c. legal steps have also been carried out by the Consulate in Jeddah in reporting the case to the police in Medina in order to ensure there is legal action against the perpetrators. In addition, the Consulate has prepared lawyers for the subsequent legal process.

d. diplomatic steps taken by the foreign ministry summoned the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia in Jakarta to the Foreign Ministry to convey the attitude of the Indonesian government, which condemned the ill-treatment of Ms. Sumiati. It stressed also that the Government of Saudi Arabia will need to ensure that victims receive all necessary medical services and especially for those responsible to be brought to justice.

4. Government of Indonesia in this regard the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to ensure effective measures for the protection of citizens abroad.

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  1. Oigal says:

    How’s the wife’s driving lessons going Yilin?

  2. ET says:

    Is stoning to death for adultery still a legal punishment in SA, Yilin?

  3. Oigal says:

    Oh you are being mean ET, misrepresenting SA attitude to women. Why just look at the SA woman’s team performace in the Asia Games…OOPs oh wait SA was the only nation that did not send evcen one woman…Sorry Yilin, guess ET the commentators are right…

    Oh by the way speaking of Hypocrites did you notice the SA King Abudalluh has flown (along with about 100 Hangers On) to the USA for medical treatment. You’d reckon a quick trip to Mecca and a prayer would do the trick..:-).

  4. Hans says:

    Shameful to see some posters trying to take the tragedy encountered by these human beings, and using it to score cheap political points against the Saudis.
    It is not of this world, but a future world that counts. This leads to a systematic refusal to recognize reality as it appears here and now.

    The Political System of Saudi Arabia, it is a dictatorship where the brothers with a deep descent controll it since the dictator’s father left the stage. reminder of the unique similarities to the dictatorship in North Korea, which has the same great political ladder.

    Ibn Saud was unique to who started this spectacle! who wanted to impose the world these deep brothers great knowledge of the fables and human values.

    amazed we sit and wonder what it is they want to bring the world. Amazingly it has become? Nude scaning for those who want to fly. and all will receive the feeling of the applied real naked EVIL from Ibn Sauds narrow minded cursed family.

  5. Lairedion says:

    The spreading of wahhabi cancer throughout the world by Saudis is reason enough to thrash them and indeed what about those other nasty things happening there with that school girls fire incident one of the most horrible stuff I ever heard about.

    Indonesia is vulnerable to import their medieval habits as it has been developing a collective hard-on on everything related to Saudi Arabia.

    Hopefully this abuse incident will be a turning point in how Indonesians should view this evil empire. With contempt.

  6. Hans says:

    Solid inbreeding over the past 1400 years may have contributed to the catastrophic damage in Muslims’ gene pool, writes the Danish People’s Party Assembly candidate Nicholas Sennels

    A rough estimate shows that “nearly half of all Muslims in the world is inbred”
    under Sennels. Furthermore, he points to a “large number of inbred Muslims” is born of
    parents who themselves are inbred – increasing the risk of adverse mental and physical

    Inbreeding is practiced throug the hole Middle East and is not limited to Muslims. Although Jews and Christians Semites (Syrians, Chaldeans, Copts and Assyrians) have a history of inbreeding. In Scandinavia, there is no historical inbreeding, but cousin marriages are common in several strong contributions of immigrants come to the region, mainly after 1975. Inbreeding is not practiced by Jews in modern societies and is also historically rare among Jews of European origin.

    Besides politicians Sennels is also a psychologist, and he has worked extensively with Muslim criminals. He has written the book “Among Criminal Muslims. A psychologist’s Experiences from Copenhagen Municipality.

  7. diego says:

    Got this:

    Headline: “After anti-Saudi campaign, Kingdom seeks to reduce dependence on Indonesian maids.”

    Good. At least they know that we (indonesians) don’t like them (saudis).

  8. diego says:

    … btw, is any media in indonesia keeping track and keep informing the people, making sure that ex employer of sumiati is severely punished?

    this short memory of our society and kelembaman (what’s the word in english? static?) of the society is disheartening……

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