Single Parents Dating

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Meeting, dating, and having a relationship with single mothers and single parents in Indonesia.

The matchmaking and dating agency site Single Parent Love has over 1,000 members from Indonesia, single mothers and fathers alike, seeking a partner from around the world.

Divorce is quite accepted and common in Indonesia and there are hundreds of thousands of single parents looking for love consequently, here are some of the single mothers listed at Single Parent Love:

In her mid thirties and Muslim Widhy doesn’t say how many children she has, but is seeking a man in his thirties or forties.

Lili is an Indonesian Chinese woman, separated with a young daughter, and a Roman Catholic.

In her mid twenties Erin is Christian and lives in Jakarta.

Trusti is a single mother with a young daughter and is in her 40’s.

Visit Single Parent Love to meet some of these ladies with children.

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  1. iis ariyanti says:

    I’m ariyanti, 27 years old. So excited knowing all of you who has the ‘same destiny’ with me. Making my life not alone anymore. Thanks

  2. vicky says:

    vicky is an Indonesian man, separated with a young cild, and a Roman Catholic.

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