TV Sex, Violence, & Superstition

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Eight television stations may be prosecuted for screening violent, mystical, and sexually oriented programs.

Eight private television stations were reported to police on 14th December by the Komisi Penyiaran Indonesia (KPI), Indonesian Broadcasting Commission, for airing programs of a sexual, violent, and/or superstitious nature.

KPI member Ade Armando confirmed his august organisation had made the police report.

We reported TPI, Lativi, ANTeve, TransTV, TV7, Indosiar, SCTV and RCTI for violating the broadcasting law.

Lativi was reported for programs such as Curhat, Cinta dan Nafsu (Love and Lust), Bisikan Nafsu (Whispering Lust) and Sinetron Sore (Evening Soap Opera).

Trans TV was cited for its programs Dorce Show and Hidayah.

TV7 for Fenomena (Phenomenon) and Ketawa Special (Laughter Special).

TPI for Dewa-Dewi (God and Goddess) and Sinema Religi (Religious Stories).

Indosiar for Hitam Putih (Black and White), Misteri Ilahi (Divine Mystery), Aku Cemburu III (I am Jealous III).

Misteri Ilahi
Scary stuff, “Misteri Ilahi”.

SCTV was reported for Panggung Hahahihi, Temulawak, and Suratan Takdir.

RCTI for its program Panggung Emas (Golden Stage).

Antv was reported for screening Om Farhan.

Om Farhan
“Om Farhan”, not just annoying.

The programs are either screened regularly or were screened in the latter part of this year. detik

Ade said the commission had sent warning letters to the eight TV stations several times informing them that the nature of their programs violated the 2002 Broadcasting Act.

We also warned them that we would use the evidence we have collected to take legal action.

Meanwhile National Police spokesman Brigadier General Anton Bachrul Alam said, as quoted by Jakarta Post:

Based on this report, we will begin legal proceedings.

If the case goes to court, the stations could each face a fine of up to 10 billion rupiah ($1.1 million), while the individuals responsible could be jailed for up to five years.

Last month, Lativi was forced to stop airing the Smack Down show after the death of a child was said to be caused by the imitation of wrestling moves seen on the show.

December 20th, 2006. The KPI have issued an ultimatum to the television stations above to cease broadcast of violent and sexual programs by January 1st 2007. The message was conveyed during a meeting between the KPI, police, and representatives of the stations in Jakarta on the 19th. If the KPI’s request is not obeyed the police will likely begin investigating the stations in accordance with the KPI’s recent reporting of them. metrotv

May 28th 2007. Rosiana Silalahi of SCTV says her station will abide by the KPI’s ruling that the time allotted to mystical and pornographic shows must be restricted. tempo

7 Comments on “TV Sex, Violence, & Superstition”

  1. Karlira Kanakahuko says:

    I really hate Ade Armando. He is the democracy destroyer in Indonesia. He is the traitor of Indonesia. In his personal appearance, he is looking an activist against RUU-APP, but in reality, he is the puppy of FPI and all radical and narrow-minded Indonesians. We really condemn Ade Armando! We are against violence in TV program, but we are against prohibition of viewing sexual titilating programs. I prefer only all uncensored sexually titilating Indonesian TV programs than conservative Indonesian TV programs. Ade Armando is really an anti-Indonesian. Ade, go to hell, if you banned sexually titilating Indonesian tv programs!

  2. Miss Indo 07 says:

    Who the **** is Ade Armando?
    And please someone explain to me what’s wrong with Dorce Show, Hidayah, Om Farhan?
    I dont know about the other shows mentioned above since I dont live in Indo and here I only can get RCTI and SCTV but I’ve seen Dorce Show and Hidayah, Om Farhan, nothing wrong with that.

    And for Fenomena, it’s aired at midnight and it’s still important anyway, so we know and aware about what happened with our country’s sexual life, that’s knowledge according to me, it just depends on your way of thinking.

    I reckon this Ade Armando got high when he watch Fenomena? Ugh, how come these people get more and more ridiculous everyday.

  3. Dimp says:

    What, don’t they know that there is such thing as Rating, Viewing Discretion and most importantly COMMON SENSE!

    If you watch Smackdown and think that you can do the same thing to your fellow citizens, then maybe you need to be sent to a mental hospital, don’t blame the TV stations that screen the show.

    I don’t see people swinging of tall buildings after watching Spiderman, or trying to stop speeding traing after watching Superman.

    Come on people, we were supposed to be the smartest creature on earth, please use your brain accordingly.

  4. Tomaculum says:

    As I visited Indonesia last years, I’ve watched a programme in which some Moslem men “fought/fight” against ghosts or dschinnis. I don’t know the name of the show. Isn’t that also mystic? Why doesn’t Armando report the station?

    And: now should those prgramms be forbidden, the next step is to throw all of mass media devices out of Afghanistan (oh, sorry, off course out of Indonesia. I have thought short about the Talibans).

  5. O. Bule says:

    “Eight television stations may be prosecuted for screening violent, mystical, and sexually oriented programs.”

    How about fighting corruption, building a strong economy, enforcing laws that make sense? This is just a way for some politicians to get publicity while doing nothing constructive.

    O. Bule

  6. CWA says:

    National TV

    List of networks that are transmitted throughout Indonesia:

    * ANTV
    * Global TV
    * Indosiar
    * Metro TV
    * RCTI
    * SCTV
    * Trans TV
    * Trans 7
    * TPI
    * TVOne
    * TVRI

    Local TV

    * Bali TV – Bali
    * JakTV – Jakarta
    * O Channel – Jakarta
    * Pacific TV – Manado

    (source :

    Next Target??

  7. MHS says:

    Ade Armando concerned about the impact of the TV program to the society. I doubt the motive from people who against Ade Armando’s opinion!

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