Ambon Bomb

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The Ambon bomb blast which injured 14 people and who was behind it.

A bomb packed with nails exploded at the port of Ambon city today, wounding 14 people. The explosion rocked the Yos Sudarso port as passengers were disembarking from a ship, sending nails and other shrapnel into a crowd of motorbike taxi drivers waiting to collect customers, said Ambon police chief Senior Commander Trilulus Rahardjo.

The policeman said the presence of shrapnel confirmed the blast came from a bomb, but investigators were still unsure whether the device was hurled into the crowd or placed somewhere beforehand. Local residents said the explosion was heard two kilometres away.

Wawan Purwanto
Wawan Purwanto.

While Trilulus declined to speculate on who might be responsible for the attack at the port, which is of course frequented by both Muslims and Christians, intelligence expert Wawan Purwanto said in Jakarta that the bombing was the first of a series of “test cases” by militant groups supported by foreigners. 2007 would see more examples of such small-scale “test case” bombings and by 2008 a full-scale bombing campaign would be underway, in Ambon, Poso, Papua, Medan, Jakarta, and a number of towns in Central Java.

All such bombings, said the expert, were part of foreign plots to destablise Indonesia in order to weaken the government.

Of the current bombing in Ambon Wawan, a senior lecturer at the Indonesian Intelligence School (Intitut Intelijen Negara (IIN)), said the police should focus their investigations on remaining members of the separatist Republic of South Maluku movement (Republik Maluku Selatan (RMS)). mediaindo


March 6th.

The head of the State Intelligence Agency, Badan Intelijen Negara (BIN) Syamsir Siregar, says the bomb was not planted by any terrorist group but was the result of an inter-neighbourhood feud. It was a crude, homemade device that almost anyone could put together, he said. mediaindo

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  1. Mohammed Khafi says:

    Isn’t it amazing? That even without a detailed investigation and no idea who the perpetrators are, we have experts who can give us such a detailed explanation for the bombing!

    We are such a lucky nation, to have such people, no matter what the incident emergency or disaster they are able to give us such detailed reasons for it so quickly after the event and with no first hand information!

    If only they could put this astounding intellect and intelligence to work to prevent these sorts of incidents, just think how wonderful life here could really be!


  2. Madesh says:

    He is the one who can tell you precisely what you should have done after the bombing happened but I know for sure he doesn’t even know what will happen to himself on the way home.

  3. Octavio Luhulima says:

    Jakarta, why still continue the colonial terror which you had fight before?

    It’s very easy and incompetent now for blaming the RMS for Jakarta’s own terrorism! Jakarta is still the slave of western neo-colonialism that permits these countries for continual looting.
    Now the unrest and frustrations are growing among its citizens, the government and military-top who have interests in these kind of illegal practices in doing business must have an indication who is the cause and the guiltyone to all these problems; by the way this is already proves in the recent past (1999 their so-called “religious war” on the Moluccas)!

    The RMS will continue its struggle in a sincere, decent and legal way to freedom! Jakarta cannot decide our freedom because it is already given to all human beings, Christians as well as Muslims by the Almighty!


    Octavio Luhulima
    Amsterdam (Holland).

  4. Bas says:

    Yeah Indonesian experts (ahli, pakar) are really good.

    I love this one: “There is nothing to be worried about. The situation is safe. Australian warnings are bullsh&t aimed to prejudice tourism in Bali” (1 week before boom Bali 1).

    This one is not bad:
    “I am sure this is the last case of flu burung this year (2007). The situation is now under control.” (5 new death within 10 days just after).

    But the ultimate expert in Indonesia is Roy Suryo sang pakar telematika. The man who knows everything about computers and internet. “Blogging is just a temporary and insignificant trend, in 1 year we won’t hear about blogs anymore”, that was last year.
    “37% of Friendsters profil are fake” (I love this one). Even Friendsters owners have no idea where the expert get this number.
    We are waiting for your expert opinion about the next photo or video sex scandal Roy!

    What a funny country.

  5. Madesh says:

    The other Indonesian expert is Gendeng P who can forecast what will happen in this country and has even been successfully bringing huge rain from Australia to Jakarta. (Draught Australia-flooding Jakartra)
    So everyone is talented of being an expert in Indonesia.

  6. Dimp says:

    You don’t have to be a paranormal to forecast what will happen in Indonesia, just use your common sense (unfortunately many Indonesians lack this ability). As long as Indonesians are still fighting the unnecessary fight (religion, race), while ignoring the important issues (education, welfare), then the forecast is doom and gloom.

  7. Ihaknt says:

    ABB is behind all these. OR is it the US? Sad fact huh? Dimp, you should know by now that education is not important to these people, if the citizens are smart the government will be turned over. And that means they get no more money. But corruption is in the deepest root of Indo, even if there is a new generation of government, they will still be corrupt. Corrupt the minds of the citizens, uang rakyat, anything they can get their hands on.

  8. Dimp says:

    Hi ihaknt,

    Dimp, you should know by now that education is not important to these people, if the citizens are smart the Gvt will be turned over.

    I guess that is one of the reason why the government is so reluctant to spend money to educate the people.

    I have sort of given up for the government to actually eradicate corruption, they just punished the little fish, while the bigger fish can swim for free without the fear of punishment. I guess SBY is just all talk and no actions, all he can do is just promises and no actual deliveries. All his speeches begins with “I will…” and not “I have done….”

  9. Indah says:

    Can anybody really tell me the situation in Ambon right now? Is it safe to go there?

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