Arumi Bachsin

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Arumi Bachsin

Arumi Bachsin & 'Miller'

Young actress Arumi Bachsin, who is of mixed Sumatran-Dutch-German descent, the star of the 2009 film “”Putih Abu-Abu dan Sepatu Kets”, says when considering boyfriend options that she has no interest in a bule beau, but much prefers local boys:

As far as boys go, I prefer Indonesian boys only, they’re more attractive to me.

Currently out and about promoting her latest picture, “Pocong Jumat Kliwon”, it seems 16 year old Arumi sometimes extends her liking to fellow Malay speakers, having possibly or not had a relationship with 25 year old Malaysian actor ‘Miller’.

Arumi Bachsin in “Not For Sale” (2010)

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  1. deta says:

    There is beauty in all races… love is a matter of taste (and convenience)

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