Jakarta Floods

Feb 3rd, 2007, in News, by

Jakarta is awash with water.

Large parts of the capital city are flooded with many thousands having to be evacuated and much of the business life of Jakarta and its satellite cities coming to a halt. Floods have hit at least 33 districts in Jakarta, 16 in Bekasi and 7 in Tangerang.

Five people are reported to have died, three in Jakarta and two in Bekasi.


Twenty people are now said to have died.


Total deaths as of February 10th are 80, 48 in Jakarta, 19 from towns in West Java, mainly Bekasi, and 13 from Banten, mainly Tangerang. antara

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  1. 1ndra says:

    this kind of flood are caused by the Government and also ‘RUBBISH’..but this flood doesn’t see who is their master, they attack every one!

    The flood is caused by ‘everyone’ then attack everyone.

    Let’s see the government’s next movement.

  2. Mohammed Khafi says:

    This is typical a response, try to blame somebody else. In reality there are many reasons for the flood, the major one being the unprecedented amount of rainfall over Jakarta during the flood period, others are:

    Uncontrolled or badly managed urban and rural planning
    Poor, mismanaged, or uncoordinated river/flood water control
    Poor waste management
    Poor hygeine habits

    I personally witnessed dry drainage canals outwith the worst flood affected areas, where residents of certain areas had closed off completely any form of water drainage to protect their own properties causing major flooding upstream of those areas. I also witnessed the efforts by the authorities to protect the airport, which also lead to major flooding of upstream areas involved as the canals were closed completely rather than being regulated to control levels.

    Lack of funds is no longer acceptable as an excuse, there always seems to be significant amount of money available for Shopping Malls etc which no doubt contribute to certain goverment officials retirement funds, but it is about time that some of the profits from these ventures was used in protecting the people and the city of Jakarta. Unscrupulous people who have bought land in the areas being planned for the flood relief canal should also be stopped, if necessary with “Compulsory Purchase” being made legal, if it can be shown to be of benefit to the people.

    The time for talk is over, if this scenario repeats itself we will find more and more investors leaving this country and investing their money abroad, we can ill afford such a thing to happen again, we are only just starting to recover from the last exodus.


  3. Dragonwall says:

    The Public Works Depat has a trick. What they did was to ask for funds to purchase new equipments and was approved. What they do is to put it in place, have them photo and inspection. After that they put back the old ones. This happen in North Jakarta in Penjaringan.
    The one main reason for the flood was due to Pantai Indah Kapuk along the Soedyatmo Toll all the way to Seokarno Hatta Airport. The waterway to the sea was blocked by them. Many attempts to break the bloackage as done by residents there and immediately th water “surut” almost instantly reducing it to a trickle. But they were always cover back the breakage and flood just continue every year.
    The Governor should get the management from Pantai Indah Kapuk aka Liem Sioe Liong to have a waterway open up and believe me the water will not gather like an ocean of floating people.
    The Kapuk canal simply overflows thus gathering even more water.
    One more thing they even use dinggis to ferry people at the rate of Rp;500.000 from the complex to the main road…Crooks…. One way of making money that is why the problem seemed unreolved all these years…..damn it..

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