Wonogiri Hunt

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Surakarta police are focusing on the Wonogiri area in the search for terrorist cells.

Commissioner Yotje Mende of the regional Solo/Surakarta police force says Central Java police are still prioritising the hunt for terrorist groups despite the recent lack of activity on the latter’s part. He said on December 25th that police had to be on constant guard against the formation of new cells and had to continue the hunt for existing groups.

Map of Wonogiri, for tourists, not terrorists
Map showing Wonogiri, for tourists, not terrorists.

Yotje went on to say that his men were focusing on remote village areas and on the border between Central and East Java. Criminal activity along the border had to be watched closely as well, he said, because of the possibility that it was connected to terrorist fund raising attempts. A recent robbery of a cattle trader in Wonogiri had raised some suspicions along these lines.

Noordin Moh Top
Noordin Moh. Top, mug shot, and while proving he knows the names of various world leaders.

For the end of the year police in Surakarta are carrying out Operation “Sapu Jagat” in which about a hundred officers will take part, with attention centred on the Wonogiri area, because Wonogiri is a big, quiet district with lots of nooks and crannies. Several places in particular are receiving the most attention but the policeman was unwilling to name them.

Yotje hoped that ordinary citizens would keep up their guard and help police in the hunt. Shortly posters of Noordin Moh Top, the most wanted man in the country, will be distributed by helicopter to remote areas, posters that show Top’s full body at its actual size.

He also said that in 2007 the “Forum Komunikasi Polisi dan Masyarakat” would be set up to coordinate efforts between police and suitable social organisations in the fight against violent militant groups. tempo

7 Comments on “Wonogiri Hunt”

  1. Rockstar says:

    Noordin Moh. Top, mug shot, and while proving he knows the names of various world leaders.

    Wooooaaaaaa!! Congratulation for knowing the names of various world leaders 🙂 That’s just a magnificent trait!! So humble he had to wear a mask. What a humble person indeed 🙂

  2. Fanglong says:

    Is Noordin on his way to his guru in Sukoharjo Ngruki Boarding School ?

  3. Ihaknt says:

    If they are soooooo brave why do they always have to cover their faces? I mean they will blow themselves up anyway…cowards!!

  4. Dimp says:

    hang on if the police are actually chasing these terrorists shouldn’t they keep their plan a secret?

  5. Andrew says:

    :)) i guess that explains why they never get caught.

  6. Kayla says:

    OMG that’s seriously sooo scary because I was in wonogiri, eromoko about 6 weeks ago for a month…I thought it was weird all the policeman around there where like carrying big machine guns lol. Wonogiri’s AWSOME though I love it and I’m going there in december 2009 for 3 months this time I’m soo excited but I don’t wonna get kidnapt or anything. =[

  7. Interesting the ONLY photo they have of Noordin Mohammed Top is a Police Idenitikit.

    This is not even a real photo. It is a Police computer composite. Similar to Dr Azahari the supposed “mastermind” blamed for every terrorist attack they can think of. When will people wake up that we are being sold yet another Bin Laden or Khalid Sheik Mohammed. Another Boogeyman sold by a compliant media who have not even questioned the photo that they are pushing as him.

    As far as a ski masked individual… That could be daffy duck and no-one would know. As to how they assert it is definitely Noordin Top is remarkable detective work. The same detective work as we have seen from Inspector Jaques Cleuseau…

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