‘Women Can Be Nice With You’

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The woeful English speaking skills of Indonesian beauty pageant contestants.

Miss Indonesia 2009 (Putri Indonesia) Qory Sandioriva, during the “Get to know” interview stage of the Miss Universe 2010 grand final being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, was asked what wise womanly advice she had for men, in general it seems, responding:

I think that when you down the women can make you up, and I think that women can be said that “I have advice for you” that if you way up, you have to be nice to people, include the women, so when you down, women can be nice with you

Her words have raised painful memories of 2006 Miss Universe contestant Nadine Chandrawinata‘s “Indonesia is a beautiful city” fiasco, and again caused concerned commentators to wonder at the consistently poor standard of English among Indonesian beauty pageant winners.

Watch the rest of her stammering, confusing responses:

And Nadine in 2006:

Qory is no stranger to beat-up, storm in a teacup controversy, having been said to have caused anger among Acehnese Muslims in October 2009 when she won the Miss Indonesia contest representing the Verandah of Mecca, shamelessly unbejilbabed.

35 Comments on “‘Women Can Be Nice With You’”

  1. onlyme says:

    brain, beauty, behavior. Which one come first?

  2. Oigal says:

    Well it is a beauty contest or we would be all looking at Steven Hawking πŸ™‚

  3. deta says:

    I am think she english not bad bad very much (ngga jelek-jelek amat). Who needs them to talk too much anyway (unless she becomes a regular commenter on IM)

  4. shawty says:

    Better send jupe at least she speaks good English

  5. ET says:

    It may be broken English but at least she does her best to pronounce it correctly, not the ridiculous speech some would-be radio presenters use here in Bali which make my toes curl and jump up in search for another station.

  6. onlyme says:

    @ shawty
    doubt jupe will agree on it since she’s popular already, does not need to compete in beauty countess to prove that she’s beautiful, she knows that she is, haha, go jupe!

  7. Lairedion says:

    no what-what…

    If you’re really into this check these sites:

    Engrish Funny

    Mostly dealing with Japanese/Chinese translations into English but there are some Indo samples.

  8. nakal says:

    They provide translator… and yet…
    or is it too much to assume that they have intelligence?

  9. niken-tiluh says:

    I don’t know which one is worse…

    Qory “When you down, the women can make you up” Sandioriva or
    Nadine “We have a lot of beautiful bitches” Chandrawinata or
    Caitlin “I personally believe that such as and…” Upton, who is a native English speaker

  10. jantancool says:

    “Don’t be surplus (Jangan berlebihan) comment na…
    Be wrong a little is OK toch.?(Salah sedikit gpp toh). Important is brave (yang penting berani, gitu loh…) ”

    “Sorry miss if my friend made you are not delicious (Maaf miss kalau teman saya bikin kamu jadi nggak enak)”

  11. Parvita says:

    I meet people with bad grammar but still can get the message. But watching the video, I have no idea what she is trying to say!

  12. fixmanius says:

    Contrary to what Parvita said, I myself could still get the ideas she was trying to explain. Well, her English might be far from exceptional indeed, but that’s all right. Nevertheless, this is one of the many reasons I loved Miss Karenina Halim so much (Miss Indonesia 2009).

  13. nakal says:

    Don’t wanna be a bitch here… but f^(*& that…
    They all like fashion, faded with cloying disturbing taste….
    Hoping for a proper one next year! Hopefully less drama!

  14. Chris says:

    Her teacher was probably the same guy who came up with the slogan for “Visit Indonesia 2008”.

    Can’t they find a willing expat/native speaker to teach Miss Indonesia? I know I’d enjoy the experience of giving her private lessons…

  15. meanie says:

    But this is why this show is so much entertaining. Lol

  16. Astrajingga says:

    @ onlyme
    brain, beauty, behavior. Which one come first?


  17. mingo says:

    1.Its a beauty contest not a quiz on the English language,
    They both pass THE BEAUTY PART, The rest WHO CARES

  18. kongkor says:

    I just don’t get it, why not just speak the Indonesian language? Instead of impressing the judges, she is doing herself a disfavor.

  19. yaser antone says:

    That means English doesn’t suit the beauty. All of us know that English is not a beautiful language. The fact : no true native english speaker can be catagorized miss world-class-beautiful. The true designation of english is to be used as language in coal mines or harbors among lowbrows.

  20. ET says:

    The true designation of english is to be used as language in coal mines or harbors among lowbrows.

    You seem to speak it very well. Does it mean this also applies to you?

  21. Lairedion says:

    The fact : no true native english speaker can be catagorized miss world-class-beautiful.

    Noted for truth. πŸ™‚

  22. Astrajingga says:

    I just don’t get it, why not just speak the Indonesian language?

    A non English native speaker contestant who speaks English will get a plus from the judges. I think this is what she aims, a more achievable target rather than thinking too much on the content of her speech.

    Instead of impressing the judges, she is doing herself a disfavor.

    Imagine if she speaks exactly those sentences in Bahasa Indonesia.

  23. Nay says:


    brain, beauty, behavior. Which one come first?

    It’s more like:

    Smart, Sexy, Sane
    -Pick two.

  24. Ajay says:

    After few cans of beer, I totally understood what she said.

  25. fray says:

    I’m not sure the criteria they used to select the Miss Indonesia winner. No doubt she looks beautiful in video but it seems to me she got problem to organise her thought.

    Why cant the Indonesian judges test the contestants on expressing their thought in english?? Just look at how India does it. No wonder there were several Miss Universe from India.

  26. Hans says:

    No wonder there were several Miss Universe from India Indian brides may have better posture and generally looks very very good, and many are they
    How do you do if they becomes english

  27. realest says:

    Brains? No!
    Beauty? Yes!
    Behavior? Maybe!

    /me sues Donald Trump

  28. Hamzah says:

    beauty and the beast …. what’s the different… you may be beauty in one thing but beast in other thing… nobody’s perfect ….

  29. savira rusdi says:

    This is my opinion about cory’s inglish(Indo lish)….If the men fell sad,the women will cheer them up.in other word, men need women to be their companion or vice versa ..it seems a piece of cake but no men are existed without woman in this world. that’s way being women is special. Somebody gave me a small and simple music box gift ,when I opened it the music played sound good to my ears,It was inspiring me to learn more any kinds of music. To be honest with you that gift is memorable.I was dated a playboy man at the restaurant and he also dated the same time with two other gilrls friends, At that time I was so naive to understand him, After he got caught chitting on me then I broke-up with him Even thought, he convinced me that he never do that to me and really nice to me but I was never trusted him again.Now day, Iam learn from my mistake to really careful to choose my future dated. This was my worst dated I have ever had in my entire life.

  30. realest says:

    ^a perfect example of Indonesian English.^

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