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The name of Densus 88 should be changed to Densus 5000, says Abu Bakar Ba’asyir.

Densus 88, or “Special Detachment 88”, of the Indonesian police force charged with anti-terror duties, Detasemen Khusus (Densus) 88 Anti Terror, has aroused the ire of some Muslims recently because of its increasing success in capturing terrorists and militants.

The head of the Mujahidin Council, (Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia (MMI)), Abu Bakar Ba’asyir claims that the squad was given the title “88” because that was the number of people (Antara) Australians killed in the 2002 Bali bombings, and further, that the name should be changed to Densus 5000, because, he says, 3000 Muslims have been killed in Bali (Antara) Ambon and 2000 in Poso, Central Sulawesi.

Abu Bakar Ba'asyir
Abu Bakar Ba’asyir.

Speaking at a seminar in Jakarta on 4th called “Does there need to be a revolution to impose Islamic law in Indonesia?” Bashir reiterated his earlier calls for Densus 88 to not just be withdrawn from Poso but disbanded.

Baasyir went on to complain that whenever Muslims defended themselves from attack they were labelled as terrorists, and suggested that Christians who did the same were branded as mere criminals, such as in the case of Fabianus Tibo.

There have been a number of mass demonstrations recently, mainly in Surakarta, Central Java, demanding that Densus 88 be abolished, as it is seen as an anti-Muslim, and western-funded, force.

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  1. Odinius says:

    it is very simple for me to stop terrorist attack :
    1. arrest terrorists
    2. kill terrorists
    3. cut off funding of terrorists
    4. isolate terrorists by bringing political wing into a peace process
    5. allow for political rehabilitation of some former terrorist leaders

    this is, actually, the only combined strategy that has ever worked.

    two ways not to combat terrorism:
    1. put your head in the sand a la megawati
    2. invade a country (iraq, but not afghanistan) that had nothing to do with the terrorist act a la bush

  2. Oigal says:

    And for the sake of discussion, what do you think ?would happen if the IRA and Basque separatists blew up markets, buildings and towns in predominantly Muslim countries around the world, and claim that they did it in the name of Christianity?

    and there lies the kicker..which makes a mockery out of the poor bugger me defence..

    The we have sharia, just try and get two Muslims to agree what that means, Malaysia cannot even get agreement with out Muslim nations on Sharia banking let alone the more complex issues of human relationships.

    The whole idea of religion based government is a best a bad joke on humanity, christianity tried in in the middle ages and it was a time of cruelty and oppression. Besides if Sharia and its ilk was so simple and an answer to all our prayers (ok not mine, the fact the an ignorant idiot like AAB could have any voice is not a society I could support), how hard could it be to draft a proposal for the people to choose from…perhaps someone could actually point out this utopia in practice..its not Aceh with its whipping of peasants or Afganistan with its honour killing…just where is this Utopia fellas?

  3. KN says:

    Just change the name to IATSD (Indonesian Anti Teror Special Detahment)! Is my suggestion make sense?

  4. Intrepid says:

    Bush Trotskyites and Jewish neocon group was going to realize the plan to remake the new world politic and economical order and realize the historic Zionist dream of Greater Israel.

    To get West/World support Bush and Jewish Neocon group (Wolfowitz, Perle, Kristol, Kissinger) set the WTC conspiracy , thanks to CNN and MNBC which relay the “live” attack at WTC Towers (so they know the attack before).

    Densus 88 is part of Bush’s ‘war on terrorism” and by US (and Israel) secret agent to show that Islam in this biggest moslem country is a bad religion because all terrorists bear moslem name. But what is ridiculous is the terrorist in Indonesia is never declare what is their goals (i.e. want to create moslem country or whatever).

    Densus 88 is established by CIA/FBI to “prove” that the “moslem terrorists” in Indonesia is true, but the question is: there’re not a single American become victim of this ‘moslem terrorist”, it means the terrrorist operation in Indonesia is planned, funded and executed by US mastermind with the help of Densus 88 as a “counter terrorism” elite force.

  5. Donny says:

    first thing first :
    1. Balinese men DID not spend his time cock-fighting whilst his wife working in rice field, ask a balinese men about it (read more before commenting), I know this because I have several balinese friends … just because several people did not work, does not mean that all did not work …

    2. We should condemn terrorism, If Islam is about peace, then we can say that ABB did not practice it correctly, as he is firing things up instead of cooling everything down

    3. I’m an Indonesian, chinese descendants …and honestly, I cannot understand why some people in indonesia thinks that muslims in indonesia is under opression … it is us, the minority that is being opressed, muslims took all the special rights … for example, if you want to build a church, or temple it is much much much much more difficult than building a mosque, the birocration you have to pass … you must have permit from neighboring communities (which is certainly not in the same religion) … this is why new churches, temples, etc is usually away from population center …
    If one from chinese descendants wants to be an Indonesian citizen … they have to shed tears & blood (and huge amount of money) and wait for ten … twenty … or more years, sometimes one died without receiving citizenship even though they have lived for more than 30 years in Indonesia (thank God, this recently changed) …

    and see … from the beginning, we have muslim government, muslim president, muslim officer … only small percentage is nonmuslim … and they say that muslim is opressed in Indonesia ??

    Chinese descendant tastes many bitter experience here … including 1998 rape & riot, I sometimes wonder why? we even fought together for Indonesia independence … not a word of acknowledgement said … not a recognition for chinese descendant’s accomplishment … we helped build the economy … but seeing as vampires sucking wealth from Indonesian soil, EVEN though we thinks ourselves not as chinese, but Indonesian …

    If you’re a chinese descendant, go walk in residential area (for lower classes in town) … and you will hear shouting “Chinese … Chinese” … especially in Java …

    In better light, I knew many muslims, who respects, smiles and helps …

    4. Sharia may work in certain level … but NOT in all level, people have the right to choose and have free will NOT to choose … just because an orange tastes good in your mouth does not necessarily means that it tastes good in others … sooo bad that you have to force them to say that it is good

    5. Densus 88 finally puts an end to Noordin M Top … salute to them, hopefully it will bring peace to Indonesia

  6. nike says:

    I don’t like “fail” logic, and i would like to defend 200 millions Indonesian from bad words.

    Time to grow up and and act like human beings and stop blaming everyone else for the muslim worlds woes…

    While you in the west still talking about Nazi, Indonesian people still talk about Netherlands invasion after our independence (American has their independence, we also too). 100 year after America create their constitutional, white Caucasian still burned Negro people and hunted native Indian. Until today, black people in America still talk about racism.

    Now i wonder, how can you throw away history book and dictate Indonesian people to do not speak wicked influence by colonization and imperialism? Wasn’t COLD WAR just end in 1990’s? So you just saying Indonesian is not effected by COLD WAR?

    Now let me say this to make all clear, the last guy that put Indonesia in dictatorship for 32 YEARS is byproduct of what you call COLD WAR. We will always remember that.

    We already stand up in our own feet (BERDIKARI). We, the people, in 1998 ended the 32 years dictatorship. Since that time Indonesia known as one of the greatest Democratic country. Freedom of speak very sweat in here and we don’t have a single mainstream media that can spread fear and fallacy news.

    We in Indonesia receive well information about how foreign nations do their political move, so we know who the really enemy here. For MAJORITY Indonesian people, there is no such thing as Muslim terrorist. For us, the people of Indonesia, there is only ONE and the only ONE our enemy : PROVOCATEUR.

    Yes you read me. In here we call it PROVOKATOR. It has meaning as small tiny little group that receive a lot of money and stir the majority into chaos. We not stupid or backwater like you assume. As matter of fact most of Indonesia aware of Intelligence war in our land. And lot of power hungry people, native Indonesia, use these technique too. Even a street free-man, Indonesian gangster, non educated PREMAN, know better than you.

    Oh yeah

    go walk in residential area (for lower classes in town) … and you will hear shouting “Chinese … Chinese” … especially in Java …

    In better light, I knew many muslims, who respects, smiles and helps …

    When I do these, i meet Chinese people that speak Java :). Wow, that’s cool, Chinese kid cursing in java play in the dirt with brown skin pribumi. Donny, if you are poor, then you with us, regardless of your religion, ethnic group or skin color. If you are rich, better you help the poor, or we will suspect you as the one that do KONGKALINGKONG (corruption).

    I know it’s late reply and lot of grammar mistake. Don’t be such of Grammar Nazi. I’m just typing here.

  7. nike says:

    DENSUS 88 is know for Intelligence here. America only support equipment and tactical lesson . For real field Intelligence, well yeah, even CIA must learn from Indonesian technique. Fancy equipment is useless in here. You net to know the people, talk with people and sometime, getting help from people. We have word for that Snouck Hurgronje.

    Stop drink Cool Aid from you unbalance media. And please, stop using word Islamic Terrorist when you speak with an Indonesian, that world meaningless to us.

  8. Alann Marban Tiwow says:

    I have information that leads to a movement of terrorists in this country. while I am still looking for or extract information more deeply. Please Help

  9. Seafood 99 says:

    @Donny: Now with all those complaints about our beloved country and nation, why would you still want to become an Indonesian citizen, eh Donny? A bit weird, ain’t it? Why don’t you go to some other place which suites your wants better? And to think about it, I thank God every single day that most of Indonesians still don’t welcome chinese in their neighborhood – after all what you have done to our nation. You chinese always say that you fought together for independence with us, while all that you did was playing best friends with the Dutch. We all know those are lousy arguments based on pure lies. You build opium houses, prostitutions, help spread immorality, whilest at the same time you shake hands with the Dutch and getting protection from them. You call THOSE as fighting for independence? And you chinese are still doing the same thing even today: You spread drugs, alcohol, prostitutions, narcotics, demoralization and you call this what? Playing a good citizen? You chinese always claim to be a great nation and one thing I know for sure that your greatness only stands with mischiefs and misbehaves. If your nation and country is so great, then why don’t you just go back to China and enjoy the greatness there? Hey Don, by the way, don’t you think we – indigenous Indonesians – don’t know how you chinese treat our people in our own country? And do you actually think that we don’t know your masterplan to turn Indonesia into the second Singapore? And you honestly think that we’re just gonna sit back and do nothing? Oh we’re fighting back Don, with every single drop of our blood. Just you wait. We’re going to kick your sorry asses back to your beloved land of your great ancestors. And when the time comes, that time, would be no mercy. No more.

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