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The Governor of Bali complains about unfair distribution of funds for the building of mosques, temples, and churches.

Each year the proportion of government funds allocated for the building of places of worship throughout the country is decided on by reference to the national figures for the numbers of adherents of each of the recognised religions.

As a result, the Governor of Bali, I Dewa Made Beratha, says that in 2006 the Department of Religion provided nine “packages” of funding for the building of mosques in Bali, five for churches, and only one for Hindu temples. He says that Hindu leaders on the island are complaining of the matter and that the distribution of funds should be based on provincial figures for religious adherence rather than national ones.

Department of Religion
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I Dewa Made Beratha says that in Bali the provincial government would distribute the funds according to these shares: 80% for Hindus, 10% for Muslims, 5% for Christians, and the remainder for those of other faiths, and that funding of place of worship building by the national Department of Religion should be based on similar proportions, for Bali.

According to 2005 Indonesian Bureau of Statistics (BPS) data the numbers in Bali are as follows, from a total population of 3,572,965. depag

  • Islam – 204,436
  • Protestant – 25,290
  • Catholic – 25,258
  • Hindu – 3.296,155
  • Buddhist – 21,826

He also said that unfairness was to be seen in the funding for new religious studies teaching positions in Balinese schools. There were far more new teachers of Islam and Christianity than Hindu ones, he said. tempo

It’s really hard to talk about this, but it’s an old problem which hasn’t been solved.
(Ini memang pahit untuk dikatakan. Tetapi ini masalah lama yang belum juga terpecahkan)

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  1. 1ndra says:

    It’s the kind of unfairness, we should see the percentage to decide the fund fairiness.
    Hindu : Islam : Protestant : Catholic : Buddist that make the percentage as 132:8:1:1:1.

    Hindu’s should get most fund as they are the majority there.

    There were far more new teachers of Islam and Christianity than Hindu ones, he said.

    Is it about teachers, isn’t it?
    IMO well if there’re less people asking for job to be religion teachers, well sure, there’re less.
    If there’re a few Hindu asking for job to be Hindu religious teacher then there’re only a few Hindu religious teachers.

  2. sgn says:

    … in 2006 the Department of Religion provided nine “packages” of funding for the building of mosques in Bali, five for churches, and only one for Hindu temples.

    It was surprised me.
    I never heard that goverment funding for churches, before.


  3. PS3 says:

    I agree with sgn. I think, this may only apply in certain place only. But that makes sense as well, as I heard Bali is more lenient toward Christianity.

  4. 1ndra says:

    About churches funding, I got some news that churches are being funded by majority Christian country like american.
    And their mission too.

  5. Tomaculum says:

    1ndra, and I have read some news, that there much, much Arabian money invested in the Indonesian islamic world, and in the missionaring too. Why always such a side blow, 1ndra?


    as I heard Bali is more lenient toward Christianity.

    Wonder why?
    1. Christianity doesn’t pose a threat for the Hinduism in Bali because of the slow increase of the small number and,
    2. Because their actions and approaches are not as offensive and aggressive as other.

  6. sgn says:

    My previous church (I mean the building) in Bandung received a significant fund from a Singaporean generous lady.


  7. Grace and Mercy says:

    I go to an English speaking church here in Jakarta and we pay our bills from the tithe and offering collected from the congregation.

    Nevertheless, I guess its ludicruos to expect the central government to be an agent of fairness. However there is what’s called regional autonomy.

  8. Siti says:

    I love Balinese as they are not racist towards other religion followers. They respect other people from outside Bali and respect them to practise their religions. There are more temples, of course, compared to other types of worships. However, mosques can also be seen around Bali, though not many. As steadily growing number of Muslims from the nearest neighbours–Java and Lombok–Muslim communities in Bali have shared financial matters to build small mosques by donating as what’s called INFAQ. This way each moslem individual agrees to put some amount of money every month from their income. The building planning, of course, has to be consulted with the local officials for approval. Lands on which the mosque will be built can be leased for up to 15-20 years.

  9. Aztech says:

    Most of us go to Bali for vacation, besides it is an excellent and gorgeous place to have fun, it reperesents a society and culture that are willing to accept outsiders and have been developed Long before Islam and Christianity came to Indonesia. The distribution of funds for the errection of worship monuments should be focused toward the building of more temples since the world view Bali as an extremely unique and cultured society. Without being prejudice toward other religions, there are sufficient building of other religion structure outside of Bali. Maybe The Government should not even spent a single rupiah for the building of religion structure, the responsibility should be given to the believers and those who have due respect toward the religion, so there shall be no prejudice. Look at the current law in Indonesia related to the building of religious structure, it is full of prejudices despite the revision.

  10. Prabhjyot Singh Madan says:

    If Indonesia cannot tolerate and appreciate balinese hindus’s sensibilities and feelings, they should not crib for treatments met to muslims worldwide. So you sow, so you reap.

  11. kamala shalaya says:

    Namaskaram (Salutations with folded hands to every one)

    Namaskaram Hindu Mata Mahajaya (Salutations to Hinduism-The Great Mother Religion).

    Actually, Hinduism is a religion where there is joy, happiness, love, affection, respect, and spiritual endurance.

    For me as far I am concerned I was a muslim, but now I have converted to Hinduism and I am married to a South Indian Brahmin Sri Vaishnava who recites Sri VEDAS AND Sri MAHA UPANISHADAS and does GAYATRI JAPAM AND ALSO PERFORMS SANDHYA VANDANAM THREE TIMES A DAY.

    Also I have learnt the religious books of Sri VEDAS AND Sri MAHA UPANISHADAS and also the Epics of Sri Ramayana and Sri Mahabharata.

    For Myself, being a wife of a Brahmin is a very much elevated position. Also I feel very proud that I am very much elevated to the level of a mother of 9 children of which the first three sets are twins (all are boys) and the next three are girls.

    At first, after my marriage when I went with my husband to my in-law’s (his parent’s) home, I was received in a warm way and that my in-laws were very much affectionate towards me. This type of reception moved me very much and that now I am an integral part of the family with each and every member of my in-law’s family looking after my kids, taking care of them and showering them with love and affection.

    It is a joy for me, more than saying anything and that myself being from Indonesia I am proud of being back to my Great Mother Religion – Hindu Mata Mahajaya.

    So, in my words to all those who are from Indonesia especially to comeback to their Great Mother Religion — Hindu Mata Mahajaya and experience the happiness and spiritual endurance and nearness of Hinduism.


    Being in a place where there is sin and callousness, try to purify yourself by returning to Great Mother Religion— Hindutva Mata Mahajaya as IT IS THE ONLY PLACE WHERE THEY CAN FIND PEACE, JOY, HAPPINESS, CARING AND SHARING.

    Today, for me being a Mother of 9 children, I am now being called as Sri Mata Mahajaya with due respect by my children and as such I am now enjoying this position.

    My Blessings to you all and GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

    (Sri Mata) Kamala Shalaya.

  12. logan says:

    kamala shalaya could you please reply me you’re personnel mail i would like to know how can a Muslim Women covert in bali with the Proper documentation so upon marrige there would be no problem in malaysia

    So need to know the steps please

    my email is

  13. Logan says:

    Mrs Kamala I’m still waiting for you’re humble reply or any one whom can advice me on this matter of conversion, my gal friend is pestering me on a solution, please do help.

  14. harmony says:

    I am a mulim sufi. I am liing in bali
    I am surprised by the above info indeed.
    Inshya-Allah we can work together and be compassionate and open-hearted to evolve towards fair solutions that honour all peoples appropriate and just needs and respecting each other and communicating along the way.Inshya_Allah
    Actually – i have a question if anyone knows where i might find a lost of mosques in bali or schools or communities here. I have lived here a few years but still isolated from praying with other muslim women and finding my ummah here.
    I hope that this message reachies you well and that my heart i write this short note.


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