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A visiting cleric from Yemen worries about the state of the Indonesian Muslim clerisy, and Abu Bakar Bashir.

The head of a delegation of eleven Muslim clerics from the region of Hadramaut in Yemen, from whence many of those of Arab descent in Indonesia hail from, Habib Umar bin Hafiz bin Sheikh Abu Bakar, said during a meeting with hundreds of his Indonesian counterparts at the Lirboyo Islamic school in Kediri, East Java, that Indonesian religious figures were too much involved in partisan politics and that they should pay attention to the needs of the faithful without regard to the latter’s political preferences.

Habib Umar
Habib Umar.

The elder statesman of the Hadhramis wiki, who appears to be a well-known Sufi scholar, reminded Indonesian Muslim leaders to focus on their role as givers of guidance and spreaders of love and goodwill to all sections of the Islamic community. Clerics could become involved in politics to a degree, he said, but should not cleave to the current rulers but rather should act as a bridge between the people and the government.

Another Habib, Riziq, from the Islam Defenders’ Front.

He also said he was worried about the prevalence of radical or extreme teachings among some leaders. Even though some Indonesian clerics had studied Islam in Hadramaut they still could not manage to uphold a peaceful application of Islamic teaching in Indonesia. In a likely reference to the Yemeni descended Abu Bakar Bashir, Habib Umar, or Omar, said:

It doesn’t matter which country, Islamic teachings are the same. If you want to spread Islam do it in a peaceful and brotherly way. We very much regret that there are clerics in Indonesia who have Hadramaut ancestry but who don’t understand our way of teaching Islam.
(Sebenarnya dari negara manapun ajaran Islam itu tetap sama. Kalau hendak berdakwah, sampaikan dengan cara yang damai dan penuh persaudaraan. Kami sangat menyayangkan ada beberapa tokoh Islam di Indonesia yang memiliki keturunan Hadramaut tetapi tidak pernah memahami cara-cara berdakwah seperti kami.)

He said Islam knew no violence or intimidation in its determination of what was good or bad, what was forbidden and what was acceptable, as well as in the conveying of advice and teaching to the faithful by leaders, that is, in the application of Islamic law generally. In this, he said, Hadramaut leaders followed the example of Muhammad.

Speaking of Palestine, specifically the digging work going on presently near the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, he advised against a reactionary approach from Muslims, a peaceful solution should be sought in accordance with Islamic law. From the Quran it was shown that the Jews were just like that, perhaps meaning stubborn, and people shouldn’t be surprised if in fact they acted this way now.

Abu Bakar Bashir
Another Abu Bakar, Bashir.

If in fact Israel was damaging one of the symbols of Islam he advised Muslims all over the world to join together and warn Israel, but in a correct, Islamic, way. antara

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  1. Madesh says:

    Yes Habib Umar, you are 100% correct.
    In Indonesia we have a lot of deviating clerics.
    Actually they are acting more as politicians than they should do as religious clerics to encourage conflicts among people with different religions.
    Their main objective is to become the first leader (RI1) as the way to get rich at once.
    I can still remember the situation when I was a boy; we didn’t have any problem to respect others from different religion such as to express Marry Christmas to our Christian friends while on the other hand they will say Happy Idhul Fitri when the time came to celebrate it.
    But now everything has changed and we have to see our brothers from other religions as enemies.
    Indonesia needs peace to accommodate any religion we have.
    If we keep following such deviating clerics then the time of apocalypse will come soon in this country.

  2. Tomaculum says:

    he (H. Umar) doesn’t even know, that ABB is a CIA agent (sent to besmirch the call of Islam)? 🙂

  3. 1ndra says:

    Habib Umar is right.

    About the digging, we could make a peaceful warn with heaping the dig site with stones then cement it so the masjid il Aqsa won’t stand in unstable ground.

    I hope the Israel won’t counter it with weapons.

  4. Dedi turmudi says:

    Radicalism in Indonesia has been created by CIA but the actors are unaware that they are secretly being spied and maintained. They decree that they are hero on behalf of Islam. In fact they hijack the nature of Islamic teaching.

    In the era of new order, radicalism was created by military inteligent, eg, Komando Jihad, Talangsari Way Jepara, Warman and so forth. Read the book written by Jendral Sumitro (alm).

    In the era of reformation, radicalism was inherited from the new order times echoed by the frustation of conducting Islamic syaria for Moslems. In fact also molsems were intimidated by minority in power at that time.

    In reality radicalism also happens in other religion like Christian, eg, RMS.
    So, CIA’s working is how to make a country unstable for political interest. The victims are multy-religion, and just by accident the victims in our country are Moslems and Christians.

    I agree with what Habib said though not all what he said were right.

    Seeng from conspiracy theory, I also agree with with Tomacolum opinion, yet it is hard to prove with conventional theory.

    So, in my opinion “terrorism and radicalism” in our country are “long story of this republic”, misconception of Islamic teaching and political interest of certain group.
    And what Habib said in his speech should be respected and followed by Moslems in the proper way, so that the image that islam is “terrorist or radical” might be thrown away.

  5. Colson says:

    Like Dedi ( and others) I think this is good news by a wise man from Yemen.

    But I wonder what proof Dedi has for his assumption that the roots of the RMS are Christian. Until now I thought it was more complex than that.

    And in which political handbook did Dedi read the improblable hypothesis that secret services of superpowers try to maintain the hegemony by creating unstable satelite states?

  6. Dimp says:

    There should be more “Habib Umar” in this world, this will show how Islam means peace and hopefully will clarify some misconception of others who perceive Islam as violent and aggresive.

  7. Grace and Mercy says:

    And in which political handbook did Dedi read the improblable hypothesis that secret services of superpowers try to maintain the hegemony by creating unstable satelite states?

    I think you’ll find these stuff in all the conspiracy theory websites out there, a believe I asume Dedy subscribes to.

    Just wondering Dedy: In many of your post I can’t help but asume that to a great extent you are anti-America. Why then do you live there?

  8. Mohammed Khafi says:

    Respect Habib Umar,

    Words of wisdom indeed!


  9. Ali says:

    Grace and Mercy, maybe the Dedi dude himself is “unaware that he is secretly being spied and maintained by the CIA”. 🙂

    And yes, radicalism exists in other religions to some extent, but can the Dedi dude explain why it is not as widespread?

  10. Dedi turmudi says:

    To answer all of thsoe questions is simple:
    Why I live in USA? Because the government gives me freedom to say what I think, and it’s okay if I don’t do like terrorist. In fact, I am not anti America in Action, but rhetoric yes. It’s quite common to say like that. Many American friends say that they hate their goverment saying “I am sorry for my bad president. I am sorry for what my big brother did”, or even worse than that but they are okay.

    What references I read?

    I wish you read the book written by ZA Maulani, and another book is “Pengakuan Djendral Sumitro which was written by Himself. Probably the book “Azzaitun ……….” written by Alchaidar is also useful.
    Is it provable?
    Conspiracy theory is somewhat arguable. It depends on who and what point of views of the person, however, what I assumed turned out that they are right. The fall of Suharto? for example, was not out CIA’s role.
    Am I spied by CIA? Probably yes. I am really aware, but so far I feel no guilty as long as I don’t make mistakes, criminal, and any kind of breaking US codes.

  11. Saipul says:

    Wow, we have some very sad individuals in this country. The CIA is creating Islamic terrorism in Indonesia? The Muslims who think this way seem to forget who the CIA directly put in power, which was Suharto. And in Suharto’s days, if a cleric called for an Islamic government they would find mysterious gunmen at their door who would shoot them quickly.

    Conspiracy theories are a joke. I’ve met hundreds of these Islamic extremists. They all have a common history: they grew up poor and were educated in pesantrens run by kiais who mainly got their education in Syria, Jordan, and a very few in Saudi Arabia. You have to remember (then again, remembering would require you know some history) that the clerics were calling for a backward shariah state before the CIA existed when the United States was isolationist.

    1/4 of Indonesia’s Muslims supported the Bali bombings and terrorist attacks against Western targets at one time. We are indeed a backward lot.

  12. Colson says:

    Dedi, first of all I should remind you of the Patriotic Act. Living in the US of A in Bush-times is hazardous for people with the outspoken opinions as you seem to have.

    More important however is to keep a cool head. Every now and then some weird person claims he/she can prove the world is flat – don’t believe it. From time to time some crazy historian (or even the head of state in Iran) will deny the holocaust – don’t believe it. And, believe me, an American conspiracy to topple the regime of Indonesia or wipe out the majority religion, is utter nonsense as well (well, Chavez, in Roman Catholic Venezuela, that’s the one to worry about Washington´s intentions.

  13. Grace and Mercy says:


    Because the government gives me freedom to say what I think

    So you enjoy the priviliges, just not the government? That’s convenient.

    Many American friends say that they hate their goverment saying “I am sorry for my bad president. I am sorry for what my big brother did”, or even worse than that but they are okay.

    They are Americans. They have the right to say so. You and I don’t.

  14. Tomaculum says:

    D. Turmudi seems doesn’t understand the intention of my comment from February, 16th.
    It was a sarcastic reaction of mine to the well known conspiracy theory, that the CIA is responsible for everything (even for the tsunami? or for the Poso riots?). 😉
    Hmmm, or wasn’t it the Jews and the Mossad?

    In reality radicalism also happens in other religion like Christian, eg, RMS.
    The reason of the whole RMS movement was their dissatisfaction and bitterness caused of the unability of their former master (read: former dutch government and the VOC) to keep their promise to give the now called RMS their own state in the current Maluku area. Most of the RMS people are indeed Christians, but their movements are mainly not religious based (as far as I know).

  15. Cukurungan says:


    Tell to your American friend that’s your president isn’t bad but the american armies are stupid, they have been equiped and funded the best sources on earth but don’t deliver anything except plight of Iragis live.

  16. 1ndra says:

    I prefer RMS than PMPO. 🙂

    Hmmm, maybe we should make a studi banding or pertukaran pe-ng-ajar, we send ABB aboard or even return it to CIA and let Habib Umar stays.
    Whatever will be will be. 🙂

  17. SeekerOfKnowledge says:

    Assalaam Alaikum,

    Habib Umar May Allah bless him and grant him jannah is always guiding to the path of the righteous scholars before him, and i think Indonesia lately has been having an influx of misguided clerics and wahabis entering into the region seeing that the country is very unstable in the form of its people. The people must wake up and learn the deen from someone like habib Umar who has obtained his knowledge in the form of transmission!

    the salafi’s wahabi’s (radicalists of our time) are misguided and are a cancer that is eating up our Ummah!

    Even when i was in Indonesia last, i heard of Christian missionaries getting into Muslim villages and working with the people and giving them money for them to become non-Muslims! Istaghfirullah! i was saddened greatly of this news!

    i ask Allah the Almighty to kee us steadfast on the sirat al-mustaqeem and not be swayed by wahabi’s salafis and/or Christian devils that seem to be in Indonesia for only one reason, and thats splitting the ummah in many many parts so that they can have their way with the Muslim community in Indonesia!

    Habib Umars guidance should be taken on across the whole board in the country of Indonesia and Malaysia too.

    La Hawla Wala Quwata Illa Billah!

  18. DesertLion says:


    I respect the words and most of the advice he has given is beautiful. May Allah have Mercy on him.
    However I disagree with the comments he has made about al-Aqsa. The digging is just another wound in the Palestinian body. I like to believe he would of said something else if it was on a different stage.
    Our brothers and sisters are being murdered in Palestine and you want to handle it peacefully-meaning no retaliation? The “Islamic way” is to expell them. Allah has expelled them for their arrogance. Muhammad (saw) expelled the Jews out of Medina for uncovering ONE Muslimah and the death of ONE Muslim. How many have of our brothers have been killed and sisters been raped in Palestine?!?!

    SeekerOfKnowledge my advice to you is you need to seek more knowledge before you make comments.
    You have pretty much made takfir to the so called “salafies wahabis”. You have put them on the same level as the Christian kuffaar. Subhanallah! They belief in Allah, follow the Messenger, and practice the religion and then you put them on the same level as one who doesn’t even recognise Allah?!?!
    What kind of label is this? “Salafy Wahabi”? What makes them “Wahabi”? What do you mean? You sound like the same British Orientalists who labelled them with this in the first place. Is it because they grow a beard, have clothes above their ankle, and have the knowledge and courage to teach and recognise Shirk and Bid’ah that makes them Wahabi? You might as well call the Companions (r) this. They did the same thing.

    Check yourself and check what side you are on. Stop making takfir of groups of people. Stop labelling Muslims.

    America? Don’t worry about USA. Iraq is taking care of them, they are bleeding them dry of money. They have so many problems in their country that they will destroy themselves soon. History repeats itself.

    You all need to get over this “conspiracy theory”. All you can do is blame yourselves. Hasn’t the floods, toxic mud (in Soedarjo), volcano eruptions, landslides, aeroplane crashes, tsunamis woken you up yet?!?! Allah says that He will only change the state of a nation, only when they change themselves. WAKE UP INDONESIA. Get back to your deen. Go back to the Quran and authentic Sunnah. Take care of your poor, widows and orphans and stop trying to be like the West by making “Sinetron Islam”. Islam is not a tradition. It is a way of life.

  19. ahmad fauzi says:

    Alimam Alhafidz Almusnid AlHabib Umar bin Muhammad bin Hafidz bin Syeikh Abubakar bin Salim and Alhabib Muhammad Riziq bin Hussain Syihab both of them are our beautifull teacher..may Allah bless them both

  20. peace says:

    every struggle, if done in peaceful ways will achieve victory, perhaps not soon, but certain though

  21. Taj Uddin says:

    Within the last month the community of Sydney has been bombarded with an intense marketing campaign for the upcoming “Habib Umar tour”. Whilst pamphlets have been distributed to nearly every masjid and Islamic centre in Sydney, the question remains – Who is Habib Umar? The marketing campaign has painted a picture that Habib Umar is a scholar, a man of immense knowledge and wisdom, however the truth regarding the beliefs of Habib Umar testifies against this picture.

    The information in this document has been researched and cross checked with the sheikhs and only the most authentic information has been presented. The aim of this webpage is to unveil the truth to those who desire it. We also aim to fulfill our responsibility to the Sydney community and warn them about the underlining truth behind this tour and Habib Umar himself.

    Our research has shown a few critical errors in the beliefs and innovations which Habib Umar propagates. Accordingly, we have provided the proof so all may bear witness to it, followed by a concise correction of each belief.

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