Indonesian Soap Opera Moments

Feb 15th, 2006, in Society, by

The peculiarities of Indonesian soap opera.

Anyone who has had the terrible misfortune of having to sit through hours upon hours of Indonesian soap operas, or sinetron, because his wife demands that he accompany her on the sofa sometimes, will instantly recognise some of the caricatures given at Indonesia Anonymus of the sorry mess that is Indonesian television drama, a world of agonisingly long close-ups, astonishingly exaggerated facial expressions, and the most gratutious displays of religiosity (Oh Allaaaah).

Some of the standards of Indo soap opera:

There will be a lot of screaming, crying, and cat fighting.

The ‘good guys’ will mostly be half-caucasian-metrosexuals, dressed in designers-clothes, and drive expensive cars. The ‘enemies’ will be badly-groomed men in leather jackets and jeans, drive an old jeep, and laugh incessantly among themselves for no apparent reason. Or, alternatively, the enemy can be a psychotic woman with evil laugh and strange eyebrows, who always talks to herself whenever she comes up with evil plans.

Go laugh it up.

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