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As the fasting month of Ramadhan approaches efforts at "sweeping" of places of dubious moral worthiness, such as bars and brothels, tends to increase.

A group of university students in Yogyakarta went looking for Australians staying in major hotels in the city yesterday, to vent their outrage over the Papuan visa matter and the rude cartoon of the president, and kick the Australians out presumably.

Enjoy a 9 day tour of "Beautiful Bali" a little off the beaten track, exploring inland and north Bali.

Hypnotism used in robberies crime; methods; how to prevent oneself being hypnotised.

FPI Arrests of dozens of Front Pembela Islam and Komando Laskar Islam members in Jakarta, and forced closures of FPI branches in central and eastern Java.

Timdog on world religions and local beliefs in Nusa Tenggara.

Boisterous youth groups in search of alcohol and the attractions of Batam.

The experts say soft Islam is sweeping the country, not hard Islam.

Indonesians don't care enough about the poor, says Iamisaid.

Some fear the rise of a morality police.