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An Israeli scholar advises Australia to restrict Indonesian immigration.

Raphael Israeli, professor in Islamic Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, said Australia was in danger of being swamped by Indonesian Muslim immigrants and advised a preventative policy to protect Australian security and ensure that Muslim residents remained only small in number. Currently between 2 and 2.5% of Australians are Muslims.

Raphael Israeli
Raphael Israeli

Professor Israeli, who has written twenty books on the Muslim, Arab and Chinese worlds, is in Australia to teach a six-week course at the Shalom Institute in Sydney, on “Understanding Islam”.

Radical Islam had to be tackled in a practical way, he said, and one of the best ways was to:

limit immigration into western countries where these Muslims, who are bent on destroying western civilisation, to limit immigration, even students who apply to come from Islamic countries to the West

Israeli warned Australia of going down the same route as France, where Muslims are at about 9% of the population and growing. Muslim communities, once established in a country and with substantial numbers, could fundamentally alter the political, economic, and cultural fabric of a country, he said. France might already be lost, he went on.


In response the director of the Islamic Council of Victoria, Waleed Aly, said the professor was all at sea and he didn’t understand Australia. He warned against attempts to marginalise Muslims. ajn


Feb 18th.

The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC), which was partly sponsoring professor Israeli’s visit, has withdrawn its support of him in light of his comments about Muslim immigration. AIJAC executive director Dr Colin Rubenstein issued a statement distancing the organisation from Israeli. He said:

Islamist extremism is a genuine and serious global problem, but it is completely wrong to single out all Muslims for suspicion or negatively stereotype the Muslim community as a whole in this way.

Meanwhile the Shalom Institute’s CEO Hilton Immerman said that while Professor Israeli’s views do not necessarily represent those of the Shalom Institute, which “rejects any form of racial stereotyping or ethnic quotas”, the course would proceed. judeoscope

Professor Israeli has responded thus: dhimmiwatch

I became a celebrity two days after I arrived, and that subsumed all the rest of my activities. When the storm erupted, the dhimmi-like Jewish leadership cancelled all activities, in a shameful submisssion to the Muslim thugs and under the false claims of a “multi-cultural society” in Australia, which they know is not true.

The story is two-sided: I gave an interview and said many harsh words about Islam in Europe, which the reporter extrapolated as applying to Australia too. The other issue is the political correctness which does not allow those things to be said, though privately everyone supports what I said.

In any case, my teaching on Islam stands and it even increased interest in my lectures, but the public lecture tour was cancelled and the Jewish leadership shamefully disowned me instead of standing up for me. I blamed the violence of Muslims in the world (and by implication here) for the troubles they are having, but they chose to accuse the messenger. They apologized to the thugs and brought upon themselves the disgrace of unconditional submission.

They do not want to rock the boat. They are scared to stir things up. The easiest way for them was to sacrifice the guest they invited, thus punishing not me, but the Jewish audiences who need the education for which I was brought here.

I was also struck by the provinciality of the place, where a minor item of gossip about one individual who said something becomes a national issue. I am not the Minister of Immigration. Before me the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Costello have said harsher things after Muslim riots, but someone elected to seize upon this opportunity now and sweep Australia into a storm in a tea-cup.

13 Comments on “Muslim Immigration”

  1. Ali says:

    Not right… not all wrong either. 🙂

  2. Ihaknt says:

    Mmmm, I would like to put him in a same room with Sheik Hilali. I’ve never heard of this dude before tho.

  3. Dimp says:

    Hey, controversy is where the money is. I bet you that his reason behind writing the book is either fame or money.

  4. Ivan Rizki says:

    I think he forgot to mention what is the real problem is not the Muslim but the radical teaching and the radical clerics this may found in Islam, Judaism or Christianity.

  5. Mohammed Khafi says:

    He did actually mention the radical element, although how controlling immigration numbers is supposed to tackle the problem of Radical Islam I don’t really understand?

  6. 1ndra says:

    It might be hard, Radical Islam couldn’t be controlled, nearly, they’re just like agents, find everyway they can to infiltrate.
    It needs the work between already exist Muslims, if they found radical teaching they should inform this to their imams and then passed through to authority.

  7. Hassan says:

    If guys like ABB can be called a radical Muslim, than this Raphael Israeli guy is definitely a radical Jew. Radicals exists on both sides.

    Islamikaze? C’mon! I’d say someone should write a book called Zionikaze to make it even.

  8. Mohammed Khafi says:


    Radicals exists on both sides

    That is of course true, but here the difference is that one is advocating legal means to prevent future problems and the other is inciting others to use bombs and violence against innocent people to cause problems.


  9. Hassan says:

    Mohammed Khafi: “one is advocating legal means to prevent future problems”

    Not entirely true, actually that Raphael Israeli guy is obviously a Zionist (just read his comments above) and is actively spreading hatred and anti-Islamic propaganda (again, read his comments).

    In my book, anyone who spreads hatred is not advocating means to prevent future problems. He is in fact spreading seeds of future problems.

    “the other is inciting others to use bombs and violence against innocent people to cause problems.”

    Any proof to that statement? I thought the police and the legal authorities failed to find any real connection (not intelligence reports) between ABB and the bombings. Hence, he was jailed for immigration infringements, wasn’t he?

    The fact that the old man was dragged out of hospital over some immigration cases is quite mind boggling.

  10. Ibuchat says:

    Hi all

    Just wanted to point out that a lot of prominent Australian Jews (in addition to those quoted above) have spoken out against this guys comments in the Australian media.

    As for me, i live sandwiched between two mosques (one Lebanese SHia – many of whom who would not be her if not for Israeli aggression in Lebanon – and one Malaysian ?Sunni?) in Sydney. I love my neighbourhood even though I myself am not Muslim. The local public school where my kids go has halal options at the canteen (which the Muslim mums come in and cook) and the uniform options include headscarves in school colours. There are also a few Jewish kids at the school as well as kids from other religious backgrounds. Everyone seems to get along fine. Yet our neighbourhood never makes it into the news. Any Australian who makes a big deal about Muslim immigration probably just doesn’t know any Muslims or has some kind of political motivation (like John Howard).

    As for Sheikh Hilaly, I suspect that most Australian Muslims regard him as a bit of an embarrassment. There are plenty of other religious leaders who say silly things but they don’t get anywhere near as much media attention as the Sheikh does. He actually had reporters in his bedroom one time when he was ill just so they could report on what he had to say!



  11. Purty Smart says:

    Ivan Rizki Says:

    February 18th, 2007 at 5:47 pm

    I think he forgot to mention what is the real problem is not the Muslim but the radical teaching and the radical clerics this may found in Islam, Judaism or Christianity.

    Hi, hello!
    What can I say? Muslims, terrorists, radical clerics or radical teaching have the same respectful manual book that is Koran. Please figure it out.

  12. Mohammed Khafi says:

    Purty Smart Said:

    Hi, hello!
    What can I say? Muslims, terrorists, radical clerics or radical teaching have the same respectful manual book that is Koran. Please figure it out.

    What a shame that you do not live up to your name!


  13. Hamdad from Iran says:

    Hello friends
    Every one should be inform that all the Zionists are the real enemy of humanity. They had propagated in their “history books about Islam” that Islam had spread by force in the world. But now every one sees that the European people have a large interest in accepting Islam without any force!!!
    You should know that everything about Islam religion history are dirty lies that are spread by the Jewishes, have settled in all American universities as history and archeology professors. They are nothing. They are only the big cultural criminal. They had infected all human society’s history and cultures by very dirty lies, especially Islam history and Muslims cultures. I wish you knew Farsi language to be able to study this website( to know all the information about Iran and the Middle east ancient histories are the huge lies, had made by those professors to deny PURIM event. The Purim event is the first mass murder in the world that had occurred by the Jewishes 2550 years ago in middle east, especially in IRAN, by the Haxamanishian King;Daryush_I. Now, They celebrate Purim as a fist in Israel every year?!!!
    You should be inform that president Bush is their modern Darush and they might have to make a new Purim against Middle east Muslims. You know they have killed Muslims in Felestin since 60 years ago!!!

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