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The Al-Zaytun Islamic school has fallen under suspicion of links to Negara Islam Indonesia (NII).

Al Zaytun, or Pondok Pesantren Modern Al’Zaytun, formally opened by President B.J. Habibie in 1999, and occupying some 1,200 hectares in Mekarja, Gantar (Haurgeulis), Indramayu, West Java, and led by one Syekh Panji Gumilang was visited by vice-president Muhammad Jusuf Kalla, Minister of Religion Maftuh Basyuni, and Deputy Governor of West Java, Nu’man A. Hakim, on the 20th to celebrate Islamic New Year. It is home to over 10,000 students, including some from Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, and Brunei.

After Kalla & co’s visit journalists questioned Syekh Panji Gumilang over accusations that he was the 9th Area Commander of the Negara Islam Indonesia (NII), otherwise known as Darul Islam (DI), a movement which in the past has violently fought, particularly in West Java, for the establishment of an Islamic state. Gumilang said:

That’s not true. Al Zaytun is a centre for the development of a tolerant and peaceful culture [quoting the school’s motto].

Journalists said they had information from sources in Jakarta that NII was still actively recruiting among students and still had a formal structure, of which Syekh Panji Gumilang was an important part. The sheikh said people could say what they liked in a democratic system and reiterated that Al Zaytun was merely an educational institution.

Journalists then asked Gumilang for information on how the NII operated these days to which he again replied that Al Zaytun was just a school. kompas

Panji Gumilang
Syaykh Abdussalam Panji Gumilang.

Gumilang also said that in politics Al Zaytun did not side with any particular candidate or party. In the 2004 election the majority of votes from the school went to the pair of General Wiranto and Solahuddin Wahid, according to Electoral Commission figures. kompas

Previously Kalla had given a speech in which he urged for the modernisation of Islamic schools and he praised Al Zaytun as an example of a religious education school that had left behind the image of Islamic schools as cramped, dirty, and simple places. tempo

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  1. Bin Camel says:

    I met 2 key persons, this respected pesantren has plenty of money and internationaly linked, seems they promote tolerant to other religions, intelligent and diferrent kind of Islam, on contrary of Laskar Jihad, FPI and his gang. But you never know what’s in people’s minds, time will show after their 10,000 santri grow strong.

  2. Andrew says:

    It is clear that our government cannot prioritize their issues. They leave Laskar Jihad and FPI alone, but worries about something like this. This Zaytun thingy can get nasty, but I just can’t understand why they haven’t taken care of the immediate issue right in front of their eyes.

    Back in the 70s, my parents told me, the government banned the Salvation Army (“Bala Keselamatan”) because its name sounds militant (despite its noble mission and calm demeanor), but now they allow Laskar Jihad whose very name sounds similar.

    And yet I’m paying tax that eventually is used to feed these government officials, most of whom don’t have a clue what they’re doing. It’s like feeding someone who robs you.

  3. Andy Kalipaksi says:

    Al-Zaytun is the holistic city and land of Islamic. The followers of moslem of Indonesia Nation support this institution. We will developt its until the border of beyond.

  4. Kastro says:

    Al Zaytun portrays true Islam (peace). The love grows here and hatred faded.

  5. Lukman Hasan says:

    What we should do is to help Al-Zaytun to become the best…not to hate or to underestimate.. Al-Zaytun just have been there since 1999..only 8 years.
    Don’t compare and contrast among the other religious school.

  6. Pantja Wibowo says:

    Few days ago I visited the “pesantren” and as a non-moslem, I was very glad to see that that Islamic school has the motto of tolerance and peace.
    The 20 grade classes were made to produce a master degree of young Indonesian (and foreigns).
    What they done there was very good.

  7. Priautama says:

    Bravo alzaytun. Go ahead. Realise your mission. We always with you.

  8. Nurul Fathonah says:

    Al-Zaytun bring clear sign of peace which seems like disappear nowadays…keep it up…bring up the An-Nur…

  9. rina says:

    About 270 people including Mr. Panji Gumilang, the students and bike community from Al-Zaytun now held “Tour de Java” on bike, for 17 days (May-June 2008) around Java and Madura while they also plant trees in every city they visit.

    Wonderful contribution for our earth. I think we should appreciate their great effort.

  10. dariidonesia says:

    the best version of Islam so far…

  11. hamba allah says:

    As we know, that islam is stand on peace. And only in al-zaytun I found the true peace, not like in another place, always make me scary.

  12. Achmad Sirojudin says:

    Bravo Al Zaytun. Do the best to answer the fitnah. I know you have a great idea for this nation.

  13. lintang says:

    I’m as a student of al zaytun international school just wanna say to all of you who read this….. I’m very proud to be al zaytun student coz al zaytun made me to be a true moslem…. I got many experience and knowledge there. I just wanna make you believe that al zaytun is the best education place… thank to every teacher…. friends….. and everyone who always help al zaytun….. I love you all I promaise I wanna be a true man and study hard to be usefulman I’ll build indonesia to be the strong country……. whatever Al zaytun is the BEST among the best……….

  14. Reynard says:

    Al-Zaytun is the great institution, i believe if it will be a country it’ll be the great islamic country in the world. Bravo Al-Zaytun……………….

  15. Hikmat Lesmana says:

    I’m as a student of AL ZAYTUN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL just wanna say to all of you read this…AL ZAYTUN is the best education place….thank to every teacher, friends and everyone who always help AL ZAYTUN….

  16. Skunk Boss says:

    I am a student of al-zaytun, even though the teaching methods and the way the inhabitants of al-zaytun live may be different to some others but I like it there, because the methods teach us and discipline us to become a good and reliable students. Not every school in the world can do that.

  17. bunk says:

    I have been stay there for long time a go I can’t find the trouble how about people say about alzaytun badly. If you not believe me you can go there now to cek & recek.

  18. black n white attire says:

    salam..i was a student at al-zaytun..but i dont see the clear mission of the leader..
    best education institution?unfortunately my answer would be no…when i was there,i do think that zaytun is the best school ever! \’alzaytun international school\’!
    but when i graduate, then i realize, i was just wasting 6 years there,wasting my time n wasting my parents\’ money! believe me it cost huge amount of money!
    but then, nothing to regret…life must go on!insyaAllah,i will not do the same mistake ever again!!just one thing i would like to tell them…please stop all this lies!stop fooling people around claiming that alzaytun is the best pesantren,zaytun potrays true islam!tolenrasi dan perdamaian?!?sh*t!
    if u did not afford to proceed,just stop!don\’t be cruel to your people!
    .:me love justice:.

  19. black n white attire says:

    skunk boss : the methods teach us and discipline us to become a good and reliable students???
    hahahaha…funny!good and reliable haaa????you wish!
    klo disiplin,ngak perlu kali tiap kali ke mesjid ato ke sekolah dikejar diusir kayak nyuruh kambing masuk kandang!
    udah tamat kelas 6 masih ada yang gak bisa ngaji????this is the funniest thing!PESANTREN!~

  20. Iyan says:

    Alzaitun is good education for indonesia people because with system boarding school the student can’t be infected by outside isme.

  21. Eddo says:

    I think it’s the greatest breakthrough for Islam,Since formerly ‘persantren’/ ‘Boarding school’ had a very bad identity (terorist, poverty, ancient) since i heard that there’s a greatest Pesantren in the world ever,i lost my disappointment of Islam society, i put my big hope to Al-zaytun to change this country and this world be a better living for human kind,i don’t mind if one day if Al-zaytun proclaim the islamic nation of indonesia (Negeri islami) Allah always be with U, mujahid

  22. all 1 man says:

    As i know Al-Zaytun is the best international islamic school in the universe
    like russian said ne znayaya v rodu ne lyez v vod because a man slips more by his tongue than by his foot!

  23. Astrajingga says:

    I think it would be better if Al-Zaytun’s teachers and students ride bike and plant trees all over Java and Madura, but not teaching only Islam as the true religion along the way.

    It will be better if Al-Zaytun, not only teaches inter-religion tolerance, but to let each students choose their own religion or not to have any religion. To let them search by themselves what the truth is. To let them find the meaning of life. And let the education institution become a place for a great debating hall, where the search for truth will never end.

    But so far, rather than letting FPI re-educates Indonesian with their violence action, I prefer whatever Al-Zaytun doing right now.

  24. happy evie says:

    i have been there…
    the place was so great, beautiful…,,and peace
    makes me felt new, fresh, i was feeling so ambisius…
    theres no dream that not coming true..
    insya allah…
    i love the children there,,,
    thank god finally,,,indonesia has a best place to
    educate a new young generation..

  25. sham says:

    only Al-Zaytun have been exspansion the peace and tolerance

  26. eleplur says:

    I love al zaytun,
    it’s a second home to me..n never in my six years there as a student,has any teachers taught us any wrong doing, as what they says in Jakarta…like the school motto,we student, international n national,live together in harmony..
    bagi yg mantan azytun n msh ngrasa gak suka sama zaytun..gpp,coz beda org,beda pendapat,we all look in different views..
    For me, i found myself..n that zaytun has open my mind n views towards islam globally.

  27. Nur Assifaa says:

    Yupz, I love Al-Zaytun too, Beautiful Memories in Al-Zaytun for six years, never will be forget. ^_^

  28. sridaryani says:

    I have gone.I am verry happy.this is really islamic.I believe my son can be knowing what he must does in his life. Al- Zaytun… I love you full.

  29. bahtiar says:

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  30. dash says:

    @Bachtiar: Well, whatever u say that there’s a bound between Zaytun n NII,, I was one of the students there just wanna clarify that there’s no TERRORISM or a kind of thing like that taught there,, it’s just a boarding house,, we learn things as many other students in modern dorm schools do.. No weapon, No brain washing there,, so please

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