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Dating websites for Indonesians and some of the female profiles.

Some in-English dating site networks with reach in Indonesia.

Cupid Media

Cupid Media seems to be an Australian company that has a network of about 20 dating websites, some of which are relevant here.

Indonesian Cupid, which seems to be mainly aimed at foreigners looking for an Indonesian bride, has many women located not only in Indonesia but also Indonesians living in USA, UK, Australia, etc. Most of the women appear to be in their 30’s or 40’s, although not all.

49 year old Lia in Jakarta asks “Are you the one?”

Fa in Jakarta is the piece that will make you whole.

Jade in Medan will tell you everything after you call.

Ulla in Surabaya wants to start a new life.

Betha is a single parent in Jakarta.

Meychen in Surabaya is looking for Mr (Catholic) Right.

In the same network is a website devoted specifically to providing Muslim dating services, not just for Indonesia but worldwide. It says about itself:

A popular Muslim matrimonial and dating site with marriage minded Muslim singles seeking partners.

There are about 200 Indonesian ladies listed, who are presumably hoping to find their religiously observant match. Some make protestations of their piety, sometimes in a rather perfunctory way, sometimes obviously heartfelt, and these are some of the muslimahs listed:

Indah in Jakarta is a simple, good-hearted, and shy girl.

Moslemah in West Java loves Allah more than anything.

Mevita of Temanggung has no time for western nonsense about boyfriends.

Najwa of Jakarta insists “I am nice, understanding”.

Ample bosomed Rosa in Bandung is easy going and romantic.

Dyah of Jakarta never fears telling the truth for the sake of Islam.

Another site in the network is for Christian dating, and there are about 1000 Indonesians listed there.

There is also Singaporean Love Links, which might be of some relevance here.

Friend Finder

Possibly the largest and most well known network Friend Finder has dozens of personals sites but none aimed directly at the Indonesia market. Asia Friend Finder is the closest it gets, and there are many thousands of local girls listed from all over the country.

For those ladies, or gentlemen, wishing to put themselves on the export market, so to speak, sign up.

Meet at Indonesia Matters

Additionally there is our very own “Meet” section, not purely restricted to dating and romance but also focusing on language learning and cultural exchange. However you will find a large number of women, and men of course, who are looking for both casual and long term relationships with foreigners.

42 Comments on “Dating Websites”

  1. Ali says:

    Hi Jade, how are you…

  2. Karlira Kanakahuko says:

    This is the Indonesian version of “Valentine’s Day”. Great!

  3. aroeng says:

    Hmmm, interesting to know the motives behind it.

  4. Robert says:


    The motives of the companies running these sites are mainly commercial. They are not philanthropists. Though these sites do provide an easy way for people to get to know other people all over the world. They seem to fulfill a certain need.

  5. 1ndra says:

    THis is the Indonesian version of “Valentine’s Day”. Great!

    Non sense.

    Hmmm, interesting to know the motives behind it.

    The motives vary, maybe for some easy date, or further looking for person for marriage.
    Yeah, maybe some gigolo or tante girang signed up too.

  6. Mohammed Khafi says:

    Strange that the Indonesian Muslimah have to go on an international dating site, when there are so many examples of perfect Muslim men here? πŸ˜‰

    Oh sorry I forgot, dating is part of the evil Western culture that is not allowed in Sharia Islam.

    Indah, Moslemah, Mevita, Najwa, Rosa, Dyah, you are all obviously harlots, and shameless women, you should all be sent to Aceh, where our Guardian of Islamic Morals will cane you and shame you in public. Rosa and Indah, you can have some extra punishment because you are exposing your Aurat on the internet. Have you all forgotten your place you disgraceful shameful women.

    You could of course repent and beg Allah’s forgiveness, then get married to a good Indonesian Sharia loving Muslim, what sort of Sharia we don’t quite know, but I am sure he will pick and choose the best for each occasion. Maybe it is the Taliban type Sharia where you are only allowed out of the house to work all day in the fields with your daughters, while your husband sits at the coffee shop smoking or drinking coffee with his friends, or maybe it is the Saudi kind where you are not allowed to drive, or vote for your own government representative, or maybe it is even the Tangerang kind where if you are on the street late at night you can be arrested, held without charges in prison then tried, sentenced and fined, all without the benefit of legal representation, or even proof or evidence of your guilt, just because somebody thinks you look like a prostitute. Or maybe the kind that needs you to get four male witnesses if you are raped. Who knows? He’s not going to be worried though, if you don’t make him happy he can just go get another wife or three at any time and divorce you with a few words, and of course you will do all this because the Hadith says that you will go to heaven if your husband dies and he is happy with you, won’t you?

    Oh sorry everybody, I had an attack of “The Sharia’s” but I am alright now, I will minum obat and have an early night. πŸ™‚

    Normal service will be resumed tomorrow!

  7. 1ndra says:

    Oh sorry everybody, I had an attack of “The Sharia’s” but I am alright now, I will minum obat and have an early night. πŸ™‚

    Normal service will be resumed tomorrow!

    Different case, different answer Kahfi, don’t be so vengeful. πŸ˜‰

    Strange that the Indonesian Muslimah have to go on an international dating site, when there are so many examples of perfect Muslim men here? πŸ˜‰

    Oh sorry I forgot, dating is part of the evil Western culture that is not allowed in Sharia Islam.

    Maybe they’re looking for Arabian people. πŸ™‚

    If the people using the service as a place to find their mate based on character they’re looking for, and for serious relationship, marriage, no problem, because it could be called a ‘biro jodoh’ site.
    In the Rasulullah days even he is being a ‘mak comblang’ when he encountered a Muslim is being single, and Rasulullah didn’t like it, then the Muslim ask Rasulullah to look/search for his mate, then Rasulullah introduced him with a good Muslimah.
    Not such Western isnt it? πŸ˜‰

    But what’s forbidden is what I wrote above, some sites I encountered used by their user to promote themself to date in sexual activities.


    The name is ‘Ukaf bin Wida’ah Al-Hilali and later Rasulullah saw met him with Kultsum Khumairi.
    From HR Ibnu Atsir and Ibnu Majah.

    Too long to be written.

  8. 1ndra says:

    Hmmm Jade, you’re almost identical to my sister.

  9. Orgindo says:

    Medan girls rock!

  10. Parvita says:

    When you are working long hours in the office, when do you find time to socialize and find the right person? Maybe these kind of websites helps. I know it worked for my friend. The question is, how do you find a reliable website, that can really match-make you with the person compatible with you?

    And how do you know if they are not wierdoes; you meet wierdoes around you, and now you are exposing yourself to the WHOLE WORLDWIDE WIERDOES?

    It’s a good idea, but I’d like to see a really reputable dating service for those who doesn’t have time mingling because of their office hours or taking care of their kids.

    Kahfi, you are hillarious.

  11. Mohammed Khafi says:

    Thank you Parvita, just be careful exposing yourself to all those weirdo’s!

    I don’t think I would recommend any kind of dating service, I really don’t see any substitute for the human mind as a friend filter! It surely is not just about the time that you have to find friends is it? You found time to meet the strange guy from New York, the quick worker!

    Just be yourself, and eventually the right guy I am sure will turn up, Don’t forget you are probably having problems because most men are intimidated by smart, attractive, successfull women. Don’t worry Mr Right will come along. Just keep the faith, and don’t give up hope!

  12. Ihaknt says:

    MK there’s no such thing as Mr. Right. If there was one his first name would be Imalways! Men are never right hehehehe and once a month his mistakes are even more magnified πŸ˜‰

  13. Mohammed Khafi says:

    Perhaps I should have said Mr. Icantoleratehisfaults, I will have to ask my wife. πŸ™‚

  14. Parvita says:

    Kahfi: I read ads in Singapore that they have like a cruise for singles because the singles cannot find time for dating, whats wrong about that? Or table-for-two thingy. Honestly, it is tough finding a person that really matches you, especially when you do long hours in the office. It’s tough for men, it’s tougher for women, especially, like you said, when they have a good job, make good money, attractive (what’s wrong with this world?).

    Luckily I’m not that desperate to try those services, I’m enjoying singledom at the moment and living a very peaceful life with my two cute dogs (who really knows how to love unconditionally). πŸ™‚

  15. Ihaknt says:

    Parvita even better, they don’t talk back at you and eat your left overs! They smell the same though.

  16. Mohammed Khafi says:

    Hey! Ihaknt, I dispute your last comment, most of us are are at least the equal of dogs! πŸ™‚

  17. Ihaknt says:

    MK, dogs are more loyal. And with dogs I can de-sex them! ouch!

  18. Sheva says:

    Ok, Khafi I agree with you but I think this is one way to make silaturrahim to another and I will be careful from a man like you, maybe (sorry).

  19. Krizna says:

    Indonesia now has it’s own Christian dating site, in Bahasa: Situs kencan Jodoh Kristen: “temukan cinta dan persahabatan”. Managed by Indonesians.

  20. Zaq says:

    Is there any dating site for married people? Or is it a sin to date someone while you are married? However I will take that sin if I can find someone charming enough for me to meet sometimes. Sound nice… worth to try isn’t it? Pale complexion, tall and slender guy is my preference, submissive would be better he he he….

  21. Teng says:

    Hahaha, why submissive Zaq?

  22. Zaq says:

    Well Teng,

    if you are tired of religious, helpless, seeking marriage, seeking money, uneducated, faithful traditional Indonesian women, then here is another choice, a smart, highly educated, professional, well earning, married, independent Indonesian woman.

    I am doing fine with vanilla, but if I have to choose in between being submissive or dominant, I would prefer the last. Ha ha ha again Teng……

  23. Teng says:

    Haha, well I hope you’ll find my submissive guy Zaq.

    I myself am already married to a dominant Indonesian woman, so I already know the feeling πŸ˜‰

  24. marta says:

    Iam looking for a kind man, don’t like smoke and drink, have job, but first all them he loves Jesus.

  25. The Pangit Man says:

    Looking for Indo Girls in Sha Tin Hong Kong for chatting on Yahoo messenger

  26. parvita says:

    Why Indonesian Girls, Pangit Man? Just curious…

  27. hassan says:

    Hello I am a young Muslim Moroccan I wish met an indonΓ©siΓ¨ne musulmane.est qulqu’ one can me given the sites of meeting indonΓ©sie.
    Thank you

  28. Tony says:

    @Everyone on this thread

    Why have we not seen any dating webiste/situs web kencan be successful in Indonesia?? I am perplexed by this because I have spoken to the KOMPAS people and they tell me that their biro jodoh is profitable and growing. Also, if you look on Asian Friend Finder you can find many (Indonesian) women who are willing to pay for something beyond the free membership–how is this possible?

    It seems that Indonesians are a romantic bunch, imho, and yet, not one dating website has ever been successful.

    Any ideas, anyone??

  29. Tony says:

    Apologies for the double post earlier. Please don’t cane me or cut off my finger Mr. Sharia Law


    If someone came up with a dating webiste in Indon that actually did some pre-screening to at least attempt to get rid of the weirdos, held a quarterly event (social/dancing/dinner) for members of the site–would you as a woman be willing to pay a fee to belong to the site? Oh ya, the site would use a questionnaire that was developed by a docgtoral candidate in Psychology so that matching would be more effective, not perfect, but more focused. Would you want a site with only Indonesian men or could the site have men from all over the world??

    I would like to hear your thoughts

  30. David says:

    Hey Tony, I’m still *planning* to make a dating site, we had a discussion about a good dating site name a while back. I’m stuck on what software to use though.

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