Pamekasan Protest

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Artists in Pamekasan, Madura protest a law against the staging of theatrical and other entertainment shows.

On the 19th dozens of artists in Pamekasan, on the island of Madura in East Java, marched against a planned law that would place restrictions on the staging of theatrical and other entertainment shows. Protesters complain that the law is unpopular and represents the interests of a “certain group”, and that it would stifle creativity.

Abdul Rozak Bagman of the regional parliament welcomed the protest and said the views of demonstrators would be taken into consideration.

However Alwi, the Secretary of the local branch of the Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), the clerical council, said the proposed law was already the result of much thought and that it was flexible. He advised those who opposed the law to re-read it.

When questioned he did not deny that the law was part of the MUI’s long term plan to apply Islamic law in the city. suarasurabaya

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  1. Ihaknt says:

    Since when did Islam deny arts? Arent arts part of being human being creative? Are we now not allowed to be creative and have our own traditional cultures anymore? Guess this means more job losses, and more people having to face the already-tough conditions to survive. Poor Indonesia.

  2. 1ndra says:

    I don’t know the law yet, how it going to be?

  3. Mohammed Khafi says:

    Ihaknt said:

    Since when did Islam deny arts?

    Since they forgot about Al Quran and started to follow Sunnah and Hadith! At the same time they started to deny the rights of the people, womens equal position in society, democracy and a miriad of other oppressive things that The Prophet freed them from.


  4. Ihaknt says:

    Sad huh MK, I mean Al-Quran in itself is a piece of art with those beautiful writings. What a waste of God given brain that enables us to use our imagination to be creative 🙁 .

  5. Hassan says:

    Mohammed Khafi: In reply to Ihaknt’s question,

    “Since when did Islam deny arts?”

    You said,

    “Since they forgot about Al Quran and started to follow Sunnah and Hadith!”

    That is a harsh conclusion and a reckless accusation. The fact is during their golden age, Islamic civilization brought about great people like Al FArabi, Ibu Sina, Jalaludin Rumi, etc. It was a time when science, art, and culture flourished in the Islamic world. And we all knew that even during those time, Muslims followed Al Quran and also the Sunnah and Hadith. So we can see that Sunnah and Hadith wasn’t the problem that had hindered those achievements.

    Khafi, you of all people should know better than to judge Islamic teachings based upon the current state of the Ummah. There is nothing wrong with the teachings, it’s the Ummah of our time which was full of flaws: ignorant, lazy, morally decadent, weak in faith, stupid etc.

    Brother, don’t follow the path of some people in the likes of Ismail, etc. I sense a disturbing similarity in your tendency and theirs. If people like Ismail tend to blame Islam for everything that went wrong in the world, you tend to blame the Sunnah and Hadith for everything that went wrong in Islam. Perhaps the fault didn’t lie on the teachings, but on the people.

    It’s interesting to see how you can sound so tolerant and respectful towards the followers of other faiths, but seemed so harsh and judgmental towards your fellow Muslims. I think tolerance should go internally as well as externally.

  6. Mohammed Khafi says:


    This is a short quote from the old king of Jordan, King Hussein, who was a direct descendent of the Prophet Mohammed:

    When ijtihad””the possibility of reconciling faith and present-day life””stopped a long time ago, that was the beginning of a very sad deterioration that has continued over the years and has opened the way to all sorts of fringe movements and splits. We need to do whatever we can to repair that mistake. I am trying to get the leading figures in the Muslim world who have the minds and the faith and the vision to come together to reaffirm the moderation of Islam. Islam is called wasatiya, which means “centralist.” This is in the Quran. It is where we should be now…………It was very open as it spread throughout the world. It made major contributions. Then, in the tenth century or so, Islam changed course and went into decline.

    The full interview is here on a Jordanian Government website: The Hashemite Option.

    I know you don’t accept easily what I have to say but there are many more who feel as I do and have done a great deal of research, some over whole lifetimes. The rejection of Hadith and the fabricated Sunnah is nothing new it has a history as long as Hadith and Sunnah itself.

    The reason that I am tolerant with others is because Al Quran instructs us to invite others to Islam with kind words, The reason I am more harsh with my fellow Muslims is that as far as I can see they have already been told everything that I am repeating, by Allah, but for some reason cannot see it. I am highly unlikely to change the mind of a Trinitarian Christian, I can only try to show them that Islam has another side to the one that they have been exposed to.
    I hope that I have more chance to make people like you think and examine what you believe, I am harsh sometimes because I think that sometimes people need a jolt or a wake up call to see what is in front of their eyes, I am also harsh because I strongly believe that many people are being led astray, because of ignorance and a lack of reasoning on the part of their teachers who are not thinking about what they are passing on to future generations.

    Peace Bro

  7. Hassan says:

    Muhammed Khafi: It seemed the article suggested that the cause of Islam’s decline was the consensus among Muslims to forbid ijtihad since the tenth century or so, but not the Sunnah and Hadith. In which part did the article said anything about the Sunnah and Hadith?

    I think we’re walking in circles in this one, Khafi. I thought your point was: “Since they forgot about Al Quran and started to follow Sunnah and Hadith!” and not ‘since they prohibit ijtihad’.

    Fact : Muslims had followed the Quran and also the Sunnah and Hadith even during the Islamic glory days, that is an indisputable argument.

    “I know you don’t accept easily what I have to say but there are many more who feel as I do and have done a great deal of research, some over whole lifetimes. The rejection of Hadith and the fabricated Sunnah is nothing new it has a history as long as Hadith and Sunnah itself.”

    I realized that the condition existed, even before I met you in this forum. What I didn’t have was: A) The conviction that it was the Straight Path. B) The believe that whatever you aimed will have any tangible benefits for the Ummah in general.

    Why? 1) They wouldn’t believe as you believed, hence they will not follow your suggestions, as great as it may have been. 2) They will think that your path was just another ‘schism’ in Islam. And believe me, Jaringan Islam Liberal in Utan Kayu is not a popular (if not a hated) movement within the Indonesian Ummah.

    And how did I come to that conclusion? Take a look around, in this forum alone, which kinds of people actually generally approved your suggestions (about religion, in an Islamic perspective in particular)? Certainly not the practicing, mosque-going, and pengajian-attending Muslims like 1ndra, Mat Malaya, etc. Your views are more popular within the non-Muslims and ‘spiritually’ Muslims (if you catch my drift).

    One thing for sure, if you’re trying to advocate Muslims to abandon Sunnah and Hadith, you have a loong way to go.

    Btw, I still had difficulties digesting what you implied as Islam had been corrupted by the Sunnah and Hadith. We are the end of the line Ummah, ‘Umat akhir zaman’. We are the followers of the last messenger of Allah SWT. If this religion of Islam was really corrupted, so when will Allah SWT sent to us, the majority of humans on earth, the ‘pure’ guide to the Straight Path??

    As we knew, all of his previous religions were corrupted, but not even in these last days the ‘pure’ Guidance will be given to us? That Khafi, defied my logic.

  8. Mohammed Khafi says:


    You said:

    As we knew, all of his previous religions were corrupted, but not even in these last days the ‘pure’ Guidance will be given to us? That Khafi, defied my logic.

    His pure guidance is Al Quran Hassan, that is the criterion on which all other scriptures are to be judged.

    Then woe to those who write the Book with their own hands, and then say:”This is from Allah,” to traffic with it for miserable price!- Woe to them for what their hands do write, and for the gain they make thereby. 2:79


  9. Hassan says:

    Ahh, but the transmitters of the the Sunnah and Hadith never said “this is from Allah”. And neither do we ever considered it as from Allah SWT.

    When I said “pure Guidance”, I meant as in a religion that will guide humans in general. Will that religion ever comes? If His guidance will only come in a form of a Holy Scripture then why did He bothered sending all those prophets and established all those religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam)?

  10. 1ndra says:

    In my view, Hadits is an executed/applied Quran and others life acts from Rasulullah those aren’t described in Quran, some tips and some knowledge and education.

    We already knows what Quran teaching are, peace loving, morality, dicipline, and other good things. Those are the ultimate keys, and if we studied the hadith we need that keys.
    We should be careful, because there may be shahih hadith and not, if we found something different between the two, we should look up the keys instead.
    We knows Rasulullah won’t do anything bad as Allah watch him everytime (and we all too) so if there’re some hadith that shahih or not that different than Quran teaching we should look what Quranic approving.
    And some other need a scientific research.

  11. Bakshi says:

    Isn’t Hadith written by Bukhari and Muslim nearly 200 years after Prophet’s death. I was just wondering how on earth could they verify whether a given hadith is Correct or not. Would’nt they just have to realy on 4th or 5th generation of people after the Prophet. They could never actuallyhave talk to anyone who was in direct contact with prophet. I would say it is extremely risky to rely on those hadiths, even though how good their interntions where(Bukhari and Muslim). Just imagine if you now start the task of collecting everything Abraham Lincoln said and did in his life. Where will to start, who will you ask. I think we should just follow the quran as it is complete in itself.

  12. Aluang anak Bayang says:

    Mas, let’s defer the question of which hadis is sahih or not. We have over 80% of the population in abject poverty, hundreds of thousands of Indonesia’s daughters mistreated in the gulf, the plight of thousands of misplaced children of Indonesia affected by natural disasters, the dilemma is clear and present. Everyone is depending on us – the remaining percentage. The wealthy Chinese are not going to help us. They have China to go back to. The Indian are moving forward and they have a place to call home. Elsewhere in Asia, the world goes on. And you guys are taking about correct hadis. Wake up, Indonesia have to move forward. Am I alone? Our current president is a man of integrity. Let’s give him some support. Your time spent in deciding which hadis is authentic can be better spent organising relief efforts for those in needs.

    The prophet was long gone. You questioned the authenticity of the hadis, but take for granted that the Rasulullah is guided by the correct Allah. Shouldn’t you ask yourself if it is the authentic supreme God that actually gave your Rasulullah the noble Al-Quran? What if modern technology can identify the correct hadis? It is going to tell you to bow more toward Mecca. It ain’t going to bring our Indonesia’s daughters back from the gulf, nor it ain’t going to put food on the table. We need strong, honest leader to take us forward, not more religious zombies.

    Gee, you brain washed guys are unbelievable!

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