2006 Economic Growth

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The economy grew by 5.5% in 2006.

The economy grew 5.5% last year, a fall of 0.1% on the previous year, says the Central Statistics Agency (BPS). BPS chairman Rusman Heriawan said that the last quarter of 2006 saw a mild pick up, with 6.1% in the three months to December 31st, a decline of 1.9% on the previous quarter.

Non oil and gas economic growth was at 6.1% for 2006.

All sectors of the economy grew, with transportation and communications being the fastest movers at 13.6% growth, while shipping and mining were the worst performers at 2.2%.

Rustam went on to say that the slowness of economic growth was mainly caused by weak investment growth, only reaching 2.9% in 2006, compared to a 10.8% rise in 2005, and 14% in 2004. antara

Investment expected to stimulate economic growth last year was lower than the previous years. If we want healthy economy, investment must become motor of economic growth.

Per capita GDP in 2006 reached 15 million rupiah, or $1,663, growing from 2005’s 12.7 million rupiah ($1,320).

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