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The Israeli Foreign Ministry launches a website targeted at Indonesians.

The website, entitled “”ISRAEL in Bahasa Indonesia language”, http:\\jakarta.mfa.gov.il/, launched on the 18th of December, is run by the Israeli embassy in Singapore, and includes news, articles, and information on Israeli culture, science, economics, and education, as well as diplomatic and political issues.

Israel Today says israeltoday:

One of the major problems the website will deal with is the fact that for many years the local population has been only informed by media sources hostile to Israel which did not paint an objective and whole picture about the situation in the region.

As of writing the front page of the site does not *seem* to have any content, only navigational links. However clicking these nav. links takes one to sections on “Terror Against Israel”, with old news stories from July 2006 of Hizbullah attacks on Israel, and to sections under the heading, “This is Israel”, with dull articles about geography, tourism, education, and agriculture.

The site has very poor, overly complicated, infrastructure, with sometimes extraordinarily long urls, meaning it will likely have very little “natural” reach.

Jakarta Post quotes Ilan Ben Dov, Israel’s Ambassador to Singapore:

Although we are living in the information age, there is a lack of basic information about Israel in the Muslim world.

Following talks that I have conducted with Indonesians from all walks of life, I have learned that there exists a great thirst for knowledge about Israel and its democratic, pluralistic, vibrant and multicultural society.

Although many Muslim countries in the world have recognised Israel neither Indonesia nor Malaysia have done so, although many non- and pseudo-formal relations do go on.

Indonesian Foreign Ministry secretary general Imron Cotan said there was nothing wrong with Israel setting up the site to put forward the country’s point of view as long as the content did not offend Muslims.

But if they want Indonesia to consider diplomatic relations, then they will have to obey all the UN resolutions for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with internationally recognized borders.

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  1. Aqsa says:

    Israel or Hamas ? Both of them , murders are murders, whatever the reasoning behind it. I Agree with that, seriously agree. By The Way Israel is the only country in midle east who has nuclear weapon, israel should destroy the nuclear weapon & the all the country who has it , NO NUCLEAR WEAPON IN THE WORLD PEACE COULD HAPPEN!

  2. Oigal says:

    Yep Aqsa.. There were no wars before 1945, where do you guys/gals go to school?

  3. Fajol says:


    Enough,enough hatred!

    Did you ever hear about Pourim ? 2500 yeras ago, a man called Aman wanted to exterminate the jewish people living in Persia.
    I was a little child during WW2, together with my parents, sister and brother, we were nearly on our way to Auschwitz and escaped just by miracle; another Aman called Hitler, decided to “finish the job”…
    When my parents still lived in Poland, Polish people used to shout to jews:”jews! return to Palestine!”
    And now, Arabs tells us to go back to Poland…
    Don’t you understand this, that we simply deserve at last to return to our land, the only piece of land we only have on this earth?
    I have been raised in the respect of all religions, and I only hate hatred. I would be proud and honoured to work hand in hand with your country, with all arabs, muslims, and all men of good will; do you think we are going to live for ever? Life is too short to spoil it killing each other!

    Salam, Shalom!


  4. akhbar says:

    i’m student in jember university, law faculty. can i get some of israel artikel about the israel constitution and about israel as a state

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