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Indonesia should avoid being too close to the United States, say Zaenal Maarif and Amien Rais.

Zaenal Maarif, who is one of the chairmen of the Indonesian parliament and the leader of the Islamic party Partai Bintang Reformasi (PBR), Reform Star Party, says that the American economy is heading towards recession, and the dollar keeps weakening. As Indonesia’s second biggest non oil and gas export destination, after Japan, America remained vital to Indonesian interests but the country should be aware of the sorry state of the US economy.

Zaenal Maarif
Zaenal Ma’arif.

He said, in a written submission to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), that America was nearing a recession, its people were wasteful and debt-laden, and its government owed massive amounts of money to China, Japan, South Korea, and the wealthy middle eastern countries.

He advised that Indonesia follow the path of Malaysia and sell some its oil in Euros and Yen, and not rely solely on the sickly dollar. For non oil and gas products he urged that Indonesia find other markets apart from the US. detik

Meanwhile aging firebrand Amien Rais of the Partai Amanat Nasional, PAN, warned SBY that if he continued to have a close relationship with America he would pay a price at the ballot box during the 2009 presidential election. Being seen to be pro-American would only bring disaster for “my friend”, the president, he said.

Amien Rais
Amien Rais.

He cited the examples of the leaderships of Nouri al-Maliki in Iraq, Fuad Siniora of Lebanon, and Hamid Kharzai of Afghanistan, all hopelessly unpopular because they were seen as pro-western, American lapdogs. These countries offered a good lesson for SBY, don’t be too close to Bush, or with his allies, Tony Blair of the UK and John Howard of Australia. detik

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  1. Rockstar says:

    All you hypocrites. Rais, the power-minded freak, if what’s in your head is all about being a famous leader over the need of the people, you’re a total bunghole. So, SBY shouldn’t be close to America in oreder that he could be elected again. HA! what a total crap.

    Maarif, shut you pie-hole. Your internal affair (family) is in total chaos. Your wife doesn’t even give you a permision to take the second wife. You can’t even control your small family. Now you’re saying you know what is good for this great country? HA! What a joke.

  2. bradlymail says:

    Diplomacy ties with USA and it’s allies is good for Indonesia. Especially in economic and technology terms.

    says that the American economy is heading towards recession, and the dollar keeps weakening.

    If USA faced recession the world wide would face recession too and would cause inflation. Indonesia’s economic would also be affected. Who will struggle? The poor people in Indonesia.

  3. Manuel says:

    Its amazing how unfortunate we are Indonesian for having so many political leaders that could only brought up meaningless discussion. I mean comparing Indonesia with Irak, Lebanon, Afghanistan. They must have thought, hey I am genius, after I analyzed what is happening with Maliki, Siniora, Kharzai I concluded that every people that close to Bush will not be popular, and no one have ever figure this one out, hmmm I am genius, I’ll talk about it and the people of Indonesia will see how genius I am and they will vote for me, and if SBY got re-elected I’ll claim that its because my warning SBY got re-elected, wow I am in win win situation, hmmm I am genius, hmmm I’ll better call Maarif and see if he could find another supporting thought, hmmmm.

    How unfortunate have we been.

  4. 1ndra says:

    Hope US dont send their Economic Hit Men here.

  5. Cukurungan says:

    Wrong advice by Ma’arif, the correct one’s let strengthened Indonesia and US relationship and let American teach us how to live, to Govern Country and if necessary imitate whatever American Style he he he hopefully someday Indonesia will becomes the most advanced country in the southeast asia like Philipina (American Style in Asia Edition hehehe).

  6. Oigal says:


    Again your kidding right? Indonesia has enough people helping her commit economic suicide, she certainly does not need help from outsiders to do that. Have a look a “The Brothers Grim”.

  7. Mohammed Khafi says:

    As much as I hate that adulterous, hypocritical, morally corrupt man, he actually has a point about the US dollar, America is getting deeper into dept, their own economy is slowing down and if they do suffer a recession as some predict it will drag us down as well. As a nation we have too much tied up in Dollar currencies. A move to less volatile currencies and sales to alternative markets makes a lot of sense.

    I used to respect Amein Rais, he talked a lot of sense as a senior member of Muhammadiyah, but as soon as he mixed religion and politics his critical and reasoned thought seems to have dissapeared and been replaced with “political speak”.

    I think he is a dissapointed man who thought that he could take his religious supporters and expect them to support his political career. He was wrong and this has deeply troubled him. As a religious man commenting on politics he garnered support from many sides, but as a politician, trying to use religion he has failed!

  8. 1ndra says:

    There’s a book about Economic Hit Men, a confession.
    They are doing economical break down in other countries, some of their mission is giving loan much high enough that makes the borrower countries unable to pay back. The rest is, resources take down.

  9. Rockstar says:

    As far as I know according to the history, US has been through a number of recessions. They always manage to survive though. No wonder people aren’t too worried about it because they will bounce back. I think US has reached its peak though.

  10. bradlymail says:

    Rockstar that’s why USA is the world major economic power! Now, India and China are new generation of economic powers, what about Indonesia?

  11. 1ndra says:

    Indonesia is major economic corruption powers.

  12. bradlymail says:

    1ndra, you are right! Indonesia actually can be like China or India. Both are towards robust economic power. First, kill the corruption! Nowdays, China do ‘cleansing’ toward goverment officials who are practising corruptions.Those who are convicted would face death squad and their properties would take away by the goverment. Can Indonesia do that? I do not think so!

  13. bayo says:

    It’s a silly statements from both leaders, so to which country we should have close realtionship to? How well Indonesia in the world eyes? Corruption man.

  14. 1ndra says:

    In Indonesia, money ‘punishment’ better and ‘acceptable’ than death penalty 😀

  15. Hassan says:

    Anyone who said that the US is good for us is oblivious to their actual agendas. They ‘need’ us, the kind of need that requires manipulation.

    Any benefits they had given to Indonesia is simply reciprocal in nature and any good they had done to us is only a part of their ‘stick and carrot’ policy. Who the heck did they think we are? Rabbits?

  16. 1ndra says:

    Nope Hassan, we are not rabbit, just fertile soil which they could grow money and dig for gold…later left us as desert.

  17. Ihaknt says:

    Rabbits? hehehehe, we may not look like rabbits, but we definitely f*** like them! look at the growing population? Even worse, some people are in poligamous unions! Now youre making me like having some rabbit satays, YUM!!

  18. 1ndra says:

    That’s what happened if you have rabbit’s head picture in your back and not using some contraception.
    Boom!!! 😀

  19. Andrew says:

    Hassan said:

    Any benefits they had given to Indonesia is simply reciprocal in nature and any good they had done to us is only a part of their ‘stick and carrot’ policy. Who the heck did they think we are? Rabbits?

    Think about this:
    (1) there is no such thing as a free lunch (who do you think they are anyway, departemen sosial?)
    (2) often times it is Indonesia that asks for assistance – don’t you think it is fair for someone to expect something in return for the help he/she gives?
    (3) if Indonesia thinks the assistance offered by the US has too many strings attached, don’t take it (apparently that’s not what the decision makers think)

    From your numerous threads, I can see that you look at things black and white – anything coming from the US (or western countries) is black or bad, and everything coming from the Arabs are white or good. Unfortunately life isn’t that simple.

    You make it sound like people have to behave, act, and think like the Arabs for them to be a good Muslim. You make it sound like Indonesia’s diversity, tradition and cultures have to be abandoned if people were to become Muslim. You make it sound like you have to hate the west to become a good Muslim. You are confusing religion, culture, and civilization big time.

    Can’t you be a very good and devout Muslim without being an Arab wannabe, without having to strip off your identity as an Indonesian, without denying the fact that not everyone in Indonesia share the same belief, without having to hate non-Muslims??

  20. Grace and Mercy says:

    Silly men… Silly comments!

    Enough said.

  21. Ihaknt says:

    Grace I am not a man. But I make silly comments because it’s fun!

  22. Grace and Mercy says:

    Ihaknt, I’m talking about Zaenal and Amin.

  23. Ihaknt says:

    Oh …my bad i was ge er…it’s ok yah heheheheh in that case yes i agree with you. The funny thing is that one of my friends in Australia, his family is very close friends with the Rais family. They even sleep at each other’s place when they visit…MMM maybe they are not friends no more.

  24. Dimp says:

    Man, these people are truly has no shame, I don’t think the Americans will even care if Indonesians cut the economic ties with them, Indonesian economy is struggling as it is, please don’t make it harder than what it is.

    These people truly do not represent their people, just because they have money (which probably given by Americans through their aid/loan to Indonesia), they don’t feel the struggle of the Indonesians.

  25. 1ndra says:

    Well, here in Indonesia there’re many American products. If we cut it…:D

  26. Dimp says:

    I think these politicians need to think, probably more than twice and then run some of their ideas through smarter colleagues, then and only then they can open their mouths.

  27. Grace and Mercy says:


    Yeah, and the funny thing is that Amien is a graduate of University of Chicago in the state of Illinois in the Good ole’ USA.

  28. O. Bule says:

    I think these fellows are correct. Indonesia should align itself with Russia.

    O. Bule

  29. Andrew says:

    They are just confused between what they think and what they want.

    As confused as a baby in a topless bar.

  30. Hassan says:

    “which probably given by Americans through their aid/loan to Indonesia”.

    As Soekarno used to say, “Go to hell with your aid”.

    And why did the US seemed very generous with their loans/aids (which they knew our corrupt government officials WILL corrupt)? So they can strangle us when we eventually won’t be able to pay when those debts are due.

    You know what? That is EXACTLY what had happened in our country.

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