Visa on Arrival, Fiscal Tax

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On visas and fiscal tax.

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The nationals of many countries have, since 2004, been required to pay a small fee to obtain a tourist visa to enter Indonesia, called Visa On Arrival.

Meanwhile Indonesian citizens and foreigners employed in Indonesia are required to pay a fee of one million rupiah (about $110) each time they leave the country. The fee, called Fiscal Tax, is meant to be an advance payment on that person’s income tax for the next year. Technically citizens who have paid it can claim it back on their tax return, but this is rarely done as many claim that doing so invites the attention of tax auditors.


February 16th 2007.

Vice President Jusuf Kalla announced that shortly tourist visas will have a duration of four months, in order to attract more foreign tourists. Visitors have complained that 30 days is far too short a time to take in the vast archipelago. antara

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  1. Erlie says:

    I am a green card holder. Right now I am living in States. I want to visit Indonesia soon, do I have to pay the fiscal tax when I go back to US ?

  2. ngowos says:

    Yes you have to pay if you still have indonesian passport.. I think is Rp 3,5 mill.

  3. michael testa says:

    Does anyone know if I can exempt my 2 american/indonesian children from paying fiscal tax when we fly from medan to penang using indonesian passports? Or should the kids use their u.s. passports. Thanks so much!

  4. Sam says:

    Hi, if I am Indonesian passport holder and resident of other country. I believe can exempt 4 times free fiscal a year (183 days) but how that year will be calculated if travel from Jakarta.
    ex: 1. january to 31 december or
    2. when you travel work back 1 year from there,
    ex. travel from jakarta to overseas 1 july 2009 (count 1 july 2009 to 1 august 2008).

    Can anyone help me to confirm with this. Thank you very much.
    Anyone know the ph# of jakarta airport free fiskal office.

    Please reply to me asap. Really appreciated

    Best regards,

  5. jen says:

    hello, can anyone give some point for this question?

    will the imigration officer ( arrival in europe ) still be questioning or interrogate even if you have the visa? tourist visa? is it hard to get in for asian ( like from philippines for example ) people in europe? what would be the usual questions for tourists?
    hope someone could share his / her opinion..

  6. yee mon oo says:

    I would like to visit to indonesia for 30 days. I’m from myanmar. Could i possible to buy on arrival

  7. Willy says:

    Can anyone update me how much is this Viscal Fees or Fiscal Fees now a day?

  8. ET says:

    Can anyone update me how much is this Viscal Fees or Fiscal Fees now a day?

    The Fiscal Fee for leaving the Indonesian territory has been abolished since the beginning of this year.

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