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Indonesia should avoid being too close to the United States, say Zaenal Maarif and Amien Rais.

Zaenal Maarif, who is one of the chairmen of the Indonesian parliament and the leader of the Islamic party Partai Bintang Reformasi (PBR), Reform Star Party, says that the American economy is heading towards recession, and the dollar keeps weakening. As Indonesia’s second biggest non oil and gas export destination, after Japan, America remained vital to Indonesian interests but the country should be aware of the sorry state of the US economy.

Zaenal Maarif
Zaenal Ma’arif.

He said, in a written submission to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), that America was nearing a recession, its people were wasteful and debt-laden, and its government owed massive amounts of money to China, Japan, South Korea, and the wealthy middle eastern countries.

He advised that Indonesia follow the path of Malaysia and sell some its oil in Euros and Yen, and not rely solely on the sickly dollar. For non oil and gas products he urged that Indonesia find other markets apart from the US. detik

Meanwhile aging firebrand Amien Rais of the Partai Amanat Nasional, PAN, warned SBY that if he continued to have a close relationship with America he would pay a price at the ballot box during the 2009 presidential election. Being seen to be pro-American would only bring disaster for “my friend”, the president, he said.

Amien Rais
Amien Rais.

He cited the examples of the leaderships of Nouri al-Maliki in Iraq, Fuad Siniora of Lebanon, and Hamid Kharzai of Afghanistan, all hopelessly unpopular because they were seen as pro-western, American lapdogs. These countries offered a good lesson for SBY, don’t be too close to Bush, or with his allies, Tony Blair of the UK and John Howard of Australia. detik

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  1. 1ndra says:

    Yup, resources sucker.

  2. Andrew says:

    Hassan/1ndra – cursing the US government doesn’t really change the situation; instead of constantly doing that, why don’t you work on the other side of the equation: maybe you can talk to your “wakil rakyat” and get him or her to change the situation, namely refuse US aids. You’d better come up with a better solution(s), of course…

  3. 1ndra says:

    The better solutions are teaching our people how to manage the resources ourselves, make the government support it, and not letting the resources ‘transfered freely’ to abroad.

  4. Ihaknt says:

    Teaching? Get real! if there is nothing to corrupt from it, this so-called teaching wont happen, at least not in our lifetime.
    If it is feasible then the ‘teachers’ need to be a group of people who actually know how to maximise the use of it too, or not teaching the wrong things. but in the end one main business goal is to make profit.

  5. bradlymail says:

    1ndra. Yes! We have natural resources but we don’t have high technology to diversify our resources. Even India and China sent their students and manpowers to USA to study or maybe stealing the USA technology, frankly we need them (USA).

  6. 1ndra says:

    Teaching how to manage the resources ourselves.

    So the business and money are ours not abroad.

  7. Andrew says:

    That sounds better – the main point is, it is not US’s (nor any other countries’) fault to offer assistance. Indonesia is NOT forced to accept the assistance. The US needs to feed it’s huge energy appetite, and Indonesia needs the cash to take care of whatever issues it has domestically.

    It is fair to expect something in return of any assistance – with that in mind, the balance hangs so much on the bargaining power of each country.

    If we feel that other countries are taking advantage of us, it is not their fault – blame it on the negotiation skills of our government. Putting the blame on others just shows our inability to deal internationally.

  8. Mohammed Khafi says:

    Andrew said:

    Putting the blame on others just shows our inability to deal internationally.

    It also highlights our inability to look critically at ourselves.

  9. 1ndra says:

    Yup, and dont forget there might be ‘compensation money’.

  10. bradlymail says:

    Yes, of course!

  11. Cukurungan says:

    Un-written God rule for the live actually is very simple if you are not predator you must be prey or vice versa. Yeah Indonesia has independence more than 60 years but we failed state and even have not started yet to transform become “Predator State” caused by the foundation of Indonesia state is too fragile and too complicated what so called “Pancasila and Bhineka Tunggal Ika” are not more than “written artifact” no body take care it except some one who might use it for the shake of the manipulating Indonesia people hehehe.

    Today so called “predator state” would be US, several advance country including G7 member and China and India slowly and surely transform their self to become “Predator State”. Of course no one can be blamed when “Predator State” eat “Prey State” because this is same thing when a lion hungry and hunt and eat a dear. Is the lion wrong? Might be yes for dumb people

    If we flash back to the beginning of the human history, it can be concluded that God already designed the live in on earth would never be peaceful and anyone still believe there is peaceful live on earth better they live under earth or dead. The first human conflict was among sons of prophet ADAM when Cain killed Abel since then the murder story is self repeated until the doom day. Those self repeated history has been transforming to almost any dimension of the human relation ship such as state relation ship, races relationship, religion relation ship and etc. Old Wisdom Said, “prosperity of one state” only can be made based on “misery of several states”. In other word, the misery of billion peoples in Third Word shall be maintained in whatever cost to keep prosperity hundred million peoples in the advance country.
    Just take a look, in order to maintain “American Life Style” 300 million Americans consumed 20 Million Barrels of 75 Million Barrel of Oil World production annually. So that 2.5 billions China and Indian peoples will need 167 Million Barrels oil if they want to life as “American Life Style”. The questions is where the remaining oil supply can be found, the answer might be on “innovations technology” and so far I know those innovation is only available in the format of the killing Iraqis.

    It seemed the above statement so naïve but please search and read in Google the following topic:

    1) G8 subsidies contributing to WTO crisis
    2) Who will make hunger history?
    3) G8 Countries Seek African Consumer Market
    4) Farm Subsidies That Starve the World
    5) APRN Statement on Human Rights and Trade: The WTO’s Decade of Human Rights Violations

    Justice Provocateur

  12. Hassan says:

    Andrew: Ok, then i’d say the government sucks!

    How many times have we heard that before. If a can get a penny every time i heard that, i’ll be as rich as the Bakries.

    And i still don’t know how to reach my “wakil rakyat”, to give them my piece and all.

    About your idea, “refuse US aids” i think we can see on TV how many times Muslims had protested and asked our government to do just that. But i doubt our capitalist government would listen.

  13. Dimp says:

    Hi Hassan,

    “Refusing US aids” – this term is very much hypocritical, as you can see our government cannot even find a Boeing 737 (AdamAir) and still need the US Army to confirm the findings of the metal objects.

    We need all the assistance we can get, from the US, from Europe, South America, China, Saudi Arabia, we all live in one planet, why do we want to distance ourselves with others?

  14. Andrew says:

    Hassan, I didn’t say that the government sucked 😀

    I guess I was overstating it when I said “refuse US assistance”…taking aids from any countries is fine I think, as long as we know what kind of bargain we’re getting. “Beli kucing dalam karung” is probably what is happening most of the time…

  15. 1ndra says:

    The US has come and now being part of search team, but in order no to do other ‘mission’ there’re 3 Indonesian on board.
    At least, the Indonesian KRI has found something under the sea, theirself.

  16. Dimp says:

    My oh my, we need their help, yet we don’t trust them.

  17. 1ndra says:

    Just some ‘guardians’ onboard.
    Dont you remember their last visit only makes disturbances.

  18. Dimp says:

    Hi Indra,

    When tsunami hit Aceh, the Americans send their people to help the Acehnese, the Australians pour their money to Indonesia, and still they are perceived as the bad guys. Have we no shame?

    If you went to help one of your neighbour who are in need, but on one condition that one of the neighbout will need to accompany you watching that you are not doing anything that will disturb them how would you feel?

    If that happens to me I will probably find someone else who genuinely need my help and have no ill-feeling towards me.

    The Americans do not have to help us, yet they send us their ship to help our inept government. We should be thankful.

  19. 1ndra says:

    If they are help us heartly then they are welcome.
    But why we should be aware?

    Now take this reality…
    If you are in bad situation and one of your neighbour come quickly to give you aid, what do you feel toward him if you know that your neighbour is an usurer or something like that.
    In some book, something like a confession from an economical hit men, its made true.

    And we know that American is a double standard, that what we need to be aware of. If they help, we need to make sure they help, not to conduct some top secret missions.

    In a way we should thank them and in other way we need to be aware not to let them ‘walking around, sightseeing’.

  20. Andrew says:

    1ndra, in the case of the Adam Air, the original intention of the US assistance is irrelevant. Do you think they can just find the 3 Americans, and not find the rest of the plane?

    They might as well be spying on us, but I believe they can do, and have been doing it much better without physically being in Indonesia – without having to send a fake rescue mission.

  21. Tomaculum says:


    “to be aware not to let them ‘walking around, sightseeing'”¦”


    If they want to know about the situation in Indonesia, there are some other discreet ways:
    – per satellite (you know google earth?)
    – pay Indonesians with good knowledge about the situation (economy, politic and others. Give them 1000 000 $.
    – send spies

    Paranoid, isn’t it, always to think, that every western country which want to help Indonesia, has always then thought to spy this land?

    And take the reality, that also Indonesia has a double standard. What kind of top secret mission they intent now? To spy the power of the Indonesian army? They know it already. Or the save nautical ways for their huge ships? They can see it already clearly per satellite. To know the strategical industrial positions in Indonesia? Who knows it better than the USA? Where they can throw their nuclear bombs over Indonesia? The newest technology can do it already.
    Or maybe to spy, where they should start if they want occupy Indonesia? The hell they would do it, because ……

  22. Andrew says:

    We should prioritize better, and worry more about the real, immediate threats in front of us, like: (1) corruptions (2) hate-spreaders that are running amok in Indonesia, teaching distorted religious message in order to achieve different agenda.

    These are things that cause serious hemorrhage internally, so why not handle them first and let our suspicion on the US take a back seat at least for now.

  23. 1ndra says:

    Tomaculum: You’ve said it.
    That’s why we must be aware, why the hell they spying on us? 🙂

  24. Ihaknt says:

    What’s with the ‘suspicious’ behavious these days? if someone wants to help then good on them! If your relative is dying and you’re suspicous with the person come to aid you, then your relative would probably die in the process. Why always think that when someone helps means that they want something in returns? is it because that YOU are actually like that? when you help then you expect something in returns?

    Gees, I am glad I stop donating money to charity. If the people I would like to help don’t mind receiving the aid but are suspicious of me, then I might as well keep the money to myself. Stuff em! Go help yourself!

  25. Dimp says:

    If you don’t trust the one giving you assistance then tell them up front and tell them that you don’t need their assistance, if you still accept their assistance then that is just plain hypocrite.

  26. 1ndra says:

    If there’s a snake in the grass/shrimp behind the rock do we have to accept?

    I accept only from a real assistance, that’s it.

  27. Dimp says:

    Hi Indra,

    The Americans are not holding their guns for you to accept their assistance anyway.

    If you don’t need their assistance then just say so, I think they will be more than happy not to spend their money on some ingrates.

  28. Hassan says:

    “If you don’t need their assistance then just say so, I think they will be more than happy not to spend their money on some ingrates.”

    Guess again. They won’t spend it on some smart people, because they will use the money wisely to develop their countries that one day might even rival the US’ hegemony. Spending their money on ingrates is what they liked best, especially when those ingrates eventually became dependent to the US’ whims. 😀

  29. 1ndra says:

    Yeah, I dont like their attitude, just like they are crippling Indonesian army by blocking the machine sparepart, so the Indonesian army couldnt do area patrol.

    And when Indonesia try to reach Rusian, US coming.

  30. Andrew says:

    Well, what can you say, there is a price for being dependent on others… and don’t you think that the Russians will treat you better if you buy from them either, because each has its own agenda. Isn’t that just the rule of the game in this world?

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