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An Islamic scholar explains about true and false Islam.

In recent months in the areas of Belawan and Marelan, Medan, North Sumatra, a number of disturbances have occured due to the presence of mosques and religious schools thought by some to be practising a deviant or heretical version of Islam.

21st December 2006, hundreds of people protest outside the Sattariyah complex in Belawan. sumutpos

In a discussion of these problems at the State Islamic Religious Institute (IAIN) in Medan on the 21st entitled “Deviant Sects and the Solution to Disunity” Dr Ramli Abdul Wahid sought to clarify the issues:

Islam is what is taught in the Quran and the hadiths of Muhammad. If the Quran and the hadiths are contradicted then that is heresy.
(Yang dipegang dalam Islam adalah yang diajarkan dalam Al-Quran dan Hadist Nabi Muhammad SAW. Jika menyalahi Al-Quran dan Hadist maka dianggap sesat.)

Any group that taught deviant ideas had to be dealt with by the law and punished. He mentioned an example from the early period of the Caliphate in Islamic history – at this time any person who claimed to be a prophet was beheaded, – because in Islam there are no prophets after Muhammad. He added however that such punishments only existed within Islamic states, while in Indonesia it was not applicable.

Meanwhile the head of the North Sumatra branch of the Clerics’ Council (MUI), Abdullah Syah, said that his organisation would call the leaders of the deviant sects and discuss their ideas and a fatwa would later be issued against them if necessary. He said the North Sumatra MUI had already issued many fatwas on this issue, such as those against Ahmadiyah, Inkarus Sunnah, Islam Jama’ah, and others. antara

8 Comments on “True Islam”

  1. Andrew says:

    Isn’t this under the jurisdiction of Departement Agama? Where are they when we need them the most?

  2. Bas says:

    MUI clearly teaches a totaly stupid and deviant Islam, is the law applicable to them as well?

  3. Oigal says:

    Ah the tolerance of others, tis a joy to behold.

  4. Mohammed Khafi says:

    Why do these people think that they have authority to Judge others, when that is clearly Gods task? Do they think that they are as smart as God himself?

  5. Agusto says:

    I could not agree more with Ramli Abdul Wahid, he is a good Muslim, he follows the sunna, hadith and the quran! Muslim should emulate the prophet Moh! But I want to add something, beheading can also be done to anyone in islamic country just like what the Muslim terrorists are doing today! Indonesia is not an islamic (shariah) country yet, so beheading cannot legally be done! But Abu bakr basheer and other clerics are trying to persuade the president to adopt the shariah law! I don’t think it would take very long to see another aceh in Indonesia! Good luck kaffur!

  6. Aminah says:

    Muslims can’t terrorize, only corrupt governments do that. And all divent sects have left the fold of islam. Do they really think Allah swt, doesn’t see them and what they do and what they say out of ignorance?

    Allah swt knows best.

  7. Mohammed Khafi says:


    Sadly the facts speak for themselves, shamefully there are numerous terrorist acts carried out in the name of Islam, your attitude of burying your head in the sand, and refusing to accept that anybody who carries out these acts is a Muslim really is just not helping to correct the problem and certainly not correcting the western misconception of Islam as a religion of violence.

    Your assertion that sects have left the fold of Islam is quite correct, that of course starts with the Sunni and Shia sects, who have abandoned the Holy Books and teachings of Allah for their own fanciful tales called Sunnah and Hadith. No wonder that terrorists and their organisations can justify their actions, when they have so many examples of non Islamic practices in the Hadith, practices, which The Prophet would never have condoned.

    You are correct Allah knows best, He sees all, and knows all, and a hellish punishment awaits those who have turned away from Him.


  8. Mach Jabber says:

    First this people claim they know the answer to the grand question of whether God exists. Then they claim to know what this entity wills. Moreover, they claim to know the path to satisfy his demand. Islam, they say. Now they claim to know the details and how-tos of this Islam.

    We’re having quite a problem in exaggerated claims here.

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