Laskar Jihad Wayang Sukoharjo

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  1. diego says:

    This just in: those cretins from inferior culture and civilization (saudi ARABIA) are at it again:

  2. Lairedion says:

    Yes diego,

    None of the local media picked up this story.

    Wondering which way this could turn. Either Indonesians finally have had enough now Indonesia’s most precious cultural treasure is under attack or, more likely, radicals are taking over the country and we will see the beginning of the end of Indonesia because the so-called majority moderate Muslims are deafening silent, again!

    Go figure, one of the FPI founders, Timur Pradopo, is about to become the new Kapolri and the twin bigots Tifatul and Suryadharma are calling the shots….

  3. Odinius says:

    I’m not sure he’s an FPI founder, Lairedion. He just said he wanted to “work with” the FPI to keep order. That’s a vague statement, and I’m not sure it’s clear exactly what he meant by that.

    But as a general point, this blog often overly focuses on the negative things going on in Indonesia. At the same time, there are positive developments that people tend to ignore. Just today, the AG’s authority to ban books was removed by the Constitutional Court:

    “The authority of the AG to ban printed material or books without a court process is the approach of an authoritarian state, not one based on law like Indonesia.”

    The deputy attorney general for intelligence, Edwin Pamimpin Situmorang, declined to comment on the verdict before having studied it. But he conceded that there was no avenue left to challenge it.

    That’s a big step forward for Indonesian democracy.

  4. Lairedion says:


    What he meant is that the FPI can help maintaining security. The police needs help from some sort of Islamonazi gang of thugs. That’s not vague to me. It’s very clear. The FPI is now part of law enforcement, endorsed by the calon Kapolri.

    And you might want to read this:

    Indeed “Reformasi” is coming to a dead end. But we shouldn’t worry. The two most dangerous criminals, Ariel and Erwin Arnada, are behind bars. Good job!

    Never thought I would say this but I take Soeharto anytime over these clowns, nutters and bigots now running the country. And if you ask the Ahmadiyah communties in West Java and Lombok, the various Christian communities in Bogor and Bekasi, the gay and lesbians throughout the country and now the wayang perfomers in Sukoharjo they would give you the same answer.

    But still there are some people stating

    At the same time, there are positive developments that people tend to ignore.

    Yay, a book ban being removed….

  5. diego says:

    Hi David,

    Something is wrong with the date of posting; it says September instead of October.

  6. David says:

    It’s deliberate, to keep it off the front page as it’s not a proper post; the topic though, as L said it’s odd that’s it not in the local press, at least I can’t find it, and I suspect it’s a bit of a beat-up, the local killjoys don’t like men staying up late drinking, so they crash the party, the fact that there’s a wayang performance going on at the time is mostly incidental I think.

  7. Ross says:

    But, David, the ‘local killjoys’ are exactly the same sort of killjoys we’ve had in Jakarta, for years, Star Deli, etc.

    Wayang puppets represent what Java and other islands too have been over the centuries, a unique culture (rooted in older and external cultures but hugely adapted) and the killjoy/jihadist element has long had its mystical aspect in its sights.
    There was an attack on a kepercayaan place in Jogja a year or so ago, and remember the row when kepercayaan was mooted as an alternative ‘official religion’ under Suharto?

    Like the latest carry-on in Bekasi with the Catholics wanting a new church, this appears to be based on fear that the Islamists will lose part of their flock. Their spokesmen repeatedly express anxiety over ‘”Christianisation,’ as if the sound of hymns is going to lure citizens into ‘apostasy.’

    Maybe it will.
    And I have often said that Javanese traditional beliefs – wayang, kepercayaan, whatever way they are manifested, are a major stumbling block to the bad guys’ aspirations.
    Hence these latest incidents.
    Don’t fiddle with posting dates. You should sound the alarm, which is ringing loudly in my robust post on the subject (subjects -both the puppets and the Catholics) at Ross’s Right Angle.

  8. David says:

    Like I said, I think they were annoyed at the drinking, not the wayang.

  9. madrotter says:

    i’ll drink to that!

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