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Abu Bakar Baasyir

To mark the end of the Muslim fasting month detainees and police officers at Jakarta police remand centre held joint Salat Id prayers, and afterwards the customary meal to celebrate Idul Fitri.

Among the 30 or so prisoners at Bareskrim Mabes Polri some of the more famous detainees who took part:

Fraud suspect Mukhammad Misbakhun was over-joyed at being in the presence of Abu Bakar Ba’asyir, speaking of the old cleric in rapturous terms:

I cry every time I hear the sound of him taking a breath and praying.

He’s a total Muslim. I can smell the scent of heaven when I’m with him.

Muhammad Misbakhun

Muhammad Misbakhun

In the state prosecutor’s case against him, Mukhammad Misbakhun is accused of having falsified documents in order to obtain a $22.5 million Letter of Credit from Bank Century (now Bank Mutiara), for his trading company PT Selalang Prima International.

Misbakhun was in 2009 a failed candidate in the national elections, running for a seat in the Pasuruan-Probolinggo district, for the Justice Party/Partai Keadilan Sejahtera (PKS).

Meanwhile after prayers were held detainees were allowed visitors; the most popular jailbird was Baasyir, who had a long line of admirers, mostly people who had brought him food. One of these admirers, named Endang, complained of having to wait a long time to meet her hero: rakyatmerdeka matanews

I came to give him Lebaran food, poor him if he’s hungry.

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  1. Lairedion says:

    He’s a total Muslim. I can smell the scent of heaven when I’m with him.

    This could be a very funny remark if it wasn’t that bearded goat or any jihadi maniac he’s referring to.

  2. Hans says:

    Authorities shows his timid attitude towards people, just amazing that such a strange tradition has been stolen by officials, that kings and princes could be doing these things and meet people, and pardon? is one thing. State officials have probably taken water over ther head and lost contact with Earth

  3. Oigal says:

    Something is certainly on the nose here that’s for sure

  4. diego says:

    He’s a total Muslim. I can smell the scent of heaven when I’m with him.

    My god…. that how the heaven smells? Like fart? and jigong (bau mulut)?

  5. camion says:

    It is said Birds of a Feather Flock Together,Amazing how some criminals are raptuous in the presence of one of their own.The Terrorist Cleric is not indicative of the Total Moslem,only nutcases would adhere to his vile doctrine based on religious beliefs.

  6. Endy says:


  7. Odinius says:

    So when, exactly, is Indonesia going to pass hate crimes legislation?

  8. Multibrand says:

    Fanatics surely mixed well with fanatics

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