Human Error & Train Crashes

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In the early hours of October 2nd a high-speed collision occured between two intercity trains in West Java that killed 36 people and injured about 40.

Several train cars derailed and flipped after the Argo Bromo Anggrek, on its way from Jakarta to Surabaya, slammed into the rear car of a second train, the Senja Utama, which was sitting on the track at Petarukan station, Pemalang, Central Java.

Police Inspector General Iskandar Hasan said:

We suspect the cause was a mistake with track control, while the Argo Bromo should have gone onto the right track to overtake the Senja Utama, instead the Argo Bromo entered the left track and collided with the Senja Utama from behind.

The conductor/driver of the Argo Bromo, Halik Rudianto, has been arrested and faces criminal negligence charges, with Transportation Minister Freddy Numberi having publicly accused him of failing to stop at a red signal.

Meanwhile later that day in Purwosari, Solo, Central Java, another very similar accident occurred, with the KA Bima train crashing into the back of the KA Gaya Baru, killing one person and injuring four others.

It appears that the Gaya Baru train had not been properly ‘parked’, with its rearmost carriage still protruding into a track intersection, and the path of oncoming trains.

Some are blaming the mistake on the ‘tense’ situation at the station at the time of the accident, with hundreds of Persib Bandung soccer fans crowding the area waiting for the Surabaya bound KA Bima, obstructing and distracting railway officials. vhrmedia

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  1. Odinius says:

    Pretty shocking that there were two accidents in a day, but it should be noted that travel by rail is still, statistically speaking, safer than some of the alternatives in Indonesia. Regardless, RIP to all the dead, and I hope that whatever errors (human or mechanical) end up as the definitive culprit(s) are addressed as soon, and as comprehensively, as possible.

  2. wise man says:

    I really hope that it could be a good lesson to all of us, and i hope that our gov. will give more attention to the public’s transportations safety systems. So that there will be no similar accident in the future.

  3. retarders says:

    This is why you should not use cheap labor and manual power to operate trains. It’s no longer the Flintstones era you know…

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