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Noordin M Top not dead after a Densus 88 raid in Temanggung, in another raid in Bekasi a car bomb is found.

The hunt for Noordin M. Top in East Java.

Different approaches to Abu Bakar Bashir from the police and military in Central Java.

Noordin M Top discovers blogspot and complains of American plunderers and soccer Crusaders.

BombAlternative views of the terror attacks in Jakarta, Islamic extremism or rogue political and security forces.

Whether Jemaah Islamiyah is a terrorist organisation, and the current situation in Central Sulawesi.

Surakarta police are focusing on the Wonogiri area in the search for terrorist cells.

Indonesian terrrorism has different origins to that of its middle-eastern counterpart, says a psychologist.

At least one Islamic boarding school on Java is tightening identification requirements for students, especially those from Malaysia.

Abdul Azis was sentenced to eight years imprisonment for involvement in the 2005 Bali beachside bombings.