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The top 100 websites viewed from Indonesia.

Put out by Alexa this list seems to measure traffic originating from Indonesia and ranks sites accordingly – it is not ordered by ordinary Alexa traffic rank, which doesn’t distinguish location of traffic. It includes both sites listed in the Alexa directory, which is derived from the Open Directory Project, and sites that are not.

The message seems to be that online Indonesians are interested primarily in these things:

  • sex, and plenty of it thankyou
  • blogging, chatting, networking
  • geekery, techie and IT stuff
  • webmaster and making money stuff
  • pictures, videos, possibly related to item one
  • news
  • jobs, careers

The top ten is:

  • Yahoo!
  • Friendster
  • Blogger
  • Usercash
  • Kaskus
  • Detik
  • Youtube

On balance Detik is probably the most popular site, because Detik is broken up into separate sites and has multiple listings, at 9th, Detik News at 16th, Detik Sport at 19th, Detik Hot at 20th, and Detik Inet at 35th.

Indonesia Matters is ranked in the 80’s, which doesn’t seem right but we’ll take anything that comes our way.

The list.

February 21st 2007. As Hassan notes below we have dropped out of the Top 100, currently ranked in the 150’s.

15 Comments on “Top 100 Websites”

  1. aroeng says:

    Interesting list. Thanks for the info.

  2. Karlira Kanakahuko says:

    This is the sign that Indonesians are already open-minded.

  3. Dimp says:

    Hi Karlira,

    It seems that the top ten consists mostly of search engines, so depending on what they are searching, I can’t really say that they are already open minded.

  4. Jutatip says:

    The interested areas look scary too, sex, blogging, chatting and networking. I wish that Indonesians will interested more on real source of knowledges – like news, documentaries, and,

  5. Grace and Mercy says:

    Shows a nation void of spiritual nourishment.

  6. 1ndra says:

    Wew, my daily search only contributed in third.

  7. Eben says:

    Since no one wants to be first, I will step up:
    I love sex and everything that comes with it: masturbation, porn, etc, etc. So yeah I am one of the many that make up that big percentage of Indonesians that love sex on the internet, and plenty of it thank you very much. What? Scary? What? Did I hear pervert?
    Good women, or dear sir, do not wag your finger at me. We all know who is secretly aroused by Michael McConaughey’s six pack abs or Agnes Monica’s amazing behind. Why don’t you go take a look at the mirror. Hmm, ring a bell?

  8. Hassan says:

    What? Indonesia matters didn’t make the cut? Hehehe!

  9. 1ndra says:

    Dont worry, we’ll take it up. 😀

  10. Bas says:

    I think you shouldn’t have put Kaskus in that list since at least 80% of kaskus content is sex too. And most of it is illegal stuff (copyrighted stolen material, underage, prostitution, etc…), 10% is about free passwords and hacking and only the last 10% are legit material. And I am not talking about all the scam sites they are promoting. These guys have no limits, no taboo. They accept anything to get traffic and any sponsor as long as you pay.

    I don’t know if Cyber Metrojaya is totally incompetent or if they just get their $$$ from the dirty business.

    Well if you are outside Indonesia you may never see the real deal since these sections are not available for non Indonesia IP and you cannot register for it if you don’t use an Indonesian email (I am not sure they still use that trick since most of their international sponsor already banned them now).

    It’s a shame Indonesian sponsors close their eyes on the real content of that forum so that they can reach high audience at cheap price… God, you can even access some special zone paying by sms! That means Telkom is sponsoring pedophilia, copyrighted material diffusion, cracked software, etc, etc.

    Of course that’s not gonna last for ever. By using phone payment for exemple the guys behind kaskus have to step out from the wood. I’d be glad to hear what Telkom has to say about it. I may ask them on of these day. Same about the little outlet they publish and distribute in some cafes to attract sponsor is also a dangerous step. I predict their greediness will lead them to the jail pretty soon! 🙂

  11. Lex dePraxis says:

    Grace and Mercy, word!!! 😀

  12. torasham says:

    i am a kaskuser. yes, it is contain some sex, and all you said. but is not 90%, because at kaskus there are some content to legal trading, education in everything including history, some design, pet, heart to heart, etc. i got a large knowledge from kaskus. so, from where you got 90% of kaskus content is illegal..?

  13. Jono says:

    Mr. Bas,
    Please do some research before writing something.
    I’m 100% sure that you never been to Kaskus website.
    From what you said is pretty clear you like a frog trapped inside a cocunut shell; which mean no experience, narrow minded but acts as you know everything.
    I’m a Kaskusers and I dont accept your opinion at all and I against your writing.
    Kaskus is always try to follow the Indonesian Law, Indonesia now have “Undang-undang ITE” and since than Kaskus is removing all their “adult content” which is a bold move by people in Kaskus (I really respect their decision).

    So Mr. Bas, please be more careful if you write something like this in the Internet.
    I know you are educated people.. and I respect that too.

    Thank you for reading this

  14. J4C says:


    it would be really great if you check and I agreed that there was some porn in the site but then after the law that just came out several months a go as Jono said now Kaskus is always try to follow the Indonesian Law.. and the administrators also all the moderators are trying to get rid of all of those porns.. They are trying and still trying..

    I’m pretty sure that you’ve never been there.. Basically that site’s purpose is to gather all Indonesian in many countries.. So then although we are far from our homeland Indonesia we still be able to interact and know what is happening in Indonesia..

    I’m a student in another country and for me personally kaskus has been the website that informs me about whatever happen in Indonesia such as the disaster,, news,, or even celebrity.. It is a very helpful websites since it is one of the largest forum so then you can find almost everything there..

    Despite the porn,, and is it not about the website that you visit but I think it is about you.. If you are not interested at all to all those porn stuffs,, I’m sure that the porn in kaskus won’t matter.. Just don’t go in theree.. and now you can’t go in there anyway since there is no more such a thing like that..


  15. AchmadSudarsono says:


    As a good Muslim I am deeply concerned about porn. But I think it is important that I see it to know what dangers we face. Which part of Kaskus is it it, J4C ?

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