Gang Dolly CCTV Monitoring

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Plans to install CCTV surveillance cameras in the red light district of Surabaya, Dolly, as the noose tightens around it.

The Surabaya city government in East Java has floated the idea of installing 24 hour closed-circuit television (CCTV) video cameras in the red light district of “Dolly“.

A city official, Chalid Buhari, says

The cameras are to keep a check on new prostitutes in the district, and on those who operate the brothels.

The faces of new “working girls” in Dolly will be recorded so that later city officials can immediately approach them and take down their details for administrative purposes, and make sure that they are not underage or victims of trafficking.

If they have been trafficked we can find out fast and send them home; same thing if their identity papers are not in order

Other measures suggested including the building of mosques and churches in the area, to acquaint or reacquaint its inhabitants with the calls and strictures of religion.

The CCTV and mosque/church building plan is some kind of temporary compromise measure, – rather than immediately closing Dolly as many demand it is intended that the noose will gradually be tightened around the famous den of sin. kompas The Deputy Governor of East Java, Saifullah Yusuf, explained

The government intends to close down Dolly in stages

Saifullah said that even in a secular country like the Netherlands the Zeedijk prostitution complex had had its population of working women halved. tempo

However the official who has real authority over the matter, the Mayor Tri Rismaharini, said closing down Dolly could not be realistically done any time soon, but at some indeterminate point in the future. suarasurabaya

5 Comments on “Gang Dolly CCTV Monitoring”

  1. ahmad says:

    hahaha gang dolly?
    what them beatiful?

  2. Hans says:

    A webcam is nice to have, where you can dream of times gone by, I worked as a young at the shipping company Broström and the Barber Blue Sealand, 1975-1990 in association with Blue Funnel (Ocean Trading); Liverpool and S.Ø.K., Gothenburg. wonder how the girls could remember one from time to time

  3. Ross says:

    Well, David, I’m glad we approached todays’ common topic from different angles.

    Certainly, building that gigantic mosque helped shut down Tanamur in Jakarta.

    But if you read Ross’s Right Angle, you’ll see Dolly’s days may well be numbered sooner rather than later, if the goat-beards call the shots, as they seem to do nowadays.

  4. Hans says:

    those who do not want to be filmed, will soon learn to avoid this easily. problem is perhaps greater that it could happen like that occurred in Iran when Khomeini took the rooster status there. everything of value was stolen from the bars, after that the girls were locked in and the buildings were fired up. same. Asian girls, I as a 19 year old sat and talked and laughed with just six months earlier. we helped contract employees from companies such as Ericsson (mobilphone) to flee the country, and I trust their truth. and after this I do not trust religious leader and more or les muslim.

  5. ajatshatru says:

    prostitution is a matter of demand & supply….. and willingness of beaurocrats…. otherwise indonesia is going to become sex heaven of the earth

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