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The Partai Kristen Demokrat (PKD) hopes to give the Partai Damai Sejahtera (PDS) a beating.

Partai Kristen Demokrat, the Democratic Christian Party, says its leader Michael Lumanauw, hopes to win more votes than its Christian rival, the PDS. He appears to believe that Christian voters will choose the PKD over the PDS because the former is more clearly a Christian party. mediaindo

We’re not ashamed of it, if the basis of the party is Christian then we’ll say it’s Christian. We don’t want to be in a grey area.
(Kita tidak malu-malu, kalau basisnya Kristen kita katakan Kristen. Kita tidak mau di wilayah abu-abu.)

Formed in September 2005 the PKD, Michael says, will not simply struggle for the interests of Christians but all people in society.

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  1. Grace and Mercy says:

    I hope these guys will be a good witness of what it means to be a Christian.

  2. andy mcdean says:

    I do agree this kind of new party, as long as it is good for Indonesia. Now, Christians vote are spread out among national and “Christian” parties, with this establishment with clearly mark as Christian vehicle, it will unit all voters into one. See in next 09.

  3. Saipul says:

    Hopefully the Christian Democrat party will put together a good platform like the Christian Democratic parties of Europe. While most independent estimates put about 10% of the population as Christian, the PDS has only gotten 2% of the vote. That means there is room for significant growth, but I doubt Christian parties can ever secure more than 50% of the Christian vote.

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