Chelsea Olivia on Virginity Testing

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Every few years in less cosmopolitan and globalised areas of the country the thorny issue of whether girls should undergo a check on their virginity before being allowed to enter high school raises itself, most recently in Jambi, Sumatra.

Local MP Bambang Bayu Suseno, who is from the Partai Amanat Nasional (PAN), asked the question:

Why are girls who lose their virginity allowed to go to public school?

He explained further his proposal for the local parliament to enact a law that would require virginity tests for girls:

The idea is simple. Parents are obviously afraid of their daughters being deflowered before the appropriate time, so before they continue their studies they should undergo a virginity test and thereby automatically protect their dignity.

Chelsea Olivia

Among the many, mostly hostile, reactions to the proposal young actress Chelsea Olivia weighed in, asking detikhot

If there’s a virginity test, how about a bachelorhood test for boys?

Apart from celebrities like Chelsea Olivia, and more seriously and authoritatively, a Women’s Affairs ministry official in Jakarta, Wahyu Hartomo, who is a man, said such tests would violate basic human rights and potentially harm the mental stability of young women. afp

24 Comments on “Chelsea Olivia on Virginity Testing”

  1. Oigal says:

    The “Local MP” does bring to mind an interesting issue that some people should simply be allowed to have sex on the off chance they have offspring who grow to be politicians making intellectually challenged statements about issues beyond their understanding.

    Someone once said “in a democracy the people get the government they deserve”. One has to wonder what Indonesia did to deserve people like BBS.

  2. FonnyDivaMermaid says:

    hmmmm….. Virginity test…
    non sense.

  3. Aprianti says:

    Chelsea does make sense. In one interview, Mr. BBS (Big Bulls***?) defensively said that the virginity test is not physical, but it is through counseling. So if it is only a kind of interview, why only girls? What a squandering of tax money to have this person as an MP.

  4. Mr.White says:

    more tax, more opportunities for kickbacks and corruption, ya all know how it is in indonesia. lets say, a girl has had sexual relations in the passt, now she cant get into high school? that’s great, what is she gonna do now? what options are we leaving for her? are we not further stigmatizing her? having sex at a young age, can be traumatic for some, and THIS, IS NOT HELPING@!#

  5. nakal says:

    Virginity test… for girls! for high school entrance!
    What would they do to the rape victims or molestation? will that be on records to?
    and what are the gonna do with boys? how would they determined they are still a virgin? how come the moral value only enforced on girls?
    how come double standard becomes a program in school?
    what happen to educations? is it only privileged to the “pure”?
    aren’t we suppose to educates who ever want to educate themselves?
    why oh why, this suppose to be “educated” people behave soo irrational?

  6. ksatria says:

    What is this?? Indonesia doesnt have prostitute shortage…. this is exactly what they are trying to do…. to make more prostitute…. imagine this, a girl is not a virgin, want’s to enroll, fearing that her condition is known by parents and friends, she ends up not willing to go to school, got no higher education, cannot get proper job, and ends up being a hooker…………. Goddamnit………….

  7. Hans says:

    THUNDERSTRUCK! Read with an open mouth? The last idiot is not born yet.
    how does the world look? to those who can go and figuring out this kind of things.
    just to come up with the idea is a feat in todays enlightened society.
    time to go to kindergarden.

  8. Aprianti says:

    Hans, don’t be too harsh on him. I don’t know which one is worse: to have a local MP like him who comes up with a silly idea at the risk of embarrassing himself (and the country) or to have people who never have any idea at all and sleep during the meetings. At least he gives us a thought provoking entertainment.

  9. Aprianti says:

    And, oh, he gives David an excuse to put the picture of sweet Chelsea on this site πŸ˜‰

  10. Multibrand says:

    If there is such virginity test, then there should be an anti-corruption test for MPs.

  11. rayner says:

    There is no such thing as a virginity test. There can be many reasons why a girl’s hymen is not intact. If she rides a horse for instance it easily becomes broken, or a bicycle.

  12. Hans says:

    ok Aprianti: Chelsea Olivia may be able to help fix a National and International meatball days August 28 and then to Chelsea compete in the President election next time it is held, with meatballs in the luggage, it whill probably go very good

  13. Lomboksurfer says:

    Bloody hell dudes I have found my bleedin calling! (besides being a bloody good-lookin surf god of course) Who do I contact to volunteer my services to administer the bloody tests? God I love this bloody country! Ha! ha! ha! πŸ˜‰

  14. camion says:

    No wonder the world is in trouble all the time with insane morons like this dreaming up ways to send us all nuts.Its none of his or anyone else’s business if a person is a virgin or not let alone be a barrier to anyone getting a education .The gutter level corrupt politicians much of the world is forced to suffer should be forced to have an I Q test so that anyone under 125 doesnt get a chance to constantly over regulate normal human behaviour.This MP must be one of those looney religious clerics in disguise thinking he is some phoney god dictating more inhuman intolerable behaviour.Castrate him :-))

  15. ecky says:

    This is a joke, and the worst part is who ever agree with him!

  16. Oigal says:

    Time for a few of the girls to get some telephoto lens and start taking pictures of some these frauds during their “afternoon delights” on taxpayers money. Not like anyone does not know the places they use. Start with G…X and work down towards the park for start…that will get you good dozen. Oh Friday afternoon is best just after prayers!

  17. retarders says:

    There should be also “homo” test and “lesbian” tests to find out whether boys and girls are homo or lesboz before they enter public school…. This is so that they can protect their dignity….

    There should be corrupter tests as well before you enter PNS exams or becoming city officials and government official, also to detect early symptoms and protect some dignity…

  18. lomboksurfer says:

    @Ecky – What do you mean this all a bloody joke? I had my bleedin heart set on that job as I consider myself a pretty bloody & rad expert of this bleedin subject matter. Damn it to bloody hell this bloody well has changed my bloody employment prospects to almost bloody nil. Bloody lucky for me there’s always a bleedin job cowboying the Aussie herd of cows grazing at the bleedin Hard Rock in Kuta. A bloody surfin god got to bleedin do what he bloody well can to keep the endless bloody summer going.( Btw Ecky your not so bloody ecky if you ask me. In fact your about the bloodiest hot brown sugar babe that I ever bleedin seen. Let’s ride a bloody wave together babe it would be narley! πŸ˜‰

  19. realest says:

    How about a virginity clause in a prenup ? I believe every man, woman and even dog should have every right to keep their hard-earned money in search for better genitals?

  20. Goodfellow says:

    How can one protects the girls dignity after some one look deep into……… After the test is done there are no more virgins left Jambi, Sumatra. Perhaps that moron is seeing an opportunity to make an honest???? earnings by issuing certificate of virginity, and sooner after that virginity certificate becomes available in Jambi regardless she is a virgin or not. Those prostitutes at Tanjung Balai will get hold of the certificate of virginity since they perhaps can fetch a higher price for their services.

  21. Agan says:


    And the girls should also be allowed to demand in their prenup to have a clause for infidelity or extra-marital shenanigans by prospective husbands as selingkuh always be a clear and present danger ominous in any marriage.
    It’s only fair for nowadays Rintihan Kuntilanak Perawan generation πŸ™‚

  22. principessaluna says:

    Ah… the idiocy. Let’s not sweat over it. This virginity test won’t happen because the mindset of most Indonesians is NATO (No Action, Talk Only). Easier said than done.

  23. cessch says:

    what does virginity have to do with intelligence. it is ridiculous to uphold young women to such standard. if they go thru with it and any girl who fail she should be allowed to name her partner and both their names should be recorded as having failed the test. after all it does take two last i knew.

    women should not be abused and misused in this way. we all make mistakes in life. we should love women in all ways just not sexual.


  24. camion says:

    Cessch….since when is it a mistake to engage in sex & why should anyone be recorded failing any virginity test.Most people dont think nor are they considerate,hence you get the leaders you deserve. πŸ™‚

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