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The Jakarta MRT, Mass Rapid Transit train system, is planned to open in 2014.

September 2014 is the planned date for the completion of the first phase of the Jakarta MRT, partial subway rail system, a project which has been planned since 1984 but repeatedly delayed. Construction is intended to begin in 2008, or early 2009. Previously construction had been planned for 2007. gatra

The MRT will be built in two stages, the first network will connect the suburb of Lebak Bulus in South Jakarta with Dukuh Atas in Central Jakarta, extending for 14.5 km’s, 4 km’s of them underground, and will have twelve stations, and the second will continue from Dukuh Atas to Kota in North Jakarta. The estimated cost of construction is 9 trillion rupiah, or about $1 billion. wartaekonomi

The MRT is expected to operate between the hours of 6am and midnight, with trains travelling at an average speed of 35 km’s per hour, arriving at stations at five minute intervals at peak time, extending to 15 minute intervals late at night. bappedajakarta

The team in charge of the planning of the MRT consists of four representatives from Japan and four from Indonesia. Japan is the main source of funds for the project after having already provided on 28th November 2006 a soft loan of 800 million dollars. The loan is to be repaid at an interest rate of 0.4% over forty years, with a further 10 year grace period. gatra

Materials for the construction of the subway will derive from local sources (30%), Japan (30%) and the remainder from elsewhere. The design and operating system for the MRT will be largely the same as to be found in Japan.

August 21st 2007. The Jakarta Post says that the central government and the city administration will start work in 2010 on the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system for Jakarta. Transportation Ministry secretary general Wendy Aritenang, the chairman of the MRT steering committee, said construction was expected to be completed by the end of 2014.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Good for Jakarta!

    It’d be interesting to see how long it stays clean and in working order.

  2. Madesh says:

    Now before we have subway the flood is around 60 cm to 3 meters.
    The subway is planned to open in 2014 without having any plan when the flood will be overcome.
    Let’s wait how many victims we will have during flood season in 2014.
    There will be a mass graveyard in the subway then.

    It is not a curse but I swear!!!

  3. Ihaknt says:

    Andrew it’s also interesting how ‘safe’ to be underground past 6 PM. Or maybe by then they have a curfew law.

    Flood? What flood? That’s probably what the gov is thinking. Yes, it will all be interesting indeed. It’s even interesting to find out if it will really going ahead without any money being corrupted and the finishing job ends up being a dodgy work, and after 2 weeks of opening, it all collapses…as Madesh said, it’s not a curse, BUT may happen. I hope if it is happening, it will really be a well thought-out project as there will be many lives using it when it’s erected.

  4. sgn says:

    I saw the master plan in early 2006. It is indeed a good plan.
    Hope everything goes smoothly.

    Happy ride 2014.

  5. aduh says:

    There will be a lot of beggars too in each station. *very painful to see*.

  6. 1ndra says:

    Maybe they use submarine case instead.

  7. Hassan says:

    In the case of flooding, the MRT subway tunnels can be used to channel the excessive water, an emergency ‘banjir kanal utara’ of sort 😀

  8. debate oh debate says:

    We are the opposition side of the house want to says that, MRT isn’t appropriate.
    Because, it will bring a lot of detriments for our society.
    Let us see the evidence : nowadays we can see lots of constructions of MRT, but we can see how bad it is.
    1. The construction is bad and broken! That can cause accident if we use MRT.
    2. We can see BUSWAY, people like to push each other, what about in the MRT? The train is going to fall, if you pushing each other in MRT.
    3. Busway =
    MRT = Japan [Do you know, TECHNOLOGY IN EVERY NATION IS DIFFERENT! compare
    Japan’s Technology and Indonesia’s. If you are clever, you will be scared using MRT in Indonesia]
    4. When we see the second point, I can sum up that the amount of death will be increasing as fast as the MRT launch.
    This is the end of my speech, so we believe that MRT is USELESS and ISN’T APPROPRIATE.

  9. Parvita says:

    I look at it from a technical point of view. Is it feasible? Maybe start to involve geologists up front before continuing.

    Jakarta is a swamp area. Is it really suitable? The rocks are not stable. What I’m afraid of is not the flood and the beggar, but the life of millions of the MRT users. As you know, things tends to be corrupted here with reducing the composition of materials. With complicated geology, (mind you that the rock composition and the where Indonesia is tectonically), the building of MRT should have a dedicated person that will QC the process. We sure don’t want people suffocating down under there.

  10. Mohammed Khafi says:

    debate oh debate,

    I can’t tell if you comments are satirical or not, the statements are so ridiculous, but I could just imagine them coming from the mouth of one of our representatives.


    What the project needs is smart, qualified, managers and engineers such as yourself, rather than people who are placed into positions because of who they know or how much they are willing to syphon off, out the funds.

    It is so frustrating watching our neighbours advancing into the 21st century, knowing that this country is more blessed with natural resourses but still seems to be stuck in the 20th! When are we going to say enough is enough ?


  11. debate oh debate says:

    Mohammed Kahfi.

    Shame-shame. This country is very blessed. This country has lots of resources. But. HEAR-HEAR.
    This kind of resources can’t be processed as what they are supposes to be in the 21st century. Yes it’s true that the project needs a smart, qualified managers and engineers.
    But let us see, what can be done by Indonesian people to support that thing?
    You know what, you have to improve this people first to support and advance into the 21st century.

    (Oh ya, just to say sorry that you couldn’t imagine if our comments coming out from the mouth of one our representatives, 1st is that we are still amateur, 2nd is that you as a ‘senior’ you should understand what our arguments are, because although we are still amateurs, we still have logic!) So shame on you!

  12. Andrew says:

    It is true that building an MRT system is one thing, but operating and maintaining it is a completely different matter altogether. With the reputation that Indonesia has for the (lack of) maintenance of high-tech and not-so-high-tech mass transportation, I doubt that this MRT thingy will last or will stay safe for a very long time.

    Unless the mentality of the people changes – which I hope it will in the next 7 years.

  13. Dre says:

    It’s not important to build MRT. It will just waste our money. WE pay taxes for the goverment. It cause many troubles, while build it it will finish half way one of the examples is our goverment not do anything seriously .e.g: BUS WAY.

  14. Hendry Santoso says:

    Jakarta MRT? Well…Indonesia is almost in the last row and few steps left of other ASEAN Countries. Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia were showing us their capability to create such a modern mass transportation.

    In has been predicted by Japan, that without any changes, the street of Jakarta will going down and totally paralyzed in 2015.

    Currently, 3 million cars and more than seven millions motor bike are running on the street. Frankly. there was no plan were planned since the beginning by the state government.

    As a capital of Indonesia, surely we gotta do something to stay alive and build our competitiveness against other countries. We are so much left behind and yet we are so rich in terms of natural resources.

    Busway is only a small part and remains uncertain to handle complexity of Jakarta’s Traffic. It doesn’t seems to work very well. I was in the busway station upon my way to Kalideres from Sawah Besar busway station. I thought there was nothing wrong to step on the public transportation. I meant, i tried it before, yet i didn’t feel excited.

    It was horrible, people were pushing around each others and no queue seemed runs. They kept complaining and raced to the door once the doors are opened.

    Either on the weekday and weekend, owners of motor bike are “given” privilege to run on the line that is supposed to run only by Transjakarta. Despites of the possibility of being caught by the police, the bikers didn’t really care as long as they are free out of traffic.

    Now that we can say, the system doesn’t works at all….as long as no strict regulation is made from the government, repeated violation would incurred. Recently, i heard there are few upcoming projects that are going to build in Jakarta:
    1. Monorail: Might be effective, having the most success rate
    2. MRT: Susceptible of Terrorist’s Attack, how many CCTVS will be installed and how discipline the security guard.
    3. Seawater Transportation: More than 13 rivers are ready to serve people across one place to another.
    4. ERP: Electronic Road Pricing, the drivers should pay extra money to pass the area marked with ERP.

    We have many choices that are believed could reduce traffic and complexity of Jakarta, The question is where are we heading to? Any comments please?

  15. Arema says:

    MRT is one of the primary requirements of a big and extremely busy city. It will also drop the urgency to own a personal vehicle, which will indirectly reduce the traffic.

    Actually an excellent public transportation is the answer to Jakarta’s traffic right now. But of course, strict rule enforcement has to be in place.

    Jakarta can take Singapore as a good example. There, traffic jams are reduced to peak hours only, at busy areas only, which is somewhat inevitable. The public transport is very good (clean, safe, and cover most areas, so wherever you want to go, you can just take a combination of MRT and buses, and your destination is always within walking distance from your last stop).

    As mentioned by Hendry Santoso, Jakarta needs:
    1) A smoothly running MRT system that covers all major areas in Jabodetabek.
    2) A bus system that supports the MRT system, taking passangers from MRT stations to neighboring areas unreachable by MRT
    3) Since Indonesia can’t possibly limit the number of cars like Singapore, ERP system may be appropriate to discourage car users passing through busy areas.

    In addition, these following supporting elements has to be in place:
    1) public has to prioritize safety, and properly maintain public transports and its cleanliness. a very tough challenge for the government, since we know the “destructive nature” of some people there.
    2) A very very very very strict rule enforcement. Those who found guilty vandalizing public transport should be punished heavily.

  16. Janma says:

    Even Calcutta has a subway system….

    This 17 station, 16.5 km line is mostly underground, with two stations in the sunlight. Due to difficult tunneling conditions, the line, which opened in 1984, took two over decades to build. The metro has the alleged dubious distinction of the only metro dug by hand. It is unknown if the construction people also used spoons.

    Two more lines are planned in Calcutta, and an 8.5 km elevated section on line one is nearing completion. The 17 km, 17 station line 2 received approval in September 2003. Metro Railway will also be opening a circular, electrified commuter rail line in 2003. Calming music is played in the metro to avoid the 59 attempted suicides since the metro’s opening.

    Gotta love em hey???!!! LOL

    The one in Madras (now Chennai) is being used as a swimming pool….


    dwi fungsi dong! Asyik! That’ll work for Jakarta!

  17. Hendry Santoso says:

    Can’t imagine what Jakarta would be transformed in 2014, some people says to determine how modern the country is to see from the traffic management system. Sadly, even after the state government of DKI Jakarta had launched Transjakarta, still the traffic seemed to get worst.

    Of course that was measured from my point of view, though. Still, fuel emission is one of the biggest problem that exists in our neighborhood through day on day living.

    MRT? Indeed, security system is one of the thing that should be concerned in the first place, public violate that might be done by some irresponsible persons might turns the subway into terrorism threat.

    Whoever sit as Governor of DKI Jakarta, he has to concern the traffic issue, Singapore seems a better place to stay with well done traffic management. But still, Population of Singapore is only 1/3 of Jakarta’s population. With more than 3 million cars goes on the road everyday and over 7 million motor bikes, surely can’t be compared with Singapore whose “only” have 4.5 million people.

    Frankly, I am confident that MRT project will be realized soon, 2014, I don’t think so, but let’s see.

    Moreover we should set discipline as the main target to hit, people in Jakarta are so lack in discipline, they don’t really care about their city.

    Remember folks, the flood that hit Jakarta few months ago, have you forgotten? No one seems to really care about it. It’s not a matter to race against the top cities in the world. Once again, hand by hand, we develop our city for the sake of our community.

    So guys, it should be started from ourselves, it the MRT project is going to build, then discipline is the key to success the project, don’t you agree with me? Any comment please?

  18. Dragonwall says:

    No one will take the MRT except those that are trying to capitalize on the condition where security slacks and crime rate just goes up. If you take a look at the station just opposite the Kartika Chandra and other station you will be able to tell what will happen next to the MRT.

    The MRT will not solve jakarta’s traffic problem at all because of the public thinking and criminal mind that works not being able to be complimented with security to ensure subway users of their personal safety. Few things that cross my mind are:

    1. Any subway built for the MRT will only be the best excuse for corruption to be
    set in motion.
    2. Flood water will get into it and become waterway. No one knows how many will
    be flood victims trapped in the subway station.
    3. How much of those equipments belonging to MRT will then become ‘besi rongsok’
    and be sold in ‘kiloan’ like the railroad tracks being stolen causing so much
    4. The mentality of the majority are still not capable of putting safety as top priority.
    5. Can they match with those abroad and how could they be maintained.

    All those porject implemented by the Indonesian until this day what kind of security could they provide to the general public.

    Pertamina – state owned – losing money.
    Garuda – state owned – losing money.
    Railroad – state owned – losing money.
    IPTN – state owned – losing money.
    Ferries, Toll roads, Telkom, the list will go on. Now MRT?

    It is nice but put your foresight farther and see. Without good governance, any project set into motion is bound to lose money in the presence of uncontrollable rampant corruption. These are all economic burden set upon the Indonesian government.

  19. Raden says:

    dear brother Arema, Janma, Dragonwall, etc etc … I know you all love JKT & Indonesia. Unfortunately the FACT historically remain the same or even is getting worse today. Jakarta ‘macet total’ was acute & classic problem we faced since Ali Sadikin until Sutiyoso era. Highway also ‘macet’ occassionally or most likely is only uniquely happen in Jakarta while charges are increasingly higher to catch up the inflation rate & higher cost of living in Jkt.
    Historically it was never getting better in the past 3 decades, so do we deserve to hope soon it will be better ? The macro indicators like inflation rate, urban policy for new immigrant coming to Jkt (you can buy KTP DKI), cost of living, jobless rate, society’ code of ethics, law enforcement, etc are not getting well, then how we will expect a successful roll-out of a new, high tech mass rapid transportation system in JKT?

    We can not just erased our memory what happened in JKT in the past 3 decades, you should probably hv to wait for the next 3 decades to see the new JKT. By then only a few of us still alive, so why not you think about leaving JKT the sooner the better ? … hm it is very nice living outside JKT indeed ! you will never regret your decision of doing so, this is a new trend, yes the reverse trend of going out of JKT !

  20. Carlos Montalvo says:

    Exist another Mass Rapid System named AEROTRAM.
    No excavation, no tunnels, no victims when arrive flood.
    Elevated on columns, anti-seismic, two stories street ways, exclusive lanes-no jams,
    columns provide emergency exits each one, no rails no steel wheels, so no vibrations, rubber tires bogies over steel deck lanes, cheapest at 30% less than rail systems, commercial speed over 60 Kms./hour, each train set 500 pass.capacity, 40% pass. could go seated. Cost US 40 million / Km.
    Trains similar to Sapporo 5000 series in Japan, Kawasaki manufactured, so the japan loan apply.
    We are looking for contact Mr. Fauzi Bowo, Mr. Abunzal Bakrie Economy Ministry), Mr Wendy Aritenang (Transport Ministry Secretary), and Mr. Han Sandjojo (Jakarta Development Affairs). Please, help Jakarta´s future quality of life let them we are waiting to contact them:
    Habitech Ltd. Carlos Montalvo (montalvo.carlos@gmail) Aerotram Project.
    We are looking for local partners to use our patented system.
    Good luck for Jakarta,


  21. Good Citizen says:

    Isn’t it a little bit too late, well I hope not, and isn’t it the landmark that has to be fixed first, Jakarta landmark is a giant mess causes a really awful traffic anytime anywhere without knowing how.

    The scenario will be:
    People will get in-out from the MRT station and take a walk to the nearest bus stop (without being robbed) to continue their journey yes?

    And how will they suppose to do that when there are no suffice pedestrian walks with adequate lighting and on top of that, insecurity that will be felt by most of the pedestrians

    It’s like they’re purely imitating Singapore’s or anywhere else transportation system without solving all the issues that have been occurred. Domino effect will continue and create new and more huge mess, let’s think of the big puzzle and finish it before they start a new one.

    Anyway good luck Jakarta, all the best.

  22. kinch says:

    Culture determines everything. It won’t work. What sane person would go into a hole in the ground with the unwashed multitudes of Jakarta?

  23. Haddie says:

    Culture determines everything. It won’t work. What sane person would go into a hole in the ground with the unwashed multitudes of Jakarta?

    I think as Jakartans, we should be optimistic with this project..
    If we keep saying:
    “Oh, this is not going to work!”
    Or critic everything that Jakarta does, how are we going to get up and develop?
    Now that would be silly, would it?
    Halt your critics, and just support with what’s going on,
    Instead of giving critics and complains, give suggestions – and good ones..

  24. Andy says:

    Manila has a fantastic monorail system which has been in place since the Marcos era. President Estrada extended it during his rein and the city is all the better for it . Singapore has the MRT, KL also and of course Bangkok took the initiative in the last decade too. Time for Jakarta to enter the 21st century and not look over it’s shoulder. It is the only ASEAN city I know of that is dragging the chain on public transport.

  25. foolosophy says:

    I always thought this would never built in Indonesia.. just the thought people gets trapped underground with flood is just too horrifying. But hey, somebody has already got a plan and thought this could work! So GOOOO INDONESIA!

  26. sputjam says:

    The island of java, with a population of 100million, should have an infrastructure like those in japan.
    Trouble is the government is reluctant to borrow to do this.
    If Jakarta plans to build an MRT, make sure it is not tied to any manufacturer like bombardier or alstom. Once you buy their system, they will hold you to ransom for any modifications that is required for a premium. Best to stick to simple systems that could be manufactured in indonesia.

  27. Haddie says:

    Manila has a fantastic monorail system which has been in place since the Marcos era. President Estrada extended it during his rein and the city is all the better for it . Singapore has the MRT, KL also and of course Bangkok took the initiative in the last decade too. Time for Jakarta to enter the 21st century and not look over it’s shoulder. It is the only ASEAN city I know of that is dragging the chain on public transport.

    You should realize that the ASEAN countries just hit a big crisis in the 1990s..
    Indonesia, the 4-5th most populous country in the world, after hitting the crisis, and there are so many islands with many are deserted, it’s arduous to control all of them…

    Put yourself in the president’s shoes.. It’s not that easy to control a country as big, as crowded and as spreaded around as Indonesia

  28. Andy says:

    Yes Haddie but the Philippines pretty much has the same geography and social / political problems. The second monorail over there was built in 1999 just after the Asian crisis.

  29. Rob says:

    There is little doubt that Indonesia has public transportation issues.

    The question is where to start and then how to fund it.

    The busway is a start. There needs to be additional work on getting people to starting points on the busway network. So, there needs to be additional funding for the feeder networks.

    The monorail would be a good addition. Not nearly extensive enough but, once again, a good start. Unfortunately, the funding on this front has dried up and there are problems in re-establishing additional funding.

    An MRT will cost billions if it is to be as extensive as it needs to be. Yet, someone needs to bite the bullet and get it started.

    In an overly simplistic way the reason people prefer private cars and long traffic jams to public transport at the moment is that public transport although cheap is hot, sweaty, dirty, and generally unsafe.

    The extreme options that the government could explore include raising taxes on all cars to let’s say a 1000% or so. The idea being that a car that now costs 150 million retails for 1.5 billion. Rather than 3 in 1 set up a city wide toll system that when you drive into the CBD you are automatically slugged with a 50K toll.

    All of these options come with a need to have better law enforcement across the board. This is not just the traffic and beat coppers but also the courts.

    Traffic and the problems associated with it has the unfortunate look of having to get worse before it will ever get better.

  30. Haddie says:

    Yes Haddie but the Philippines pretty much has the same geography and social / political problems. The second monorail over there was built in 1999 just after the Asian crisis.

    They both are similar, yes, but considering the population is bigger.. The more the country needs to spend money on… So, I guess Phillipines has the advantage here over Indonesia…. In terms of the number of islands and population, Phillipines has a LOT less than Indonesia to control,

    There is little doubt that Indonesia has public transportation issues.

    There never is, actually, I think..
    Jakarta (An example) has improved quite a lot in terms of public transportation,
    Indonesia is rich! But the money mostly is gone after taken by the corruptors, and also the use of energy sources,

    I do Model United Nations here, and I get to be Belgium and to research for ‘The Use of Smarter Technology to Reduce the Global Emission’

    I can see that there’s an alternative way, cheaper, but Indonesia took the more expensive and ineffective way…

    For example, Indonesia is importing all those conventional energy for electricity… It’s expensive, but then it is not as expensive as building Hydroelectro Engines to power the electricity (By using the water). We spend MILLIONS of Dollars on importing Conventional Energy, though we can spend a LOT less on something that is Environmentally Friendly.. Isn’t that rather retarded?

    Not only that we keep importing those conventional energy (Such as Oil), but you all know that Indonesia gives “subsidi” for the use of oil by the population in Indonesia.. Well, the subsidi is in fact, not used by the poor people, but by the richies (From malls, expensive cars that need a LOT of oil)

    Our Gov. may or may not realize this, but companies like PLN, keep doing this ineffective programme, because it gives them more profit….

    That’s just a part of where most of our money go to.. Not only corruption, but this!

    We do STUPID stuff that waste more money, where there are BETTER in terms of many things, that we don’t use!!

    OPEN YOUR EYES INDONESIA! Let’s fight this together!

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