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The case of Ferry Surya Perkasa, and Alda Risma Elfariani, is causing concern for Buddhist leaders.

Pop singer Alda Risma Elfariani died in the Grand Menteng Hotel in Matraman, East Jakarta, on December 12th, likely of a drug overdose – twenty needle track marks were found on her body. Ferry Surya Perkasa, or Prakarsa, is one of the last people known to have been with her, being seen taking Alda’s body to Mitra International Hospital in East Jakarta. He disappeared when the body was transferred to Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital’s morgue. On the 13th Ferry, with his wife and child in tow, fled to Singapore. mediaindo

Alda Risma
Alda Risma.

34 year-old Ferry, or Yongdzin Liem Pho Ce, a Chinese Indonesian, has a somewhat interesting background, being well-known previously as an active member of various Buddhist groups in the country, perhaps as a monk (biksu). Television footage of Ferry has been screened showing him celebrating Waisak in 2004, dressed as a monk, at the Borobudur temple in Central Java.

Ferry Surya Perkasa
Ferry Surya Perkasa.

The chairman of one Buddhist group, the Umat Buddha Indonesia (Walubi), Siti Hartati Murdaya, however denies that Ferry ever had any formal position within her organisation. She asked that Ferry give himself up to the police, metrotv as did the head of the Forum Solidaritas Buddhis (FSB), Ponijan Liaw. Ponjian also distanced his organisation from Ferry, saying that the man was not in fact a monk, but a rinpoche, wiki that is a teacher or someone due respect, and had only been a leader of the Buddha Tantrayana Indonesia, and as such his role was that of a simple congregational leader, at the Vihara Thar Paling located on Jalan Pangeran Jayakarta, Central Jakarta. kompas

Speaking at a press conference held at the Department of Religion building in Jakarta on the 20th Ponjian said a monk had to be celibate. Whether or not Ferry had really been ordained as a monk could only be known by contacting the relevant people in Tibet, as Ferry adhered to a Tibetan brand of Buddhism, he said. metrotv

Meanwhile the chairman of the Sangha Tantrayana Agung Indonesia, Biksu Vajrasagara, is afraid that the connection of Ferry with pretty Alda’s death is causing problems for Buddhist congregations in the country. He says that in many areas “certain groups” have appeared near Buddhist temples, and that Buddhists visiting temples feel as though they are being watched. He worried that inter-ethnic or inter-religious hatreds could be fueled by the mistaken assumption that Ferry was a Buddhist monk. detik

December 26th 2006. Ferry’s lawyer, Ervin Lubis, says that his client will shortly surrender himself to police for questioning. Ervin says Ferry is not in Jakarta but will not confirm that he is in Singapore, nor will he say when Ferry will give himself up.

Ervin was also at pains to point out the Ferry is not a monk, but a rinpoche, someone who merely helps out in the carrying out of rituals. He also said that Ferry was not a drug user and that he was only friends with Alda. kompas

January 16th 2007. Police arrested Ferry Surya Perkasa on December 27th, more than two weeks after his disappearance. Police believe he was the one who injected Alda with drugs.

A postmortem examination showed damage to the singer’s kidneys and heart with high levels of Vitamin C and amphetamines in her blood. However police are still not sure what killed the 24-year-old singer and plan to carry out more tests.

March 29th 2007. Ferry Surya Perkasa has gone on trial for the murder of Alda Risma. He is accused of having deliberately injected the singer with an unnamed psychotropic substance. detik

August 9th 2007. Ferry was found guilty of premeditated murder and sentenced to 15 years prison. The prosecution had requested 14 years, for unpremeditated murder. antara

28 Comments on “Ferry Surya Perkasa”

  1. Rockstar says:

    I offer my deepest condolonces to Alda’s family.


    From what I read (kompas), it says that Ferry was trying to help her with her drug addiction by injecting something. So it’s unclear weather those 20 needle tracks were a drug shot or not.

    One thing for sure, he’s another example of a hi-call hypocrite. Already have a wife and a son, it doesn’t really satisfy him. What a hypocrite!

    I do understand the reason why he fled to Singapore though. You know how people will react if they knew he was a chinese. This is another problem the government needs to fix. There should be a law protecting his people. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve the maximum punishment (if he did commit the crime that is), but let the gov handle this.
    But nonetheless his action by fleeing to Singapore was full of selfishness. Now not only the Buddhists that takes the consequence but I believe chinese in general will share the same fate.

    I hope those people will be safe though! So Ferry why don’t you just turn yourself in to the police?

  2. 1ndra says:

    You know how people will react if they knew he was a chinese.

    Now not only the Buddhists that takes the consequence but I believe chinese in general will share the same fate.

    I hope those people will be safe though!

    Hey Rockstar, what are you talking about, are you saying that Muslim/Indonesian will take revenge to nonMuslim/Chinese about this? What a poor thought!

  3. Andrew says:

    1ndra, I think Rockstar was just saying that the chinese in Indonesia has traditionally been on the “receiving side”. Whether or not we want to admit, it is the truth historically – the chinese is almost always the scapegoat.

  4. Cukurungan says:

    Andrew Says:

    the chinese is almost always the scapegoat.

    I agree some Chinese was becoming scapegoat but only few case and casualities but the real scagegoat actually the poor pribumi in terms of casuality and number.

  5. bradlymail says:

    This is not matter of race or ethnic. It was a crime that he commited! As a citizen he has to responsible to face the law and order here, not just a run away to escape without giving the explanation to police or law authority. Such as coward person!

  6. Karlira Kanakahuko says:

    Condolence to Alda Risma. Hope her soul will rest and live in eternal peace.

  7. Rockstar says:

    Hey Rockstar, what are you talking about, are you saying that Muslim/Indonesian will take revenge to nonMuslim/Chinese about this? What a poor thought!

    Indra, where have you been all this long? This isn’t a poor thought. This is the fact.
    Chinese has always been the scapegoat. Where were you in 98? And please read this article as well.

    I remember back in the early 90’s. This truly happens. It was close to my home in Bandung. There was a fight between a local and a chinese, which ended a local got killed (shot by a gun). They started a riot and threw rocks into chinese houses.

    Another example long before that, if I’m not mistaken in early 70, there was an anti-chinese movement as well. House were burnt down and some looting here and there.

    And I can go on and on seriously. I mean I don’t wanna go any further but your ignorance really annoys me. Try to put yourself in our shoes for a bit and live as a minor then you’ll learn a few things.

  8. Fanglong says:

    I don’t know this Ferry guy. Just some precisions in vocabulary : “Yongdzin Liem Pho Ce” is Yongdzin Rinpoché. The Tibetan word Yongdzin is not a name but a “grade” : he must be the responsible of a group of practitioners. Rinpoche is a title, normally of an “incarnate lama”. As I can see on the picture, the man in red is not necessarily a monk but an upasaka, a lay-practitioner keeping certain vows that allow him to put on the red robes of Tibetan monks, and of course a lay practitioner can be married. The title “yongdzin” is most often given to (or taken by…) adepts belonging to the Gelukpa school of Tib. Buddhism (the one the Dalai Lama belongs to). All Tibetan schools of Buddhism belong to Tantrayana.

    I’m sorry that the life of this nice girl has stopped so badly.

    The idea of “scapegoating” anyone is primitive & should not be considered normal.

  9. Sari says:

    Started again… S A R A and again SARA no matter what the case is, always been lead to SARA…

    Come on!!! do something wiser for a change folks!!!

  10. 1ndra says:

    Rockstar: In your local maybe, but not in mine. But yes, I know some people hate chinese for their selfish, classy ‘not respecting lower people’ and money oriented, no offense from me, just other people thougt. I have much good best chinese friends.

    But true what Fanglong said: scapegoating is primitive and abnormal, they’re product by intolarence, injustice, low faith and morale people.


    Well, by fleeing to other country just making him truly guilty in people mind, proved or not.
    And sure that his monk clothes and behaviour make other real monks bad feel or ‘angry’.

  11. lisa says:

    I knew this so called “rinpoche” when I was in HS. For me, even back then, he looks faked, or maybe I was just a paranoid, well. I’m not a type of person that was really easy highlighted of certain status anyway. Remember, the more a person was announce with a high position, the more he/she should be low profile. And stop using the title to obtain favour. What I think one of the problem of the Asian peoples are we’re so easy fooled because of somebody big name / title. So, be wise, and ask lots and lots of questions.

  12. Rockstar says:

    None taken, Indra.

    It’s a stereotype. The same thing to locals, I heard a similar thing too. Although I’m not gonna throw them here because it will be an endless debate. But one thing for sure the discrimination toward minors does exist. Our government just can’t handle it at all, they are bunch of ignorant fools that will never act unless some blink-blink is on the table. They only good at pointing fingers and provoking the others to believe that the minors are always at fault. A good example would be of what Kalla just said recently. People seems to think that everything is going alright, they will never get it because they just don’t know how it feels to be a minor. I’m proud to be a minor but in terms of being treated differently, I’ll tell you it sucks.

  13. Olong Olong says:

    By looking at his face, I can see straight away that he is a fake Budhis practioner, especially in Tantrayana tradition.
    This guy is a sex maniac, self centered and arrogant. He escaped to S’pore merely because he wants to wash his hand not because he is afraid.
    This is KARMA!

    This guy has a strong relation with Salim Family, just wait and see (and enjoy) how they can/will buy ‘Indonesian f*cking law and order’ and finally, as we know, he will be jailed for, 1 or, at most, 2 years, if not free.

    Am I prejudice? You tell your self!



  14. 1ndra says:

    We’ll see about that.

  15. Princess says:

    I completely agree with Rockstar and no offense to 1ndra.

    Man, I remembered during the riot in 1998, it was brutal and there was no reason to raped and killed chinese. Even though I’m pribumi, I think that we should thanks the Chinese for bringing Indonesian’s economy to success.

    However, If Ferry did killed that singer, he should be punish!

    I have been away for so long that I can see how f*cked up the life in Indonesia is. Don’t get me wrong, I love my country and miss it a lot, but the people, government can’t change. They won’t change because it’s already in their blood.

    They are stupid, greedy, hypocrite, ignorant, and etc.

  16. Olong Olong says:


    Where are you?
    Are you in the other planet?

    Base on what you say that Indonesian economy is successful?

    Maybe you’re right, we have unlimited source of money for coruptors to eat them.

    Yeah, Indonesia is a successful country, success in breading the corruptors!

    Wake up!

  17. Cukurungan says:

    Olong Olong Says:

    Base on what you say that Indonesian economy is successful?

    Based on the chinese drugs dealers that making Indonesia becomes their production center in pacific rim.

  18. 1ndra says:

    No Princess, you dont offend me, I deeply hate them too, because I have 3 sisters in my responsibility.

  19. Rian says:

    Guys. C’mon dont talk about chinese. And Princess, please dont blame our gov, they’ve done their best, its just the corruptors who are smarter than SBY.

    They are stupid, greedy, hypocrite, ignorant, and etc.

    You speak like you’re not an Indonesian.

    I love this country with its good and bad. This is the place where WE born, grow up, learn many things. This is our motherland! Of course we can choose what kind of thing we have to adopt or abandon.

  20. James says:

    It’s common in indo superstars get booked for the right price, $$ its all about $$ but this booking gone too far, drugs, booze, sex partying so happens this chink got his hands in the cookie jar, hope the indo police fry his chinky ass, just goes to show how much his money can help him now.

  21. Fred says:

    I just know in Indonesia if someone saw people got accident in the street and the person who’s trying to help later will become the suspected, that’s why in Indonesia even you saw someone got accident many people just gathering or just leave the accident place (not help the person who got accident).

    Because they was afraid the person after recover will make them a suspect.

  22. bishop says:

    A bunch of folks that do not have a clear view on their own country but yet still argue as if knowing so much.

    Dont you all remember “Do not judge a book by its cover”? If one could be that good to be able just to see a person by a glance, you would be the best in this world or even universe already!

    Dont you all follow how the politician in Indonesia and all the world behave? Don’t you follow how our press and news being broadcast? Not by the objective of telling the truth but for the sake of ‘sensation’ so that it would become a hot cake.

    Too many happenings were written not based on our the truths, too many to mention. That includes some Indonesian history that we have been thought and put to examination, esp. the case of the 1st president, the PKI, etc. who knows the truth? Too many involvements, too many strong people in the driving wheel.

    Indonesia economy in fact should be improving otherwise there would be tremendous hunger and social issues. The reason Indonesia seemed to be at poor state is due to the big scale of KKN. No matter how rich and how hard good goverment try to put to the right position, the power of the opposition is far too powerful. So, as the next generation (if we consider we are) supposed to engage ourselves to be an asset to our contries, but we choose to flee and stay at other’s countries and we are just pointing fingers and saying who and who, such and such. Easy to say than done, action speaks louder than words. Learn our ancestors the heros who had gained us independence. How many of us have the courage and wisdom?

    Please do not just put the words for the sake for our own satisfaction, please feel on the people that we commented. How our foolish and could be a wrong judgement would affect their life.

    Fleeing not necessary meant he is wrong. Yes, he definately afraid but is it afraid because he killed someone or because he is afraid of there is no protection towards him even he is not doing that? Who is not familiar with our legal system? The stronger one will wins, that is why we never succeed in all aspects. Actually Indonesian has many brilliant generations, either they are rejected to do their contribution in their own country (as some people afraid of competition) or becuase they do not want to be part of the KKN. If we Indonesian could be united as Malaysian, we would have been in a better state. Our country is so rich but our people mostly are corrupted, full of wrong views and not performing their own responsibilities.

    Since we know all those crabs, why don’t we try to make the change start from ourselves, then our family and later our society. Just a matter of time, just like the saying, the iron would become a needle one day, it’s the heart and compassion that makes things possible!

    Good Luck

  23. bimas says:

    Yes, I agree, say for instance the news on bomb at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta. A mere wrong wording would have cause a war. Shouldn’t it be stated as ‘Bomb in front of Australian Embassy…’.

  24. Shinta says:

    When Alda passed away on December 12,2006, I just arrived in Jakarta, for my vacation. I was shocked and sad so much, when I learned that Alda left 8 sisters and brothers behind. ” My deepest sympathy to Alda’s family and I hope her soul is in peace and resting in Allah’s hand”. Amin.
    I don’t know Alda is one of the famous singer in Indonesia, so young and pretty.
    Now I am one of her fan and I listen her CD nearly every day. How can it happenned so cruel, what is the story behind it.
    Since I was in Jakarta until to-day, March 21,2007, in my home in Europe, I followed the media constantly. If Ferry loves Alda, why don’t he speak up the truth.
    “Nasi sudah menjadi bubur”, there is no way back. Just tell the truth, Ferry. As we know Ferry was the one who was with Alda before she died.
    I sincerely hope the case Alda-Ferry will be solved soonest possible. The investigation has to be done so honest possible and the families of both sides will know the truth, only the truth. I trust the goverment of Indonesia in this regard.

  25. Bin Camel says:

    Let’s interrogate Ferry how came he got beautiful Alda, we can learn from him, he is still a husband to other lady though.

  26. Zilan says:

    I really don’t know guys, Indoneasian you can buy them anything can happen. The innocent can be guilty and guilty can be innocent, is a f*ck up country, the authority is heartless same to government servant they responsible for the poverty in Indonesia.

  27. Yin says:

    I don’t know who’s Ferry. Just which i know on my religion teach about Karma (if you do something, that will back to you).

    I think we can not said who’s fault and who’s right. But i’m very believe “TRUTH WILL WIN”.

    We can just wait and see. Don’t talk too much. Imagine if you on Ferry position, what will you do? (p.s. : your attitude and religion same like Ferry).

  28. Dream says:

    But i’m very believe “TRUTH WILL WIN”.

    Brother, you watch too many hollywood movies, wake up. Read news paper, watch TV, sit and re-think again.

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