Heart of Borneo

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Indonesia, Malaysia, & Brunei agree to protect the forests of Borneo.

Representatives of the three countries governments signed the “Heart of Borneo” declaration on the 12th during the “Country Led Initiative” at the luxury holiday resort of Nusa Dua, on Bali. Indonesia’s representative, Forestry minister M.S. Kaban, said the joint signing was evidence of the three governments’ unerring determination to preserve the forests of Borneo while at the same time developing the economy of the area so that local people would enjoy prosperity.

Kaban said Borneo was one of the most important natural treasures on earth with over 150 reptile species to be found, 13 primate species, 15,000 plant species, and 350 bird species. In 2006 alone 50 new species had been discovered. detik

Heart of Borneo

Into the Heart of Borneo.

In recent times, the minister went on, the jungles of Borneo had become increasingly threatened, due to illegal logging and forest burning and clearing so that crops could be sown.

Kaban’s Malaysian counterpart, Dato Seri Azmi bin Khalid, said Borneo was a crucial source of water for Indonesia, Malaysia, & Brunei, with 14 important rivers winding their way through the forest.

9 Comments on “Heart of Borneo”

  1. Ihaknt says:

    I wonder if we can trust the Indo authorities to really comply with the agreement.

  2. 1ndra says:

    And the illegal logging mafia.

  3. Colson says:

    But a great book!

  4. 1ndra says:

    And need great work together too my friend and its a must!

  5. Dimp says:

    I wonder if the people doing the illegal logging is aware that they are actually killing earth bit by bit. But probably they are more concern with their wallet anyway.

  6. Hassan says:

    “But probably they are more concern with their wallet anyway.”

    Definitely, Dimp. Otherwise they couldn’t count the jumping money before they fall to sleep.

    What intrigued me was didn’t they realize that they’re gonna die someday anyway? All the money in the world will be useless, it’s not that they’re gonna take all those money to their graves, right?

    Some humans’ lust for wealth and earthly possessions will only be satisfied when they swallow dirt in their throats, in the tiny patch of land called tomb.

    Anyway, about the trilateral initiative, I think it’s simply too little too late.

  7. Joseph Erwin says:

    Dear Friends,

    But even if it is too little and even if it is too late, it is better than nothing, and is a constructive and progressive commitment. During my visits to Sarawak, Brunei, and Sabah, as well as Kalimantan Timur, I have seen wonderful forests and wildlife and tragic destruction. Also, I have met wonderful people who care to try to improve the situation. I hope we can all support them in every feasible way. Giving up is not an acceptable option.

    Wishing you well,


  8. Ihaknt says:

    I once saw a documentary on orangutans population in the Indonesian parts of Kalimantan. It was very sad to see this beautiful, innocent animal’s natural habitat is rapidly disappearing for whatever reason. What really disgusted me however was how some of the locals actually captured these monkeys, from babies to adults, and (believe this or not) make them as a fetish release in brothels!! I don’t need to go into details here!! It was so sad and sickening to see how traumatised these monkeys are. I was so shocked and numbed by what I saw. So I really really hope this agreement would mean something positive and that our authorities will stick to the rules. But, am I being a bit way too optimistic?

  9. 1ndra says:

    It’s very hard to control if the government aren’t spend a little more in forest guarding, forest wayyy too wide, maybe satellite monitoring with thermal detector is the best way.

    So I really really hope this agreement would mean something positive and that our authorities will stick to the rules. But, am I being a bit way too optimistic?

    I hope so. But this is international agreement, others know it when there’re any violation.

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