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A new Sundanese dictionary has been compiled.

Compiled by Raden Alla Danadibrata and containing forty thousand entries the Sundanese dictionary was released on the 18th of January, after a wait of fifty-seven years.

According to the President of Padjadjaran University in Bandung, Himendra Wargahadibrata, who is also chief of the team of editors, Danadibrata took forty years (1930-1970) to compile the dictionary but it was not published. After he died in 1987 a team from Padjadjaran continued with the work. Said Himendra: tempo

Three days before he died, Danadibrata handed the manuscript over to me.

The dictionary has 2,000 pages. The entries consist of root words, reduplications, and combined words, with an extensive range of meaning: spoken language, street language, polite language, dialects and slang.

The Danadibrata dictionary is considered more complete than the previous works, “A Dictionary of the Sunda Language of Java” by Jonathan Rigg (1862) which had 9,300 entries, and the “Kamus Basa Sunda” by R. Satjadibrata (1948) with eighteen thousand entries. In 2003, R.R. Hardjadibrata published the “Sundanese-English Dictionary” with 22,500 entries.

Himendra hopes the new dictionary will spur on the study of the language in schools, considering that Sundanese is the second most spoken regional language in Indonesia. gatra

11 Comments on “Sundanese Dictionary”

  1. joni rock n roll says:

    urang boga kamus anyar deui euy!

    I think it’s totally right if sundanese is the second most spoken regional language in Indonesia after javanese invasion in first top rank followed batak and padang on third and fourth rank. Feel it they are in every where.

    I think sundanese is fun. Meanwhile I’m not a person from that tribe. we ussually hear people speak with fast dialect, high tones and apparently “anjing…Goblog siah” out from mouth their closed friend dialog.

    Salute for Himendra to take the action. But what about college student demonstration from your almamater about transparancy fund for their practical money.

    Are you hear it silly old twat.

  2. sgn says:

    Hi, don’t be surprised the “New Testament” translated to Sundanese is very very good. I have one at home.


  3. 1ndra says:

    Wah, kandel banget bukune, opo ora mumet nek nggoleki tulisan sak emprit. 🙂

    It such a very thick book.

  4. Fanglong says:

    As a linguist, I enjoy considerably the publication of any comprehensive dictionary. This is good news for this whole bunch of New Years!

  5. sgn says:

    I recalled reading Sundanese Novel, like “Kalana”, “Balebat”, “Akibat Munjung”, “Nur Elah”, “Mapay Jalan Ka Naraka”, “Si Buntung Jago Tutugan”, etc.

    What was a wonderful moment.


  6. Dimp says:

    Interesting, the Indonesian government need to encourage the printing of traditional books, maybe by giving grants for authors or artists engaging in traditional arts.

    Save the Indonesian traditional arts before they become extinct.

  7. 1ndra says:

    Yeah, this is our culture wealth. And there’re so many to be saved.

  8. Dimp says:

    Maybe we need the media to increase the exposure on Indonesian traditional arts, I know a lot of the youngsters regard them as “kampungan” but when they became extinct, we would lost another identity as Indonesians.

  9. Mario Righi says:

    even a small dictionary of Sundanese AND Madurese on the web is needed
    this could give value to the culture of these two people.
    plse make this effort

  10. Michel Pauwels says:

    I love Sundanese people and Sundanese language.

  11. mia says:

    Can someone help me translate this to english?:

    Niasin cthx acipimox, niceterol…menurunkan sintsis ldl.. setresprauts

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