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The long vs. short hair debate occupies the mind of Dian Sastro.

Dian Sastro, who this writer admits to having an almost painful crush on, made the momentous decision to cut her flowing locks recently and now looks back on the matter. The star of the film “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta” and the current host of television’s “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” says mediaindo

I prefer short hair because it makes me feel more self-confident.

because short hair better suits her practical personality and outlook, she says.

Dian Sastro
Dian Sastro, long haired.

Dian, born in 1982 and whose full name, in all its glory, is Diandra Paramitha Sastrowardoyo, says that when she was at high school she learned that if you wanted to be beautiful you had to have pale skin, a thin body, and long hair, but these days realises that beauty can come in many different forms, and each woman has her own style and can’t be compared to other women. The most important thing, she advises, is to feel at ease with yourself, regardless of whether you are keeping up with the latest fashions.

Dian Sastro
Dian Sastro, short haired.

25 Comments on “Dian Sastro”

  1. Ihaknt says:

    She’s pretty either way. But she can be a bit of a diva and too big for her shoes sometimes.

  2. Ali says:

    Longa is betta… 🙂

  3. 1ndra says:

    Longer is more feminim and shorter is more, ehm masculine.
    The last pic is like she’s growing a black horn like a bendhot. 😀
    Whatever. 🙂

  4. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    She’s stunning either way. I concur on the crush, Patung.

  5. Bas says:

    Short or long haired I would marry her without thinking twice if she didn’t mind!

  6. Karlira Kanakahuko says:

    Long and short hair doesn’t matter. Why we should be attention to this issue? The most important is they are very beautiful.

  7. Dimp says:

    Why do we have to look on the “kulit”, we should be more concentrating on “isi”. If she wants to shave her head, let her, we don’t have any say in her private life.

  8. Nasser Ali says:

    In fact at some point in my life I was blind. What I mean is that I missed long time ago that Indonesia woman are more beautiful, & always she has a lovely baby face.


  9. Dono Wardono says:

    She might be an angle. No Indonesian actress like her, no scandals, success in both film and education field. But. I’m very disappointed! She wasn’t borne for my life partner.

  10. Mario da costa says:

    Hi…Dian……… you are very atractive and very good looking

    Oh… I miss banget


  11. Firman says:

    For me Dian Sastro is mother of god, she is my dream girl.

  12. Michiel says:

    We have met briefly during an cosmetic introduction in Jakarta. Would like to get in touche with you to catch up.

    Best Regards,


  13. Ivan_Rose says:

    She’s Pure and True

  14. Elanri says:

    I think she more beautiful with her short hair. Dian you are best girl.

  15. mickey says:

    Good to know Dian has something on her mind…..

  16. Suman Barthakur says:

    Dian is very very beautiful everythingwise.I love her.

  17. Dali says:

    I think I like her because she has a true Asian (Indonesian) face and figures, not like all those half breed artists in Indonesia with “bule” face. She represent true Indonesian women.

  18. kay says:

    Dian..awesome.She like an angel ^^

  19. kinch says:

    Half Breed, eh Dali? I guess you don’t mind my calling you a Native then.

  20. Purba Negoro says:

    Like all mongrels, she remains far inferior to the thoroughbred.

    As for her Sastrowardoyo myth- this is a total lie. This is my paternal family line. She’s not even a concubine’s daughter.

  21. Yasmin Yeong says:

    Short hair makes a person looks fresh and livelyand smart. Short hair suits all ladies, be they old or young.

    Long hair makes a person looks dull, untidy if not properly groomed.

  22. Levi Elvonda Iswandi says:

    Sayang banget jika rambut loe harus di potong. E by the way rambut n wjah loe mirip Allyssa Soebandono sicch

  23. General Sacout says:

  24. General Sacout says:

    I love your hair either short or long Infact i love you

  25. Gladys says:

    She looks more girly & young with long hair. With short haircut as shown above, she looked more mature. I prefer the shoulderlength blunt bobcut that she once had. Nevertheless, she looked stunning in any haircut because she has indeed a beautiful face.

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